Rave reviews for Jerim, Gattuso, Lucky Dube and Ngwa

Of all the friendly matches Gor Mahia has played during this off season, the match against El Merreikh offered the sternest test yet. This after all is a team that has a budget that makes the top Kenyan teams look village teams. A team known to pay their top players such as Steven Worgu up to $ 1million. A team that on the past two occasions has shredded Gor Mahia to ribbons. Most notably in 2007 when they beat an inexperienced schoolboy laden Kogalo team 5-0. So despite the fact that they were missing several of their players currently playing in the Africa nations cup, this was bound to be a serious test for Gor Mahia.
In the first half, Merreikh were clearly the better side. It came as no surprise therefore when Nigerian Kelechi Osunwa gave them the lead after 15 minutes. It would have been much worse had Jerim Onyango not been in fine form.
The second half saw Kogalo up their game. The introduction of Moses Odhiambo brought some pep to the Gor Mahia attack. He was sheer class as was Collins Okoth “Gattuso”. Camerounais Baldwin Ngwa seems to have picked up where he left off. He is still as hardworking as he was before except he seems to have added plenty of muscle. He will be a handful for defenders in the coming year. It was his clinical finish from a Moses Odhiambo cross that saved Kogalo from imminent defeat. His second goal in as many games.
Anticipating Kogalo fans however did not see some of the players they wanted to assess the most, notably Anthony Otieno who has recently been cleared by Mathare United and Felix Nwosu. Also missing was Hugo Nzoka who has yet to be released by SoNy. All in all it was a decent outing for Kogalo. However they still have plenty of work to do especially in the final third of the field.
This is the last friendly match Kogalo will play this off season. The next game is the Super Cup match against Tusker.

24 thoughts on “Rave reviews for Jerim, Gattuso, Lucky Dube and Ngwa

  1. I thot Yussuf Juma played very well in the left back position, however, the right back position is not yet solved. Even though Musa Mohammed was solid, he doesn’t go fwd much as a full back shud and hence gave us fewer options on that wing. To me, Kevin Ochieng did very well wen he reverted to right back, I think he shud make that position his own. Midenyo and partnering Ngwa upfront is one of the dream attacks, and to think that Lavatsa and TonyNyangor are still makes me think this is the season we shud create goal scoring records. There were moments wen we passed the ball beautifully and if we can do most of this in the final third then I don’t see y we shudnt score more than 3 goals in most games this season. I still call for wing play to stretch defences. And yesterday’s game showed we have a long way to go in continental futball where we must avoid conceding goals at home. Away games r tough with hostile atmospheres and biased officiating. A good start though against high profile opponents with a huge budget. Kogalo can only look up!!

  2. Generally, the lads played well and the match was entertaining. Most noticeable fact was that players were very tense during most part of the game with exception of Gatusso, Ngwa, Moses Odhiambo, Midenyo, Kevin Ochieng and David Owino. I have the following remarks:-

    1. Jerim was a pale shadow and has to improve if he is to be between the posts. He was not confident at all and as a goalkeeper, he was parrying lots of crosses to the opponent. This is a sign of bad goalkeeping.
    2. Yusuf was good with his runs but his passes were not accurate.
    3. Musa Mohamed played well but few mistakes were noted that need to be rectified. However, Musa is better in the centre of defence to partner with David Owino.
    4. Ivan Anguyo was not playing his role very well. Most of times he exposed David Owino and the entire defence due to mixed ups.
    5. David Owino, excellent acquisition and is a real Masika’s replacement. He can partner well with Musa Mohamed.
    6. Gatusso was man-of-the-match. Exception was that he delayed with the ball which was intercepted. Gatusso played very well.
    7. Abondo was too tense and did not play well due to large crowd but expected to improve with more games. This is the team where Ali belongs.
    8. Moses Otieno has some silly mistakes but played well.
    9. Ngwa was great apart from being isolated due to lack of crosses and passes that the coach need to do some hard work on his passes. Scored a wonderful goal and can score many goals. He needs to work on his passes. He is a great hassler and can beat defenders with his pace.
    10. Rama Salim was excellent in his touches but was too tense. Rama is a professional material and has great potentials and will improve with more games.
    11. Makori need to be serious with his crosses and was lost during most part of the game.

