Top 8 semis to proceed

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Following a meeting held on Tuesday between Football Kenya Federation and Kenyan Premier League, it has now been agreed that the TOP 8 semi final matches will proceed as scheduled on Thursday.

The semi final matches had been thrown into uncertainty following FKF’s announcement on Monday that they will not recognize the decision by KPL to award a walk over to Gor Mahia after AFC Leopards failed to show up for the quarter final match at Kasarani on Sunday.

“For the interest of sponsors and that of football development in the country, the tournament shall proceed as planned.” FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya has said.

However, in a press statement released on Wednesday afternoon, FKF announced that all fines imposed on AFC Leopards for failing to attend the match in question on Sunday be nullified.

FKF has further announced that they will in future review the staging of the Top 8 tournament and has called for consultative forums between KPL Clubs  and FKF to agree on modalities of running and staging the tournament.

28 thoughts on “Top 8 semis to proceed

  1. This is a good gesture from FKF. However, AFC Leopards should be penalised for bringing the beautiful game in disrepute.

  2. Kwani AFC has become the untouchables of Kenya. y are we perpetuating impunity left right and center, imagine a club refusing to honour a match and they cant be fined

  3. That is good. However, who will pay for the losses incurred by the organizers if you exonerate AFC from any fines? I think what Nyamweya is doing is he has seen that he’ll lose the battle and get embarrassed in the broad daylight but at the same time wants to be seen by AFC to be doing something to ‘protect’ them…at least this confirmation is now good for fans so that people can get advance tickets. Kogalo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………

  4. And the winner is SAM NYAMWEYA.
    I don’t agree that AFC should pay any fine,lets be fair guys. AFC let it be known well in advance that they were not going to honour the match on 29/07/2012. Its KPL’s fault that they continued incurring expenses instead of awarding Mighty K’galo a walkover.
    Do you continue with the wedding preparations when a bride says she won’t turn up and is supported by her father. No!No!. KPL bear your own cross.

  5. By the way guys if you look at it critically AFC lost (though it should be nothing to celebrate). Non of their issues :- brokeness, consultation, security etc has been tackled. That means the status quo is maintained and those who wanted the rivalry to be settled in the field won at last. I can imagine how they will now blast Nyamweya instead. Poor man, who do you please and who do you victimise? Anyway, let the issue die off and we continue with our upward rise. All the best to the team

  6. Tread carefully or the razor (referee) Ulinzi used last year to win the Super 8 Cup might be used again in the match against Tusker to frustrate us and ensure a win to Tusker. Its early to celebrate until the game is over

  7. INGWE is in my blood.I love it badly.I humbley,and kindly pray to GOD, to bless INGWE and crouwn us with championship.TO all AFC FANS,let us all cheer up our team as well as we pray for our players and fans .This battle we have left it to GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST,and for sure at the end of season we will praise him as we chant INGWE ,on all streets of Nai including Machakos country bus on the buses which will be going Ingo.Fo Gor fans just watch space.KPL Knew well that we were not to honour the game.why would they go on in we were not to pay fine no matter wat.INGWEEEEEEEE

  8. What will happen if gor is to meet afc at the semis of fkf cup because i have seen the fixture will they honour it or not for they have threatened not to honour any match.

  9. @6 Kpl ref’s mistakes r many but if Gm fan’s could hv cooled dwn last yrs match against ulinzi the result could hv bn in our favour,bt all r now history 2moro against Tursker w’r away team n with awin 2moro 2nd leg nxt thursday should b rubberstamping our authority.BRAVO GM FANS WE BEHAVED WELL WE DIDN’T DEMAND 4R REFUND N NOW WL USE OUR SUNDAY’S TICKET,N IF WE MAINTAIN THEN COME NXT SEASON WL HV MORE SPONSERS.2 EC SEND UA MRKTING TEAM 2THIS COMPANIES: mabati rolling mills,kerecho breweries PLSE DONT INVOLVE A-GO BTWN N THE RESULT WL B POSITIVE.

