Shakava sure of a better performance

Gor Mahia players upon return from Malabo Image courtesy of Tony Anelka

Gor Mahia skipper Harun Shakava, who scored against Esperance when the two sides met in 2014, is sure that this time, Kogalo will put up a better performance.

“We’ve played them before but both teams have effected changes in their roster. We know how difficult it will be but we are going to prepare in order to achieve our target of reaching the group stages,” the towering defender told Nation Sport on Thursday.

In 2014, Shakava scored Kogalo’s second goal when he headed in a corner kick. The first goal came from a penalty after Kevin Omondi made a diagonal run into the Esperance danger area and was fouled. Dan Sserunkuma converted the spot kick. Unfortnately, a series of errors caused Gor Mahia to concede three goals.

Aside from Omondi and Shakava, the other current players who featured against Esperance are Walusimbi and “Blackberry” Odhiambo.

However this Gor Mahia side is far more experienced and better technically. Also this group of players has more cohesion, having played together for a longer time.

As bad luck would have it, Gor Mahia are once againt hosting the first leg which will be played on the week of March 6th, with the return leg happening two weeks later.

15 thoughts on “Shakava sure of a better performance

  1. @admin…ati the weekend of march 6th?waaaa… I think I have a calendar that has a mistake.i need to return it to the manufacturers immediately!!

  2. Congratulations Captain i think at this rate you are making a name as a hero in the records of Wuod Kanyamwa. Keep it up. @ Anelka i can see now you are inside there as the media personality , kindly help team up Nyangi to do the good job so we can uplift the Team ma miyo wa Mor.Dont also Forget the work of highlighting areas where we our support is needed . Also organise a fundraising, we need to start contributing incase of sportpesa disappointment we can have something for team air tickets.

  3. I fail to undestand how a fit again guikan is not earning the coaches confidence to take that number 9 position.I know Ade was a personal coach signing and therefore will often get preference but logic dictates if kagere aint delivering throw in guikan.He is far better than both tuyisenge & meddie combined but i must confess he wasn’t an express coach signing,we scouted and brought him knowing too well our deficiencies in that striking dept.Nevertheless his skill is unmatched and he carries our greatest potential of advancing in Caf if given a chance…He is in an Olunga type Girona scenario hapa kogalo but i hope kazi kiwanjani will take precedence over personality & history.I respect coaches decision but advise them to utilise that young man consistently Asap

    1. His case is more like Lawrence Juma. Not trusted by the coach but immense potential. Like we never gave Bernard Odhiambo a chance. Three different coaches concluding he was never good enough despite our pleas on this forum. Has anyone witnessed the wonders he is doing at Bandari this season? All said, it is the coach to decide who plays and who rots. Ours will remain wishes. Hope some of them come true.

    2. You are so right, Williamson similarly ignored Ssrenkuma on grounds that he was not hardworking/does not fall back but “Flava” proved him dead wrong by delivering the title with crucial goals from half chances.See Gulkan’s goal against Veges “half a chance na ball iko ndani.” Then there is our goalkeeping,Boni is prone to lapses sometimes even when there is no pressure. We should guard against being stuck with “favourite players” when we have more productive players.Against Esperance we need 2 standout matches and performers.We need to approach the match with an FA/shield attitude i.e Gor vs Bandari/Man.C vs Wigan.Esperance match will expose the state of GMFC on 2 fronts, (1)FOOTBALLING ISSUES- another whalloping of more than 3 goals will bring into question the quality of our TB and or players & may demotivate us in the CC playoffs. (2)NON FOOTBALLING ISSUES- despite usual hiccups i doubt if GMFC will fail to honour any CAF match. For GMFC TO GROW FOOTBALLING ISSUES MUST BE ON A SOLID FOUNDATION.

      1. In’87 we had no footballing issues not with GK Kamoga, Makamu,Orieko,Dawo & Co & TB.WE WON! In ’79 again no footballing issues,we made the finals,but maybe non footballing issues derailed us in the final where we lost heavily.CECAFA wins & other credible CAF showings was due to quality TB/players. Nowadays the 4/5 permanent seats reserved for passengers are a sign of non footballing issues infiltrating footballing issues, however what is at test is quality of our 1st 18/20 players & TB at the CAF level.Ker needs prove that though he was a 4th tier youth coach he still has CAF quality.Boni, Meddie & Co, all experienced players need to show that they have enough quality not only for the local level but also for the CAF level be it CL / CC. AR & co have been at it for 10 years but in the next 2 CAF matches spotlight is on TB/players unless EC does the unthinkable & fails to pay salaries, allowances or pulls out of CAF matches. BOTTOM LINE QUALITY OF PLAYERS & TB OVERRIDES POOR ADMINISTRATION OR FINANCES.

    1. in fact thanks God Bobby Ogolla is not our current coach. Otherwise angetia playes baridi. It’s true that football, organizational and finically Esperence is above us but that doe not mean we cannot go past them. All it requires is playing that game like it’s the last Gor is ever playing. Self belief and determination will do it for us

      1. @ dan and utilizing the most lethal forward we have which is guikan…Trial and error and regrets of we lost many chances we should have buried won’t suffice

      2. To a long time fan like me, speaking against Bobby Ogolla legend is pure blasphemy. Also Bobby is always very popular and inspirational to young players. He can inspire them to great performances.

  4. This reported friendly match against Nkana of Zambia may probably exhaust the boys.Why not do light training and have a rest in readiness for the Shark’s game on sunday? Moreover they just jetted in and have hardly recouped sufficient energy. Unless somebody wants to have an excuse of player fatigue after a negative result on Sunday.

  5. Fake! playing esperance is not just a walk in the park. technically, you have to be at your sunday best. How i wish we could cancel our next weekend premier league match and play against a full 90 mins friendly with a very technically gifted side…you can pick any from LIbya, DR Congo or Zambia. Zambia is good because they play north africans, more often.

    Secondly, esperance can be beaten this is the master trick !!! …3 defenders, marauding wingbacks on both flanks, 2 intelligent holding midfielders that can pass the ball very well as well as block/play into empty spaces, 2 central offensive midfielders who are good long shooters, dribblers and can hold the ball very well and lastly a target man, central striker who can score goals whilst also holding play and ocassionally bringing midfielders into the game.

    Do we have such calibre of players ? Yes and No, I will expound in my next post this tactical formation and who should play where…

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