21 Jun 16

Brazilian striker Thiago Lima da Silva has jetted out and is headed back home after failing to impress the Gor Mahia technical staff.

The much touted striker left fans who watched his training session unimpressed from the first time he stepped on the field. Opinions did not shift when he appeared in a friendly against Naivas.

An official confirmed to goal.com that Da Lima has indeed left.

“It is quite unfortunate, but it is true, the club has opted against signing him because he is not what we expected. He has failed to impress the coaches from day one, and that is why he is leaving. It means we will go for another striker.

While some media outlets are ridiculing Gor Mahia for creating yet another Brazilian fiasco, the club has not done anything wrong. It is prudent for a club to conduct trials of a player as well as fitness tests during the transfer window while leaving enough time to sign alternate players. Such was the case with Giovanni Rodriguez Bissolli in 2011 and now Da Silva.

Meanwhile Meddie Kagere has indeed jetted back into the country to discuss returning to the club he left in December.

However Gor Mahia coach Ze Maria appears unwilling to bring Kagere back.

“I know Kagere was here and he did well but I do not believe in déjà vu. We do not have guarantee that he will shine like he did in his first stint,” the coach told Daily Nation.

However the club EC is pushing for Kagere to return.
“It’s true we are interested in resigning him. He is here and we will see how talks progress.” said Ronald Ngala

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  • Mayoo kendo? Gwaheri wuod olima. Tulipenda we lakini Ulisindw. Mungu aende nawe salama.

  • Ja'Asego says:

    Brothers,as pointed out by jakoyo in the previous blog,my posts seem to always run counter to Admin’s posts here rendering them non-relevant.This is due to the fact that admin posts news as is which is the core journalistic norm worldwide & therefore should be left to different opinions on the accuracies or otherwise of such need together with their implications by you bloggers.My insider information was always accurate for I presented only hard facts that are proven by their eventual occurence such as thiago’s departure which I told of the take-off time for I booked the ticket.Regardless something’s gotta give in this situation for harmony to prevail in the EC office so I therefore beg leave of absence and leave GM updates to those you’ll read made by Ngala who wears the hat of official spokesman for the club by virtue of bring the Ag Sec Gen.The correctness if such info I will leave to your judgment good people as I continue in trying to strengthen our player transfer/ acquisition processes so that we may fully professionalize the system to enable us get return on investment during player trading & not let all even contracted ones leave on the Bosman like is the norm currently.Apologies are in order to Admin & anyone else who might have felt offended in any way by my divulgence on club affairs but we all love GM and must always have its best interests at heart at all times.Let Ja’sego not be cited as the reason harmony left GM at any cost.Information is Power but must be disseminated in an atmosphere devoid of any negative repercussion to out beloved GM.Musymo,Jamigori,Okewkanango,BB,A Person,Dan Original,Jakoyo,Ogango Trailer,Jambita Tiny,Charles et al to mention but a few,keep on blogging,am always listening…

    • OGANGO TRAILER says:

      @Ja’Asego with all due respect i beg that you continue keeping us posted with matters pertaining to K’Ogalo. Your contribution has been very wonderful and informative on this blogsite.

      My only worry now is the so called foreign quota of 5 players and especially if you consider @Musymo concern with window closing so soon and yet Aucho’s fate is still undecided. Who is paving the slot for Kagere?
      Is it Abouba or AUCHO “cham nyaje? And if so what are the consequences with regards to their existing contracts? Will K’Ogalo end up paying hefty compensation due to mismanagement of players during this mid-season transfer.