    1. Midenyo was excellent in aerial balls and his body ball controls was excellent. This was a great acquisition and will give us more goals. Midenyo and Moses Odhiambo changed the flow of the game and more attacks.
    2. Moses Odhiambo was great and changed the flow of the game. Great talent and created three or four goal scoring opportunities.
    3. Peter Juma looks like another Gatusso and played well in the midfield with great passes. This is another great acquisition. Peter looks cool, calm and pinpoint passes. He will complement Gatuso, Moses and Rama.
    4. Kevin Ochieng played very well and was part of the team that changed the game. He almost scored an excellent goal. He has potential with the likes of Midenyo, Ngwa, Moses Odhiambo, Moses Otieno, Gatusso, Peter Juma etc around him.
    5. Kiplagat was very fast and looks very dangerous with his balls. This is a great player that needs to be worked on as he can give defenders sleepless nights prior to the games.

    The boys just need to gel together and this is a great team that can take us places. We have a depth of players and will Baloteli Otieno, Lavasta, Kiplagat, Kevin Omondi/Ochieng, Odongo etc we will go places.

  3. Not the best of matches,we still have a long way to go especially when it comes to playing againts the big boyz of africa.i think the boys just need to play together more,and the right chemistry will be established.Locally though i think we will create problems to most teams.The team looks promising.with some confidence rama salim and victor ali,will do us well.with david owino in defence,masika will surely not be missed!

  4. Ndugu Mwakio, thanks for the great analysis of the match. How I wish the admin of this site would be giving us such or at least the lineup. Asante. For God and my club Kogallo

  5. Thanks Mwakio for the analysis. What I noticed was that the players, apart from Gatusso and Yusuf Juma, were tense in the first half. In the second half there was more self belief in most of them apart from Mwalimu. If only he could use his pace to beat the defence and the cross the ball instead of waiting for the biuld up from behind. Cross balls are always a danger to any defense. I believe that the players will have gotten over the ‘timidness’ on Sunday and play the way we know them to. We want to see the real Rama roaming the field like a collosus, Mwalimu running rings round defenders, Ngwa and Midenyo terrorising the opponents defences etc. And on our part as fans let’s be patient especially with the new players. Being on that field can be a challenge. And it’s even more challenging when playing for GM. The fans can either build or destroy a player, especially with their comments. I heard some negative comments from the fans from where I was sitting and was not amused. Teams are never biult in a day. What us fans should know is that we have just started the journey of building GM and are not even halfway considering where we want the team to be.

  6. @Albert Kosero, we have a great team and with the right chemistry we will definately dominate the local and continental football. We will also do some business by selling our prized assets to European teams.

    I think our midfield will be the mainstay of the team as we have players like Rama, Gatusso, Moses Otieno, Peter Juma, Moses Odhiambo, Ali Abondo, Teddy Akumu, kevin Ochieng, Kevin Omondi, Odongo (youthful) and a young Ugandan if signed.

    In striking force, we have Ngwa, Midenyo, Lavasta, Owiti Macheda, Baloteli (though we have seen him), Kiplagat, Hugo and Makori.

    In defence there will be competition too as we have Nasio, Yusuf Juma, Musa Mohamed, David Owino, Wekesa, Anguyo, Collins Omondi and Steve (youthful)

    Goalkeeping we have Jerim, Mapunda and Kasaya.

  7. @Creative Village and Dan, please note that tuko pia na Kitawi in the midfield and Selenga in Striking force.

    Great team indeed.

  8. I have been drumming-up support for the signing of an extra defender or two, especially in the centre-back and the right wing-back positions. Why cant the coaching staff see the urgent need for these particular signings. The coaches are hindering the natural development of players like Teddy Akumu, Musa Mohammed and Ivan Anguyo by continuously playing them out of positions.ie. in the defence instead of the midfield. Musa Mohammed and David Owino should be groomed as the 1st choice sweeper and stopper respectively. Ivan Anguyo and Teddy should only be called to deputise as emergency centre-backs. Coach Awono can now clearly see that there is no natural cover for the centre-backs. We only have Nassio as the only natural right-back. Who then covers the right-back position when Nassio and Musa Mohammed are injured? Please wake up and sign two defenders now or one who can play at centre-back and right-back.Coach Awono, you build a team from the base(defence) and not from the top (upfront) Can you remember Chelsea team-2004-2005 season? They played 38 matches and conceded only 8 goals and won the championship. Coach Awono, you need a minimum of 4-5 centre -backs and at least 2 players for each wing-back position. I have said this in the past but you continue to ignore me, sawa. Going forward we have the best talent that is bound to deliver with proper service. Coach Awono, please balance your team today and now. Good luck but you must sign one more proven centre-back if you want to succeed.I beg to submit this proposal.

