Rachier says he is not asleep at the wheel

Ambrose Rachier was asked by Tom Osanjo about allegations of embezzlement by certain club officials. He responded as described below.

I am indeed investigating the embarrassing claims of fraudulent false account as also of the defalcation of funds from gate collections.

Regarding the putting up of a stadium, we are actually working on the architectural plans which I can share with you.

Next February, we intend to hold celebrations to mark 50 years of the club’s existence during which we will take stock of our achievements and chart the way to achieving the desired professionalism.

One of the challenges, apart from ticketing, is the attitude of fans towards paying to enter the stadium which we must change.

Rachier has been missing in action even as other premier league clubs like Kariobangi Sharks accuse Kogalo of short-changing them when it comes to gate proceeds.

6 thoughts on “Rachier says he is not asleep at the wheel

  1. Sorry, continue parroting by the time you will realize that these allegations are true and are out of hand, then you will know hat you were actually sleep walking.

  2. Mugabe has completely rejected e-ticketing (yet GOMA Lotto uses e-payments) that would eliminate stealing of gate collections.For 10 years he’s been allergic to transparency & accountability.So he does not know that the players are on a go slow because of unpaid winning bonuses yet he’s “building a stadium”. Osanjo should have also asked him about SP’s Kes.65M as well as the K.Sharks Kes.59K.For +10 years the best Mugabe has managed is to win local competitions until we’ve forgotten that GMFC was a not only a regional but a continental soccer giant. Fish rots from the top, the children are just aping the elders on a smaller scale / level.

    1. @Oduor12, I think something must be very wrong with you. Continued insults and name callings will not change things. AR has done a lot and he deserves respect just you deserve respect too. Running Gor Mahia is not just a walk in the park as you may think.

  3. Hey yawa….pole pole. Rachier has achieved so many things within the period he has been the chairman….Where was the team before he came? We should give the credit where necessary…

  4. Agree, lets respect the Almighty AR….he has the best interest of the club at heart and remember he is on course for a record 4th title in 5 years .

    1. I don’t object to respecting elders but jakoyo like one CJ Maraga am very religious so observe that Almighty is a term reserved only for Jehova using it amounts to Blasphemy

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