Sportpesa cancels all Sports Sponsorships

In what will prove to be a big blow to Gor Mahia and other sporting organizations, Sportpesa has canceled all sponsorships.

Additional reporting from the Star
SportPesa has cancelled all sports sponsorships after a prolonged battle with KRA over taxes.

In a statement on Friday, the firm said, “We regrettably wish to announce that due to the uncertainty of this situation SportPesa will be cancelling sports sponsorships effective immediately. All clubs and partners will have received notices as provided for in their contracts.” SportPesa said it has been subjected to punitive measures by regulators such as delayed license renewal and the suspension of Paybill numbers, which have reduced the level of business operations.

The firm said these measures have brought immense pressure on the business. “This despite the existence of a court order prohibiting the regulator from taking such actions,” the firm said. SportPesa said it is passionate about sports development in Kenya and the decision to stop sponsorships was difficult to make. “We greatly value our partnerships and we will endeavour to resume support to the best of our ability when the business recovers,” the firm said.

On April 1, Interior CS Fred Matiang’i vowed to introduce tough measures to regulate betting sector, which he accused of leading youths astray. He gave all firms three months up to July 1 to seek fresh renewal of licenses upon proving tax compliance. Among the conditions that betting and gaming firms had to meet before having their licences renewed is to be tax-compliant.

SportPesa is among the 27 betting firms whose licences the government refused to renew over a tax row. The firm, however, insisted it was tax compliant. Other firms whose licences were not renewed were Betin, Betway, Betpawa, Premierbet, Lucky 2 U, 1X Bet, Mozzartbet, Dafa bet, World Sport Bet, Atari Gaming, Palmsbet and Betboss. Others were Betyetu, Elitebet, Bungabet, Cysabet, Nestbet, Easybet, Kick Off, Millionaire Sports Bet, Kenya Sports Bet and Eastleighbet.

They were expected to prove that they had been operating within the law, and prove that they are sufficiently liquid and have performed financially well for the past four years. On July 22, KRA cleared Betway, OdiBets, Mozzartbet, Ken Bookmakers, Lucky 2u, Eazi Bet, Kick off, Eastleighbet, Palms Bet and Bet boss.

28 thoughts on “Sportpesa cancels all Sports Sponsorships

    1. JAKOYO, JAKOYO, JAKOYO, JAKOYO, how many times did I call you omera? You are a prophet of doom and only God can save you. You are actually dancing on our graves while shedding crocodile tears. Mungu anakuona. To those who claimed ADOR was corrupt, inept and past sell by date, please uwanja ni wenu. Please bring to us those good managers, able to get mega deals signed so that Gor Mahia can fulfill its mandate!!! Mungu saidia sisi hata na sponsorship ya Safaricom na Tuzo. May God bless Kogalo.

  1. Maneno ndiyo hiyo sasa. What next? Withdraw from continenentals. This was coming and everybody knew it. But nobody cared at all, players exodus, new coach will also leave. The boat is sinking for sure.

  2. Now is the time fans will stand to be counted. Not sure what happened to the Brookside deal that was about to be signed. I hope we have a plan B

    1. Now the management should move with speed to launch a members requirement drive. Start with a target of 10000 members only. Am ready to join and willing to pay 1000/- per year. With. Only 10000 members, we can be safe with 100000000 to run the club.

  3. How can teams like Sony get international sponsorship? Sofa paka? And with all the fan base and intellectual acumen God cannot get one? We used to blame politics but now Tuko na handshake. Are so bewitched or corrupt to the core or so haunted? Ochien ma ochako irr. Thooo

  4. Le pastre, of the so called see no evil,hear no evil, talk no evil aka positive energy branch , this is the time to bring radical ideas to the table and embrace positive criticism – call it doom, i call it reality check. We have gone back full throttle to the ‘ days of begging ‘.

    I have said before, Kogallo is free for all – Sportpesa have exited, ADOR is leaving, EC is being disbanded, etc etc ..everything over the next 4 months. Who is the next chairman ? Now is the time for them to stand up and be counted.

  5. This could be a blessing in disguise. Revive Goma lotto now!!!
    Gor Mahia has the following to subscribe. Do not overlook this chance!!!

  6. Kindly look at today’s Nation newspaper and see how they are a major contributor to the death of Kenyan soccer. A whole FOUR pages of EPL propaganda from a supposed ‘kenyan’ newspaper. Biggest shame ever!!!
    Kenya news media are the biggest contributors to the dwindling fortunes of Kenyan footballers.

  7. @BB and other esteemed bloggers here… Do you remember in my Gor VS Police friendly analysis I mentioned that Miheso ran the show for Police? It is no surprise that Polack has quickly snapped him up.

    It was a very good performance from him. Initially I didn’t consider him as a good player…. maybe because I don’t watch him often, but now I have a chance to do that since he has joined the mighty kogalo. Welcome to the home of champions Miheso!!

    1. From what I have seen in Clifton Miheso in the past, I know he is intelligent and talented and from what I know about you sir, I believe you. He is a good catch who will added a new dimension to the attacking midfield. A very good number 10!! Too bad that we cannot use him in Burundi.

  8. Matiangi jajuok….baba as our patron should use his influence and help gor in any way possible…kwani handshake ni oknyal konyo gor in anyway…

  9. In The Last Few Weeks When The League Was Coming To The End I Heard that the chairman was talking to tuzo for apossible deal, where did it go?? if amay ask jasego and the rest?

  10. @jakoyo sometimeback when you were sing about ADOR not working to your liking,someone asked you to suggest your replacement or even you offer yourself for the leadership.but you like to be monotonous on issues why dont you name your best laeder.what is happening in gor and kpl is the making of the gvt aknow it all kind of person what shud gor do to come out of this situation?if you answer me this question without bringing the gor leadership.

    1. …ineptitude you shall have made me know you ar someone who value others.if you always you dont see the good in another person then how can they expect you to say anything good about them.take an example of @musyoma and others on this sight.they always discuss issue objectively.if he feels the ec has let gor down he points it.if it is funs not registering as members he points it out.they normally dont kusema na kutender ama kuchapa siasa kwa site.they are never in the negative or positive groupin

  11. From what I have seen in Clifton Miheso in the past, I know he is intelligent and talented and from what I know about you sir, I believe you. He is a good catch who will added a new dimension to the attacking midfield. A very good number 10!! Too bad that we cannot use him in Burundi.

  12. Tuzo sponsorship deal slowed down when Jakom announced his desire to step-down. They are being engaged yet again even as we speak. Gor upward trajectory and renaissance has been Synonymous with Ador hence it will take sometime for a paradigm shift to occur. Nevertheless we soldier on and fans Must troop back to the stadium this season where we are introducing e-ticketing. Adverts for CEO position to be done soon and search for new league and Kogalo sponsors are in earnest even as we hope and pray the Govt backs down and lets Sportpesa be and resume supporting sports initiatives in the country once again…Aigle Noir be ready to meet Mayienga tomorrow 3pm

  13. The idea of 10,000 members paying 1,000 per year is better than holding a begging without anything is better you see sportspesa only gives 65,000,000 this other way before the sponsorship we will have 100,000,000.
    And for that to happen incentives have to be clear of the advantages accruing to those subscribe annually, employ professionals to run this i. e. Not fans strictly professionals and it will work… Get a professional to exploit brand gormahia which has never been exploited to its real potential, shirt sponsor should be secondary not primary need otherwise we will never be able to compare to Africa’s best.

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