11 Jan 18

Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri says that his company is considering various options including resuming sponsorship for certain federations and teams.
Additional Reporting from the Nation
Could SportPesa be about to make an about-turn and resume funding sports activities in the country?

This seems likely to be the case, with the giant gaming firm’s chief executive officer Ronald Karauri telling Nation Sport Wednesday that he will be seeking “solutions” to crises that followed his firm’s decision to abandon Sh600 million worth of sponsorship deals this past week.

“We are frantically looking for solutions, I feel bad bringing the teams to this level and then just leaving them. I am in talks with some government officials for a way forward and hopefully all will be well soon,” he said.


When terminating the deals with among other, Football Kenya Federation, Kenya Premier League, Kenya Rugby Union, Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards and Nakuru All Stars, Karauri argued his firm was unable to pay the increased taxes slapped on gaming firms by government at the start of this year, and remain with enough to pump in the millions worth of sponsorship deals

But then, with government and rival betting firms warming up to the idea of replacing SportPesa in the past few days, it seems Karauri has either softened his stance, or stumbled on extra funds.

Nation Sport understands representatives from SportPesa have been in talks with officials from Gor Mahia and Leopards in the past few days.

The agenda of these meetings, we understand, revolved around the possibility of renewing the sponsorship.

The two teams have cumulatively received about Sh100 million from SportPesa each year for the past two years.

On his part, Sports Principal Secretary Kirimi Kaberia confirms that the government is keen to take over from SportPesa in funding Kenyan sports.

“They (SportPesa) might have pulled out but there will be no crisis,” he said.

“We met with representatives from the affected federations and requested them to present their budgets which we will look at on a case by case basis.”

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  • Jasego says:

    Come back to the sponsorship table,nothing run by government ever works or runs smoothly as we have 22 ministries experience to attest that fact.Better sportpesa sponsorship by far than ministry of youth,sports,culture & arts anyday.God Bless Mayienga

  • Dan Original says:

    No way the govt can sponsor sports. At least not the Kenya govt. Why not start with the volleyball team which is begging for funds to go represent the country?

  • Jakoyo says:

    move on…..a new chapter without sportpesa !

  • Oduor12 says:

    EITHER WAY GOR MAHIA NEEDS A BACKUP OR PLAN B. Just like corporate sponsorship any government funding is bound to be fickle and unpredictable,e.g subject to cutbacks in case of drought. By now Tuzo, Castle & SP cases are enough lessons even for the most obstinate. A membership cum season ticket structure must be set up now, however small we start, and be maintained. Only by winning titles and at the very least putting up a good show continentally ( reaching the group stages) will ensure GM remains attractive for membership and even cooperate sponsorship. Mighty K’Ogalo sio Maiti Thicker, every player, coach and official knows,from their first day on the job, that CAF matches await them. Perenial threats of pull out citing lack of funds or preliminary round eliminations means that those concerned are not upto the task, it creates apathy. Over to you Jakom AR take the lead on this. You must improve your most shambolic CAF record!

  • NGESTO says:

    Kwelikweli oduor 12 season tickets is the only way out but we don’t have willing minds in the EC, they are thinking of daily gate collections and fake match day tickets, Mungu Saidia Kogalo

    • Oduor12 says:

      Infact it is not a backup or plan B, but rather should be the foundation or financial base upon which all else is built. However small we start, we will grow with every success/ title. Btw do GM Sacco, GOMALOTTO etc pay any image rights to the club?

      • Ja-Gem Oremo says:

        While we welcome sponsors, there is need to come up with sustainable income generating activities for the club

  • Jasego says:

    Mugiraneza requests to leave for Apr to seek regular game time.Karim to be sidelined for 9 months and his name not forwarded to Caf.Is it time for Tshabala to enter kenyan airspace jothurwa so he can ply fullback this season as that foreign slot for karim wont be actively utilised.Koso for once we gave you everyone uromo jokamaa?

    • Musymo says:

      Instead of Tshabalala I would have gone for Mensah the defensive midfielder. We only have Wendo and Philemon in that position and since Kerr does not seem to trust Philemon enough(though in my opinion he is quite a top class CDM), that leaves Wendo. Full back there is already Wellington and Wafula and Karim will be healing and coming back however long that takes!!

  • NGESTO says:

    Foreign quota is full period

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    I believe the full back department has enough personnel As Musymo suggests, please bring in a defensive midfielder. Meanwhile, Mig7 should have left yesterday, Gor Mahia should gladly release him.