24 Apr 15

Gor Mahia bread is already a best seller. According to a report on capitalfm.co.ke, the bread has been selling 130,000 loaves per day since it was launched. Club official Ronald Ngala told Capital Sport the novel sponsorship deal in local football is pushing 130,000 pieces.

“This is the way to go and the selling is going up as we speak we are getting Sh130, 000 per day so there is a possibility for the figures to rise up to Sh200, 000 a day. The company is set to spread its supply to Nairobi but at the moment it’s only available in Western Kenya and it’s doing very great.” said Ngala to capital FM

Ngala mentioned that the club is still seeking other sponsors.

“We are still in talks with other potential sponsors but I can say we are heading on the right direction. We are set to launch the player’s welfare and Sacco,” he continued

To stem misappropriation of funds; Gor will be conducting monthly audit before the 10th of every month the Ngala added.

That is good news for Gor Mahia fans who are always concerned about misapropriation of funds. Nothing would derail the enthusiasm of fans buying bread than reports suggesting the funds are being misused.

Secondly the club will now have to watch out for pirates. In 2010, Gor Mahia introduced jerseys branded with the club’s name. The project was initially succesful until pirates started to sell fake jerseys. And before you know it, fans were only buying fake jerseys since they came cheaper.  And now there are reports of club stewards peddling fake tickets during the Gor Mahia – Sofapaka match.

Another area of concern is price gouging. There are already reports of the bread selling for Ksh 50 in Homa Bay instead of the proposed price of Ksh 38. There are stories of a supplier in Umoja who managed to get some of the bread and is selling at Ksh 50. Back in the Mid 1990s, Gor Mahia introduced ball point pens branded with the phrase “I support Gor Mahia”. Some of the vendors outside the stadium brazenly sold them for twice the proposed price.

And as mentioned before, if this project is succesful, there could be room for other projects including milk, soda or maize flour. Soon a person could stock his kitchen with Gor Mahia branded products.

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  • Jb says:

    My mother in homabay could not find the loaves , this really causing jitters in the bread industry for Huyu Indian is running away with their share if the market …. Haters will ignore it but football lovers will be in for it

  • Dan Kisumu says:

    Where do i get the bread in kisumu.

  • Omondi says:

    man shall not live on bread alone……………….let us do other stuff on the side

    on a light note @ingo AFC player are striking because Gor have got a Bread Sponsor which you cannot live without despite t he gospel truth….man shall not live on bread alone

  • dinga says:

    If the price can shoot up simply coz the name has Gor on it then that tells us alot about the club name. As far as contracts are concerned it is not up to Gor to police the fake producers. That is up to the manufacturer. Fake adidas shirts thrive coz Adidas has never been interested in protecting it’s name as far as the Kenya market is concerned. That would only mean that the Kenyan market was not worth fighting for or the person bringing fake jerseys into Kenya is well connected in gorverment. The only sad part is the level of ignorance on the part of the so called Gor fan. I was once watching a Gor match on telly. The match was being played in Kisumu. I was sharing a table with another Gor fan on an ‘Adidas’ jersey. We were discussing the match the match and us the talk progressed the guy goes on on how Kisumu fans could only access the Fake brand of adidas jersey. His take is that it’s only in Nairobi that you find the ‘Original’ jerseys. Long story short, All Gor jerseys with the Adidas brand(including Harambee were officially warned by Adidas) stars were from a fake supplier. This includes the period when Gor famoulsy donned the Adidas brand during it’s matches. The supplier of these jerseys is someone well connected in the club circles. That is why Gor Mahia officialdom has never condemned the fake jerseys to date and they continue being sold while the club officially uses another brand. The same force is behind the fake tickets during Gor matches.
    So why my long story… GorMahia has now gone into a FOOD item. As much as i totally support this bread idea be warned about the fake squad. They have produced fake items without any hinderance… will bread defeat them? The Gor fan has shown that he would rather buy a fake jersey for 200 instead of supporting the club by buying an official brand. Just remember… this is a food item.

  • Sir BenFranc says:

    Admin, get it from me, its is true this bread is being sold at Kshs. 50 in Mathare. Please please, let us have some controls and avoid over pricing.

    • Dan Original says:

      Guys, price controls in Kenya only applies to fuel. So the trades must be selling the bread for 50 bob because of the dynamics of supply and demand. Soon the item will settle to the recommended price. On piracy Gor must work with the manufacturers to tame this.
      Otherwise this is a very noble idea

      • Pmawego says:

        Dan Original, tell them to learn some economics. An equilibrium will be reached once demand and supply settle. After all is done, the price should go up to 40bob and Gor to pocket 2bob or 3 bob

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    If someone thought this bread idea would finally see K’Ogalo get a share of Ingo’s hard-earned money, then I would advise him to think again. Gor Mahia could only lay hands on Ingo’s coins if this noble idea embraced even maize meal. Say if some millers would come up with unga wa sima chapa Gor Mahia and why not?

  • dinga says:

    It would be a pity if guidance is only the price displayed or put on the bread. Bread in Kenya is simply put in a plastic covering. This is essentially what Gor is selling. The plastic cover is where the Gor brand is printed and not on the bread itself. What stops the fake brand from printing these plastic covers then putting in their ‘bread’. Note that I put bread in quotes. Secondly what stops another group from collecting the discarded platic papers and re-selling to those who also want to manufacture this bread. It is high time the Gor fan appreciated buying genuine items coz it is my belief that this time it will injure you. Unlike Tuzo which was difficult to immitate given that the Brand is owned by statehouse, this bread is another thing all together. The manufacturer of this bread must go out of his way to ensure fans that this bread is not ‘Chinese’… so to speak. Gor put the Tuzo name into the limelight. The bread company noticed this and have offered Gor a good business opportunity. How will they tame the fake squad which I believe is deeply embedded in the Gor officialdom. Time will tell.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    I was once told by an officer from the ACA that it very simple for GMFC officials to approach them and they can effectively deal with the issue of fake jersey and so by extension any fake GMFC products. They simply pose as buyers then the seller has to prove that he is sourcing his products from the legitimate source.
    Another way is to make the product widely available in known supermarkets.
    Unless EC brings the mysteries of “gate collections” in this project then it should be able to cushion the club’s finances a great deal.

