Sserunkuma takes Kiongera’s place at Simba

Reports from Tanzania suggest that Dan Sserunkuma has arrived in Dar es Salaam on Sunday and is currently residing at the Saphire Hotel. He is set to put pen to paper on a 2 year deal.  The terms have been agreed upon and the contract will be signed on Wednesday.

The Tanzanian league stipulates that each team can only have 5 foreigners in its roster. Simba already has five: Amissi Tambwe, Joseph Owino, Emmanuel Okwi, Raphael Kiongera and Pierre Kwizera. The man who will make way for Sserunkuma is none other than his former clubmate Raphael Kiongera who joined Simba this year. This according to the Mwanaspoti newspaper.

The report suggests that Kiongera’s injury played a part in the decision by Simba to put him aside for Sserunkuma since earlier reports suggested that it was Kwizera who would be sent on loan. The report does not make it clear whether Kiongera will be sent on loan or otherwise. It does state that he may need surgery on his knee.

Simba coach Patrick Phiri praised Sserunkuma as a natural goal-scorer who is light on his feet. He described Sserunkuma as the player he wanted to sign most. Simba are determined to improve on their poor league position from last season.

At the Gor Mahia camp, there is still no word on whom Gor Mahia will sign. The deadline for submitting names to CAF is December 15. If Gor Mahia requires an extension, they will have to pay for the extension. Long term however, Gor Mahia has to work hard to reach the level for their Tanzanian counterparts such as Yanga, Simba and indeed even Coastal Union who were able to snatch Rama Salim. It can be done with proper planning. Even without a sponsor, Gor Mahia can raise funds via jersey sales. merchandize sales, membership and other avenues. But once again transparency is of paramount importance if Gor Mahia is to fully utilize the financial potential that exists in its fan base.


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  2. As regards “Flava” apparently leaving GM for Simba I would like to wish him well. I hope its not because of kshs.50,000 coz the lad scores about half our goals in a season.
    This is a very professional player who saw out his contract. Let’s not even be upset that it was not renewed (actually EC is not to blame on this) nor that he left for free because Ssebo served K’galo well and nothing can replace the joy he brought to all Gor Mahians by being a crucial part of the team the won the titles (especially the TPL) in the recent years.

    As for Kiongera let’s hope Simba will not abandon him especially now that they have a more worthy/proven replacement.

    December 15 deadline. Again EC have slipped here. No head coach to recruit players, late submission will attract a penalty, negotiations will be rushed with key players’ contracts expiring. Nutall returns on Jan5 long after the Dec15 deadline and only 10 days to the second & final deadline.

    In my view I advise EC if Nutall does not return why not get a coach for kshs.400,000-500,000/month and use the savings to pay 4-6 even 10 players better terms. An extra 30,000-50,000 per month.
    Am sure there are very good coaches who will find kshs.400,000-500,000 per month attractive.

    I echo Admin’s last words, with proper strategic planning Gor Mahian can attract talented players / coaches and can even build their own stadium.
    Our own stadium to me is crucial because if we are able to raise the funds and WHEN transparency/accountability are achieved then we must also strive to retain those funds raised. The 40% plus statutory deduction is unavoidable unless we have our own stadium.
    A stadium is an investment that will not only stabilize the club financially but also earn the members/investors (Sacco) good income.

  3. My wish is to see Boniface oluoch (Tusker) , Jackson Saleh (AFC ), Francis Kahata (unattached) and Michael Olunga (Thika) in Gor Mahia next season.

    OPERATION bring back LOGA @ 500k per month…..Nutalll may simply not come back going by reports on kawowo, the guy is demanding a cool Kshs 1 Million per month with a fully furnished rented house.

    I wonder how much gor mahia has in the bank ? if Nutall will not be around to recruit players by 15th December 2014 then you wonder whether this time round we shall bring in any new quality players bearing in mind the rate at which players are leaving for free……lavatsa, rama, ade, sserenkuma, mapunda, mosoti e.t.c all left for free !, yes absolutely free !!!

    and lastly, I was at the club’s award function on Friday evening and somebody whispered….. what became of the bloggers contribution that was vehemently championed on this blog ? did we not say bloggers DONT KNOW EACH OTHER/ACCOUNTABILITY/TRANSPARENCY ISSUES.

  4. How could the EC be late yet the transfer period opens today? Why do we think the EC doesn’t care about the club?

  5. one million salary is just too much.Get a coach at 500K.As for the house i dont know why FKF is playing with gor,Amrouche has since left the country.he nolonger resides in the house.Let BW move to the FKF house.

    By Nyakundi Oriku

    Can league champions, Gor Mahia, learn anything from their past mistakes? Their talisman and Kenyan Premier League top-scorer for two seasons – Danny Sserunkuma – is on the verge of leaving the club for Tanzania, after three fulfilling seasons with K’Ogalo.
    But the saddest part of this is that as the Ugandan departs for Dar es Salaam on Wednesday to complete his deal, the Kenyan champions will not be on negotiating table and will therefore, not make anything out of the man that won their historic 14th league title. The man, who dons dreadlocks, will be a free agent!
    Simba chief scout – Zacharia Hanspoppe – confirmed on Sunday that Sserunkuma had successful talks with the club’s top brass on Thursday, but was expected back in Dar on Wednesday to seal the deal. Simba are desperate for a goal getter especially after the injury of Kiongera Mungai and with their crucial derby against perennial rivals Yanga on December 13.
    “Sserunkuma was here and we had very successful talks with him and I can confirm that he will be joining us on Wednesday. He said his contract with Gor Mahia was to end on December 2, that’s why he will be flying to Dar es Salaam on December 3 to seal the move as a free agent,” said Hanspoppe.