    • Charles says:

      For me, your posts were important for that is what has been missing for long time since the officials responsible for the posting information are never original in their information since they keep on lifting information from other sources which are not reliable rather than getting information from the ground. THE TRUTH BE told that the difference between the officials have cost us good players eg the one we lost to Yanga fc. And Ngala has never been committed in giving informations in time and i’ details

    • Hapa leo uzuni tu yawa. Kila MUTU anakwenda yawa. Olima na sasa Jasego. To litna. Yangu ni asante kutambua ngato nono kama jobul wuod Nya gadongo ngama chemo luche. Tutamis sana maandiko yako. Litna. Wacha nibaki na mafrends wengine. Ulikua coach yangu ya hapa. Tho awuoro ni malit osiko.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Recruitment & transfers committee- Chairman Ambrose Rachier, SG Ronald Ngala, Organizing Sec David Kilo. These 3 have featured in all the ECs and those who are keen will have noted “Ngala speaking is akina to Jakom clearing his throat so always be attentive”. I believe Luanda Magere will shine now EC wave your magical once more an pulk Mieno out of the hat. #ADMINLIFTOKEWKANAGO’SGAG

  • musymo says:

    It’s good news that he is gone. I opposed his signing from Day 1 and it appears I have been vindicated. Why is the coach refusing to take Kagere back? His excuse is that players who return don’t perform. While it is true in some cases, we have the example of Abondo who left and came back better. Gatusso left and came back as good as ever!! @okewkanango to nyocha ing’weto kanye jalweny? Kuomi nyaka e pier aora!!!!

    • Jadhoot Musyom mimi nasharudi mor ikawo mor ok mi ngato. Niko hapa RELODED . Sasa nashika tu mdomo kama Thigo amekwenda. Nyinyi kumbe ndio naelewa opira. Wacha niweke macho yangu tu. Sasa wakiamua ni magere sisi tutaona tu. Kuomi Tick nyaka kanyand animals wenye unijua.

    • ODUOR12 says:

      Its a forced or marriage but in these days gone by they worked beautifully even now ask the Hindus. Luanda Magere will great superb, warito Mieno-ati u say slow but i say sure, anakukata ukiona, superbly suited for K’galo right now tailor made i say.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Now what happens to the 15 goals? Never make promises that you can’t keep and never start a project you cannot finish. Ze Maria should take up Kagere’s return as a challenge and work to make it a successful exception rather than the failing norm.

  • Ja bungoma says:

    Wish him well

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    Opposed from day 1? On what basis? Do we understand the meaning of trial? Anyway am happy Kagere is in talks, he should be in this team

  • teddy says:

    Welcome back Meddie , lets up it up from where we left , just a little bit of tweeking now that its Jacques n not Olunga but I know u r technical enough to adapt moreso to this new system we are playing where there is more brain than brawn…I believe

  • John says:

    I oppose any idea of imposing a player on a coach.if ze maria is not interested in Kagere,we just hav to accept it.That wil create bad relation in this cohesive team.as far as I know,ze maria is the C.E.O of Gor mahia TB and his decision should be final.if any member of the EC,Fan or supporters feel they are better than the coach,they should let ze maria go and take up the challenge.so sad for EC not to give the coach afree hand yet they, like the fans need result.I don’t like this AFC style of approach.

  • s@ndrom@n says:

    You expected a fine Brazilian to play in SPL hahahaha…. I knew he was fringe player …. . not worried. Go on Gogallo.

  • blackmarket says:

    Lets not blame the office here trials is about winning n loosing is like Kenyans players heading to SA most fail trials n they come back.

    Real Madrid technical bench wants to bring POGBA from juventus but Madrid fans don’t want pogba coz they love CACIMERO. Gor mahia fans n office wants kagere back but technical bench don’t want kagere back.
    We have no choice but to bring kagere coz we are looking for someone who is smart genius agile goal poacher n athletic n we get in kagere.
    We are tired to win cups in Kenya lets now go out n meet our equals. Zaesco made history by reaching CAF group stages n also by whipping Al ahly 3 goals to 2 when I watched zaesco I saw two former gormahia players akumu n owino so I said to myself kumbe its possible to play in CAF n win.

    Frankly speaking mzee Kobe MIENO is being overated you cannot compare him to Marcello or kahatA or aucho. Huyu tortoise ako down. If I may ask will he come to warm the bench or play in bench. Gattuso wendo wako sawa kabisa. Plz lets not cheat mieno to burn bridges let him stay at tusker.

