8 Feb 16

Gor Mahia coach Frank Nuttall feels that the red card that was handed to Harun shakava doomed Gor Mahia’s chances in their Super Cup encounter against Bandari on Saturday.

“I’d like to commend my players for a good game. Before the red card, we had three good chances and had a good control of the game but after the sending off, the game changed. It was difficult playing against 11 men and away from home.” said Nuttall to supersport.com

However Nuttall defended Shakava, stating that the foul was not intentional.

“Shakava’s tackle wasn’t intentional and should have passed based on the height of the two players. Sserunkuma is very short while Shakava is tall and he is a high jumper. It was unfortunate he didn’t win the ball and maybe that’s why he was sent off,”  he continued.

Bandari coach Twahir Muhiddin concurred.

“It was a defining moment in the game because it gave us the advantage. All the same I want to thank my players because they maintained discipline throughout the match. Some of them were booked very early in the game but they were careful and avoided being sent off, Twahir told Futaa.com

Twahir also thinks that humidity was a factor in slowing down Gor Mahia espeically in the second half.

“They were playing at a very high tempo and I was sure that they could not maintain the same in the second half. Some key players like Karim (Nizigiyimana) had already burned out in the second half and we also benefitted from that”  he added.

Gor Mahia to be sanctioned for skipping medal ceremony

KPL CEO Jack Oguda is unhappy with the behaviour of Gor Mahia players  after they refused to pick up their runners up medals.

“Gor is a big club that is supposed to set a good example for other players. What happened on Saturday was uncalled for and unsportsmanlike. Last year, they gladly received the winners’ medals and trophies three times, and on all the occasions, the losers picked their second place awards. They should have done the same. KPL does not encourage such behaviour,” said Oguda to the Nation.

If there are disciplinary problems creeping into the playing unit then coach Nuttall will need to arrest the situation soon.


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  • omondii says:

    Tell Aguda Gor does not know how to pick the “second place award”. as Aguda mentions, we were used to picking winners medal only.

    Please players try and win next time

    • Dan Original says:

      @Omondi, I think you are missing the point here. There are some types of behaviours we are all expected to abide by. And the corporates which are coming in to support soccer expect some sober approach to issues. I expected one of the team leaders , including the coach to give direction on this matter.
      Anyway, I hope we will do the right thing next time since as the coach says it will be hard to replicate last year’s performance and as it is we have already lost one of the trophies we won last year.
      All the same from what I saw we will still win the league

  • @Dan Original i fully suport you on this.we are all kogalo fans but it’s not everyday that we will win.it was a stupid thing to do by not picking the medal.it’s always the norm world over.lets keep our pride out on sme clear issues.

  • Ja'Asego says:

    Poor planning and coordination of events by the league sponsors is to blame.How were we supposed to pick the losers medals while they began by dishing out winners medals with fans already milling around the trophy presentation Dias?

  • oswozo moziek says:

    There must be a good reason why that happened.However,its normal practise that the team that finishes 2nd or 3rd for that matter must pick up the runners up and third place medals respectively…that is in true tradition with being a sportsman!!

  • blackmarket says:

    I don’t know what happened that Saturday but i think something was cooking just check at those tackles from luke ochieng,Karim,shakava even boycott of medals.The players were angry from the word go.

    Me I think is becoz of mistreatment of of Bobby ogolla.frank ouna.frank nutalk.ottomax by gor EC . Plz hats kama bobby left plz sort out his dues plus other TB members. Bobby ogolla was like a father to gor players and they will not take lightly his predicament unless gor sort out this soon there is no peace from players .players were generally fit but were acting comedy. Again how come gor office is not working out on wafula n aucho issues now that we have funds.

    I think frank nutall should retain the previous defence and luke ochieng to start from bench.

    Jacob keli n Eric ouma should start while agwanda start from bench. Wafula.aucho.walusimbi.kahata abondo should start while gattuso start from bench is too heavy.

    • Jamigori says:

      These are excuses and the fact is that we were unlucky with poor officiating on disallowed goal which was not offside at all.

  • dinga says:

    The Guy who deserved a red card was actually Nzigiyimana. As for not picking the medals I lay blame on the Captain of the team. The side contained quite a number of new players. So unless it is the captain who incited them not to pick the medals then who else? My reasoning is that the new players were not in a position to incite anyone as they hardly ‘knew’ themselves, it is also hard for the foreign players to carry out such antics so that only leaves the captain Musa.


    Ooh Laa la ….!! “Call elections so that we can sort out this saga of Nuttal with likes AR,kilo,Ngala etc”

    Goal understands that the Scottish tactician is not in talking terms with top officials of the club despite being reinstated

    The relationship between Gor Mahia officials and coach Frank Nuttall has degenerated to an all time low following the weekend stand-off.

    Sources have told Goal that the coach is not in talking terms with any of the officials in a move that could affect the team’s performance. “The situation is very bad. Most of the elected officials don’t want anything to do with the coach because they feel he set them up against the fans,” said our source.

    Nuttall was reinstated as Gor Mahia coach last Saturday after pressure from fans when it emerged that he had been fired by the club over failed contract talks

  • Joe Riaga says:

    If you look at this team from top to bottom, there is no strong leadership material. This means its up to the coach and the rest of the TB to instill a form of discipline.

  • Sylvester says:

    We have started on a wrong footing and the only reasonable thing to be done is elections. AGM Mara hiyo hiyo

    • Dan Original says:

      Guys, you don’t do elections at the start of a season. It’s either done at the end of the season or in the middle of it. Let’s stop these small excitements that is synonymous with our fans. This is the same excitement that brings in activists as officials. You need to understand what a candidate stands for before you even think of bringing him/her in. Please spare us the shenanigans as we have an important game at the weekend.

      Meanwhile Abondo is in SA for trials. Let’s all pray for him to be successful. We need the players to benefit from their skills

  • Ja'Asego says:

    My only worry is those ‘elected’ overdue in office officials must accord Nuttal andthe entire TB the respect they deserve.So if they want nothing to do with Nuttal,how will the team be run while we all know communication between TB and EC is key in managing any club professionally?TB can’t be all complaining over nothing so if AR,Ngala and Kiilo can’t work with Nuttal then too bad,Elections to replace them is the only solution since we cannot and must not lose Nuttal at this point.So they either find a working relationship or one team goes…@Dan thought abondo is sick kumbe ameenda trials SA,how TRUE is this?

  • Erico Jarae says:

    Dan Original today i will disagree with you for once,Rachier and his group new we need to hold elections but they just kept quite to see the reaction of fans,and after fans approved what they did on players signing now they started misbehaving by firing the coach,they were testing the waters,now when that mission failed they are now using some senior players to do the damage,watch this space we might loose our weekend game because of this because they wamehapa ya kwamba Nuttal must go because they have already lined up another failure from Spain who was sacked in Uganda after 6 months.

  • sylvester says:

    @Dan original, plse tell the EC to spare us the shenanigans.
    They better find a working relationship or quit

  • jatingare says:

    Those new jerseys are awful. Sportpesa could have come up with a better design. It looks like they took the existing jerseys and just pasted words on top.

  • moses says:

    In terms of team discipline my favorite for captain was Kagere but now maybe Karim.Agwanda I feel is heavy and will have a hard time in CAF champion league;I’ll bank on Keli and goals from the midfield. Bloggers why is Marcelo Ouma being compared to s striker; I thought he was a LB?