  10. FKF setting a wrong precedence in apply rules of the game. Whether its my inlaw (ingwe/kwach rakido) or my heart (kogalo /sirkal/ simba mayienga) the rules of the game should be applied square and fair. Saving any team from saying fines or shelve/suspend ban for a club because of their history or fun base is IMPUNITY of the highest order. Let kpl and fkf set structured system of dispute resolution, communication and day today running of football to avoid pandemonium and show off. Do care on other stakeholders interests. Aim of top 8 is to host a U19 tornament which is good for sports development. Bring sakata ball back Mr. Nyamweya

  11. Someone at FKF must be sleeping on the job !
    To tell KPL that their mandate is to run ONLY the league and nothing else (this in the second year of the Top-8 !!) Why didn’t they raise this issue last year?? It is only now that they are waking up to the realization that KPL is running the Top-8 as well??
    Lord have mercy on Kenyan football – we realy do have people sleeping on the job …..

  12. this is good progress. about emotional talk i thnk such view should be tolerated. so long as it is not outright insults. koops saying that gor and liars and bloggers replying is not big deal. football is emotianal so bloggers should not be judged via the cultures of another tribe. heated debates are just that. thats what democracy teaches. when kenya became free from moi kenyans were should with the freedom of speech that eminated. so pls, if someone calls me an empty head(which has been done severally on this blog) just take it in the stride. i do not encourage it,but its just a debate. if i am an EMPTY HEAD then i really will feel insulted. what i really like is when bloggers respond to the issues you raise without resulting to insults… but i myself came up with the adidas guys and resently the term boars… my advice…take it in stride.someone being called a liar, hyena will happen countless times.we elect leaders who do it all the time. these leaders do not fall from the trees…we go make a line and choose them coz that is exactly what we are.there is no particular culture or the views of any political party being presented here.gor is a football club supported country wide… and this site is also visited by leopards fans…some bloggers are muslims,christians,drunkards,luhyia,luo,kyukes,masaai and probably do not try to stereo type the bloggers on this site to any particular tribe or party.

  13. @Dinga you are not an empty head. Definitely not. No blogger is although some of us are fond of and have perfected the art of stalking and scavenging on other bloggers. You are a great mind whose comments are as divergent as they are new and fresh every other time.

  14. @Dinga, please forgive them for those referring to you as empty headed are the real EMPTY HEADED Bloggers. I was once a victim of such abuse but I forgave them as Jesus Christ calls us to forgive those that have wronged us.

    When you are being abused, embrace love as love holds all things regarding life. Love your neighbour as you love yourself which is the greatest commandment in the bible.

    My solemn prayer is for Gor Mahia to win against Tusker in today’s match. Let God give our Team the strength, grace and mercy to win over Tusker in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. And let all the people say, “Amen!

  15. i agree with ODUOR12,ODUOR12 I admire ua views,very encouraging,KPL should have awarded GOR the match since it was known in advance when AFC Said they will not honour their match against GOR.Let KPL bear their cross.

  16. It’s good that we are now trying to dfine what should be discussed on this blog. Calling other bloggers names does not build GM in any way. But like @Dinda said this site is like a bus where anybody with fare (or without) will board and the conductor/driver will only realise when it’s too late. Let’s divert all these energies into supporting GM. In the next two weeks alot will be happen and our focus as fans will be very essential as to could mean a better end of season or we remain to rue our first leg performance

  17. i have no reverence for myamweya infact i dont like him head to toe he will take kenyan football nowhere that is a fact he should know that ocampo is looking for him from fifa nagle be ware ndugu this top 8 thing is just another letdown in our football we should also pull out of the nyamweya cup for the monetary gain is zero we should only play the league

  18. This is a defining moment.
    Mighty K’galo is beckoning greatness.
    A win 2day and EC renew ‘Miguna’ Logarusic’s contract “PAP”.
    Why coz the rest of the titles and most definitely the league will follow.

  19. From the word on the ground, Tusker has planned two defensive midfielders and two fdefenders have been deployed to mark and physically harass Dan and Rama. Observe how they will play.

  20. @Eblazing Diva, welcome back. We have missed you alot and I hope you are here to stay.

    Welcome our Diva and I love you particular with your positive contribution on this site. Welcome sister.

  21. Thank you brother Mwakio. Have been in far fields in Icelands but glad to be back in the sunshine. Am at The Kasarani Sports Centre. Am all Amen for us to nod in goals. Sizzling environment here.

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