    About ACA

    The Anti-Counterfeit Agency was established under the Anti-Counterfeit Act 2008 as a State Corporation with the mandates to enlighten and inform the public on matters relating to counterfeiting, combat counterfeiting, trade and other dealings in counterfeit goods, devise and promote training programs to combat counterfeiting and co-ordinate with national, regional or international organizations involved in combating counterfeiting.

    It is a state corporation currently within the Ministry of Industrialization. Although the Act was passed by Kenya’s Parliament in 2008, it came into force on 1st July 2009 with the principal aim of prohibiting trade in counterfeit goods. The Agency came into operation in June 2010.

    The Vision of the Agency is that it aspires to be the global leader in combating counterfeiting.

    Its Mission is to combat counterfeiting and prohibit trade in counterfeit goods through training, research, consumer awareness and co-ordination with national, regional and international organizations in the effective enforcement of intellectual property rights.

    The Motto of the Agency is: educate, enforce, eliminate

    The mandate of the Agency is clearly indicated in section 5 of the Act. The Act mandates the Agency to:

    Enlighten and inform the public on matters relating to counterfeiting;
    Combat counterfeiting, trade and other dealings in counterfeit goods in Kenya in accordance with this Act;
    Devise and promote training programs on combating counterfeiting;
    Co-ordinate with national, regional or international organizations involved in combating counterfeiting;
    Cary out any other functions prescribed for it under any of the provisions of this Act or under any other written law; and
    Perform any other duty that may directly or indirectly contribute to the attainment of the foregoing.

    Core Values

    teamwork & commitment,
    customer focus,
    corporate social responsibility

    Anti-Counterfeit Agency
    Kenyatta Avenue,
    Telposta Towers, 4th Floor,
    P.O. Box, 47771-00100,
    Nairobi, Kenya.
    Hotline : 020 2280111

    • dinga says:

      @ODUOR12: You have given the solution to this problem. I hope they will get this advice and assure the fans. This is a product that is ending up on my stomach.

  • YAMO YUOR MON says:


  • Jaupanda says:

    Are their any designated supper markets in Nairobi where we can get it? Kik udeka.

  • Caleb Mathews says:

    Omondi take note that we need to sweet talk even Afc leopard fans to buy the bread. Dont use any negative language which might make a section of Kenyans not buy the bread. Let us be positive

    • OGANGO TRAILER says:

      Which bread @ comrade Caleb Mathews are you referring to? ingo can not buy that bread.

    • Jaupanda says:

      @Caleb Matthew Am sorry if I did not make myself clear by writing “Kik Udeka” which means musini cheleweshe” The agency to get the bread. In my contributions I never want to comment things that are detrimental to the clubs growth

  • jathur gi ji says:

    Good good idea which may just be spoilt by none other than ourselves. This is food and also somebody’s business, let us not play with it. All Kenyans watching, but are welcome to buy and EAT the bread, but the moment we start running around with it in the streets and insulting people at the same time, that will be the end of it and probably end of any more hopes on sponsorship. LETS THEN ALL BE VERY CAREFUL HOW WE HANDLE IT. This is like a rope given to us to hang ourselves and the haters are waiting to happily burry us.

    As for counterfeiters I think Oduor 12 has given a way forward.

  • Pascal says:

    hii mkate jamaneni si ifike dar es salaam ? sisi wana kogallo huku tuna nyayaswa sana .

  • Jakoyo says:

    I humbly appeal to Gor Mahia EC and ‘efusi ‘ management to bury their differences and start a similar joint venture business partnership in western Kenya /Nyanza .

    This two clubs are slowly dying due to financial mismanagement and without the two, there is NO future for football in Kenya.

    Today, a section of Gor mahia players are reported to be on go slow due to arrears dating as way back as December as for ‘Efusi ‘ , they live day by day. When will this STOP !!!!!!

    • Dan Original says:

      @Jakoyo, how can asking for your dues after practice be a go-slow? The players were just voicing their concerns at the delays to sort out their monitory issues just like we do everywhere but there was no go-slow. As a club we know we are still in a financial quagmire but we need not demoralize ourselves as fans and the players and TB. What we need to do is buy the bread for ourselves , friends and family as well as chip in the players kitty as well as the PayBill no

  • maurie says:

    There comes Gor Mania supermarket.

  • maurie says:

    There comes Gor Mahia supermarket.

  • leo jakisumo says:

    Am in kisumu and not seen the loaf anywhere. iko wapi?

  • edwin wangila says:

    Leta mkate mombasa mara moja! tunataka kupata nusu milioni kwa siku moja jamani.

  • edwin wangila says:

    And apart from buying tickets in our home matches every Gor Mahia supporter should be required to a loaf of Gor Mahia bread and that we will be the richest club in East and central Africa.

  • edwin wangila says:

    And apart from buying tickets in our home matches every Gor Mahia supporter should be required to buy a loaf of Gor Mahia bread and that way we will be the richest club in East and central Africa.

  • omondii@gmail.com says:

    Can we talk to the baker to attach a complementary Blue band kadogo to our bread.

  • amara paul says:

    protect our merchadise