    He added: “Initially he asked for Sh9m (100, 000 dollars) for his move but we settled at Sh8.1m (90,000 dollars) and we believe he will help us win many titles with his goals, just as he did for Gor Mahia.”
    This is a big shame because for a club whose chairman is a top barrister, there can be no explanation for them to lose such a top player as a free agent. And it is salt on an open wound when this is happening for the umpteenth time, latest being forward Edwin Lavatsa, who left club in May for Algeria.

    Ambrose Rachier’s administration is sleeping on its job and the Green Army as their fans are known should invoke their right to hold the club accountable. Surely, when facing financial difficulties like they are at the moment, the only sure way to open revenue gates is by tying down their best players long before their contracts approach the end.

    What else does Lodvick Aduda and co do if not check on the players’ contracts with a view to renegotiating for their deals? My two-cent opinion is that administrative work is not limited to paying allowances and preparing for the team travelling.

    Roll back the memories and you remember that midfielder Anthony ‘Teddy’ Akumu earned the club no transfer fee after serving them with unparalleled loyalty and commitment.

    The fans must now begin to question aptitude of the secretariat in tapping into avenues for income generation other than conventional means or route one as it would be known on the football field.

    Why not cash in on players transfers as they bid to get a new sponsor on their shirt? By letting so many of their players leave as free agents, K’Ogalo are simply telling the world ‘we are not interested in running football on benchmarks of modern standards.’

    Very sad indeed!!

  7. MY FIRST DREAM HAS COME TRUE !!!! Now lets wait for Boniface oluoch, kahata and olunga . Good Job EC …good JOB EC …

    Kenyan international and AFC Leopards defender Jackson Saleh has joined 14 time Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions Gor Mahia.

    Saleh is set to put pen to paper to a two year contract before the end of this week as has reliably learnt both parties having agreed terms.

    Out of contract

    The St. Anthonys’ Boys High School alumnus is out of contract with Ingwe and has been too been reported heading to Posta Rangers only to be snapped up by Gor who will be representing the country in next year’s Caf Champions League.

    Saleh joined Leopards from Western Stima in January 2013. He scored three league goals for the club.

    Capped twice

    He has been one of the few bright sparks at the den in the 2014 campaign bagging crucial goals that earned Leopards vital points in the league and has also been a rock at the back which earned him a national team call up, making his maiden debut in an international friendly against Egypt and earned his second cap against Morocco.

  8. @Jakoyo “CEO” will be hosting the team for a breakfast meeting at the Standard Group Offices along Mombasa Rd this week.He will confirm the day and time to enable members from this site to attend.

  9. I always wonder how tanzanian clubs are taking players from gor.yanga and simba are just in the same class with gor but due to poor management in our club ,they will always take our players.

  10. My worry is not even that Omollo,my worry is the communication from the EC,one minute we are told they are in talks with Danny about contract extension,the next thing you hear is that Danny has already signed for simba.soo far no official word has come out from the EC surrounding the player.

  11. Danny has done his part.Simba and Yanga are much richer than us. It’s a fact. we look for another lethal striker. Traore Koh of Burkina Faso . He wants to come. Check him out on You tube. My take is Khalid Aucho, Ezekiel Otuoma, Michael olunga, Charles Odette, Wycliff Kasaya. If Saleh wants to come he is welcome. He is solid in Defence . What are your suggestions.

  12. That 8 million signing fee sounds exergerated,i dont think simba can pay that.any wa al the best Dany.Kizito also off to vietnam.Lets look for 3 good Arabs as a replacement.

  13. Guys let us cretic when we have the facts sometime we blame the EC for something that is beyond their reach,take 4 example the issue of transfers,since av got some clue of the happenings in that office,the so called players refused to talk about their contracts,thats serre,Owino,kizito na wale walienda kama Rama,Lavatsa and even kiongera kama player amekataa to talk about his contract saying that he can do that after the season ends whom do u blame? can u force a player to sign a contract? no we cant,we av even seen like in Europe where a player can decide to force his way out of the club,in that kind of scenario whome do u blame? all these players that left for free refused to talk so u cant force them,i can remember when the the so called EC begged Lavatsa to even renew his contract for even 6 months so that atleast the club can get something after naturing him for all those years the guy flatly refused and he went,look at Wanga he new he was going and he made sure that he sign another contract so that AFC can get something when he live and that is what he did and afusi benefited out of that,hawa wetu wanakata kabisa so my dear friends we can never blame the EC on this.

  14. kahata, olunga, agwanda, please try your best to get these boys. We also need an extra good goalkeeper atleast to compliment jerry. let us try our best before the transfer window closes. I said earlier that staying on top is not easy. tusker and sofapaka were generally stronger than us, they had very good players n good coach lets learn something from there.


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