    Study the gor formation currently n you will notice that when strikers loose balls they immediately becomes defenders followed by midfielders while goal mouth defenders is to clear the ball no wonder gor is keeping clean sheet so we don’t need mieno.

    Gor office should incorporate the 4players from gor youth currently training with senior team n its up to the coach to train them as per his instructions

    • musymo says:

      @blackmarket, Mieno is a brilliant player, he maybe slow but he creates loads of chances. I think it is not a bad idea to bring him in to beef the midfield since Aucho may leave and Gatusso is a bit unpredictable at times.

  • oswozo moziek says:

    @blackmarket…as much as you are entitled to your own opinion,i do not agree with your sentiments here about Mieno.Todays football is not all about speed.Mieno may be slow,but he is a brilliant ball player.Most of Tuskers attack go through him.The bhoy has a football brain to dictate terms in midfield and he scores goals.He would fit in well at Gor for sure!!!

    • Dan Original says:

      When I watch Pogba I don’t see the speed but the accuracy in passes. Kahata isn’t any faster or stronger but is a ball player and so is Mieno. I stand to be corrected but Mieno is a cut-aboe Wendo and Gattuso though both are good Gor players. I still wish we get him. The Tusker left back was also a very good player , calm on the ball fortunately at that position we are spoilt for choice.

  • joods says:

    Am against this idea of imposing a player on a coach.if ze maria doesn’t want Kagere,then lets accept it.He is the final authority on matters TB.He is the C.E.O of the bench.he cannot be bulldozed around by EC or fans coz he takes full responsibility of result.Kindly note this is a former international player and a professional coach.we don’t need unnecessary disharmony between the bench,the playing unit and the EC coz of interference.if EC can’t give the coach free hand,then let him go and hire one of the fans to coach or even Odijo is around.a professional coach must hav a free hand and the EC and fans seems not ready for this.

    • musymo says:

      @joods he was given a free hand and he brought Thiago whom I am reading in the Daily Nation is still in the country as Ze Maria has flatly rejected Kagere and wants Thiago to be given time. I agree with you let him be allowed to sign his Thiago and field him for all the 15 matches of the second leg.

  • I marvel to see much of the darts aiming at Kagere, Mieno, Kimani and Johanna. However, the teams that currently engage these players have the instinctive desire to derail Kogallo’s progress at all costs. This explains why Tusker can’t release Mieno, Mathare can’t release Johanna and Bandari can’t release Anthony Kimani. To aggravate this problem, FKF has drafted a draconian law limiting foreign quota to 5 players.
    All the above hurdles have been installed to choke success out of Kogallo’s throat.
    Fellow bloggers, we have a team of capabe Walusimbis and Shakavas who can still win KPL and other regional accolades.
    Let us not sound desperate and needy. We are giving our rivals a lot to brag about by sounding dead without Mieno and Kimani. If their teams release them, then gracias. If they reject our requests then let us sharpen the blunt spears that we have since we still have to use them to hunt the trophies. When Moses struck the Red Sea, he used the rod in his hands. He never borrowed one from Aaron!

  • Charles says:

    The coach is not interested in recycling players but developing the young talents, why forcing Kagere on him yet if we don’t get the results it is the coach who is responsible and not you who demand for the return of Kagere

  • Marto says:

    Am in agreement with @Joods and @Charles. I thought the TB, headed by the coach(or the manager as they are refered to abroad), has the mandate of identifying targets for recruitment and that the EC’s role is only administrative as in negotiations and admission. Its clear here that Kagere is being shoved down Zemaria’s throat. My question is:…….what if Zemaria decides to bench kagere all through….will the EC force him to field him?

  • Erico Jarae says:

    He was given free hand to bring the players he want and he brought the so called Thigo and even himself he accepted it was a flop and time is running out

  • Bob kadar says:

    Let’s see what kagere will give, I think bringing kagere back is better than depending on one striker.