  9. Le Pastre, you are right. I’ve always called for a right back here and someone even told me on the blog that i shouldn’t be thinking too much of that position. Well, having played in central defence and both full back positions (earned one call up to the national team during my university days but ignored-1996), i always thot i understand defensive plays very well. Happy that Yussuf Juma was signed-Collins Omondi is totally out of it, Wekesa great but now old) but it’s right back where we need cover. I thot we were signing Islam Omari, he trained with Gor at some point and am told he is great.

  10. The concerns about players and the team in general are very encouraging.

    I beg to state that the tech bench have only one job in their life today, that is GM today which they really want to succeed.

    Someone told me that Masika used to play as right back before being switched to central defense. Maybe they are trying to train Musa as a right back..though we will miss his daring man mark as a center back.

    I have learn t to accept players as they are fielded. I just hope everything will work well.

    I however have a serious issue with the Jerseys..Blue! I am very uncomfortable with this dictatorship from whoever it is! We fans should have our way with this..from another perspective..Thika United Sofapaka,West Stima, Rangers, AFC,City Stars and i dont know which are already in blue..we share Green with with Sony only. Why not maintain this Heritage?

  11. The blue jersey is not appealing at all especially macth in match out. Give us back our natural GREEN colour. Back to the game, yes there’s loads of talent at K’galo but another thing which technical bench should work on is proper use of the field i.e let the opponents do the chasing while we dictate the ‘zones’.

  12. All has been said and what i can stress on is blue jersey it’s anoying i need our green combat back,it must be green home and white away,fans will not pait stadium blue and this is the trueth.

  13. @13 Agwa Kassam I, like many GM fans, find this TUZO kit very repulsive.

    The original Gor Mahia blue was a very attractive kit. I remember the days when Blue was won when so much was at stake and it was a blue addidas jersey with white shorts.

    Peter Otieno Bassanga or Peter Pierre Ochieng’ may tell you more about this because they wore it. I don’t remember us losing a match in that blue jersey. What I know is that it was never anything close to this ugly embarrassment.

  14. I have been a Gor fan for long, ever since Afican soccer clubs would perform on the basis of passion only and without facilities. We must accept that times have changed and that until we get our own stadium and club house , we still have a long way to go before we can match other continental giants. In my opinion those two facilities are the missing link between the current Gor Mahia performance and other continental giants like TP Mazembe, EL Merreikh and the others. I really hope someone is watching or listening.

  15. George bwana, i know that you read this blogThere was a time i even saw your contribution here(though there was also a time you called this blog ‘fake’).Our humble plea as a section of bloggers,is pliz do something about the blue jersey.We get so dissapointed when we leave our houses in white and green only to find gor playing in blue!we need a sense of belonging and identity!

  16. George bwana, i know that you read this blogThere was a time i even saw your contribution here(though there was also a time you called this blog ‘fake’).Our humble plea as a section of bloggers,is pliz do something about the blue jersey.We get so dissapointed when we leave our houses in white and green only to find gor playing in blue!we need a sense of belonging and identity!

  17. I believe the Admin should listen to our comments on the uniform. As much as I saw GM playing in blue in those early days our colours have always been green and white. As someone put it the blue was those days used only in exceptional circumstances and not the norm as it is. Is someone trying to market some blue jerseys to fans? I hope not. Let’s keep to the green and white and ‘maybe’ use the blue only for friendly matches or the pre-season tours. Let’s not dissapoint the fans as Arrumtiddi puts it lest we will again start expending our energy on uniform colour instead of using that energy in supporting the team. If the team feels they must use the uniform let them use it in the away CAF games but let the fans colour of green/white prevail locally. Just saw a Tuzo truck and the words Tuzo are on a blue ackground. I hope this is just a coincidence.

  18. We left blues along time back,We demand our Green back Not green for TUZO green for GOR. We should not leave our colours for the sake of TUZO.Gor was there b4 Tuzo so we should not charge bcos of Tuzo. This season we need it clear. Why should the TUZO be given space for advert on the Bus. THE PRIDE OF THE FANS IS RECOGNITION AS THE PPLE WHO BOUHGT IT

  19. Let’s not fight the sponsor else we end up scaring away even those who we want to buy more space on the shirt for advertisement. All the same I believe the SG has heard our cries.

  20. Tuzo as a sponsor has its own ways of doing things. The admin too. We in Kg (mafans) have ours too. As we make deals, lets remember the first two share 0.5% of Kg. The fans has the other 95.5%. We abhor any measures that that kill fanatism.

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