Statement by Erastus Okul of FKL on IDAC suspensions


My attention has been drawn to a unilateral decision made by Independent and Appeals Committee of the Kenyan Premier League Limited.
First and foremost, I take this earliest opportunity to state categorically that no such decision was made after consultations with the Football Kenya Limited Competition Committee of which I am the chairman.
Secondly, may I make it clear that IDAC has no mandate to make such momentous decisions without reference to FKL, which is the governing body, and its organs which have the statutory functions to run football in Kenya.
IDAC has no mandate to run football and should refer whatever decisions they make to us for the final word, which may ratify it depending on its merits and demerits, or dismiss it.
Banning fans from the stadium is a major decision which impacts on the clubs’ revenue base and cannot be left to amorphous and busybodies to gleefully announce. I wish to reassure fans of Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards that the announcement by IDAC does not have the blessing of FKL and they should treat it with the contempt it deserves and go about their business as usual.I would like also to state that the appointments of the referees are supposed to be done by fkl and not kpl, this is something we have been fighting for all this time ,clubs are individual members of fkl not kpl therefor the referees appointed by kpl are not competent to handle the premier league matches as in the case of mathere and Gor mahia.there are fifa referees who are accredeted to handle the premier league matches
WE are reviewing the cases of the matches concerned and will make our own decision and announce it at an appropriate time, based on the evidence and reports by the referees and commissioners.

Thank you

Erastus Okul

2 thoughts on “Statement by Erastus Okul of FKL on IDAC suspensions

  1. Okul we know your games. You are just interested in sabotaging KPL in order to consolidate the position of FKL.

    You were a useless Gor Mahia chairman. Under your leadership, the mighty Kogalo were relegated twice.

    You treated the club as your personal fiefdom and withdrew the club from popular tournaments like Transparency cup of 2003.

    You and the rest of FKL are so useless I wish you would fall off the face of the earth so Kenya football can advance

  2. If idac is for refs who will be for us? that is where people like Okul are coming in.IDAC are saying nothing on refs.How can we Gor be punished for evils done in Naivasha,Were we the home team,Who was surpose to give security,Can they put proof on table showing it was our fans?Let me tell AFC and GOR MAHIA fans not to go in other matches,we only go to our matches because they should know that the fans they see in matches belongs to gor mahia and AFC.Lets forget about ticket masters it belongs to our enemies that is Oguda,Frank And KOdero.We advice our office that they engage other companies eg securicor for gate collection iys not a loughing matter.

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