Tuyisenge confident of returning for Lobi stars

Rwandese striker Jacque Tuyisenge, who has been out on injury list, resumed training on Tuesday December 11. He is confident that he will be at full fitness by the time Gor Mahia play Lobi Stars on Sunday December 16 and will be available for selection.

“I hope to return to full fitness soon, I am almost there. I am not sure if I will be able to play [against Zoo Kericho] on Wednesday, but certainly I will be available on the weekend for the Lobi Stars clash in Champions League,” the said to the Rwanda Times.

Tuyisenge said he sustained an injury on his left foot in November during Amavubi’s 2-2 draw against Central African Republic in the qualifiers for the Afcon 2019 finals in Huye.

He then aggravated the injury when he played against Nyasa Big Bullets when he left the game after only fifteen minutes. A return to full fitness would be a huge boost for Kogalo. However should he return too quickly he may aggravate the injury again.

25 thoughts on “Tuyisenge confident of returning for Lobi stars

  1. Gud but I didn’t believe your transfer tale! Any update on the Muguna “injury”. How far away is he from match fitness? He left Tirana ages ago (was it in June18) and we’re now in Nov18? Is this another Odula type saga by EC cartel of “ghost players”?

  2. Let kahata play on sunday in the absence of muguna,let this issue of being cuptied stop since he is our player as at now and therefore the team to sign him cant dictate how we use him

  3. Lobi stars will be the real test for a coach whose CV reads…….. ‘5th division coach on tourist visa masquarading as UEFA pro coach with no fixed abode ‘.

    Best of wishes and let’s meet at the stadia !

    1. @Jakoyo RESPECT Hassan Oktay please. He is Our Head Coach whom we at the Technical Committee duly assessed and found very qualified with sterling credentials to handle GM. It is just that he had not caught his break yet to handle a big team but now he has. He will improve us vastly in technical/tactical aspects as witnessed yesterday and we shall soar even higher with him at the Helm. CCL group stage is within sight and I believe Hassan Oktay will see us get there with God’s Grace. Don’t despise our Gaffer like that again…

      1. @Jasego , as a social scientist , I think u are in the best position to understand that Jakoyo should be treated , not with a kiboko but rather as an object of pity .
        If you are a man who has spent close to 7plus years , hero worshiping a fellow man with the hope of being invited to the table but instead you swatted away like a virus , then its perfectly understandable when a man of such enormous setback clutches onto straws to avoid drowning into irrelevance .
        As a naccissist , all the sychophancies we have read on this blog was never meant for our consumption , but rather it was with the hope that somebody on this blog would bring it to the attention of his majesty how somebody out there was ready to defend him with his life even if it meant going through the sewer of self embarrasing sychophantic theatrics to promote his self delusion .
        So lets go slow on Jakoyo and allow him to console his self inflicted wounds , ultimately , delusional as he is , he is still one of our own , confused and angry as he may currently be -one thing though , never should our personal emotional feelings supersede the wellbeing of the club .
        Kogalo has been , is , and will always be -feelings or otherwise .

  4. Jakoyo is a very bitter man coz his project backfired. He has even stopped worshipping his almighty rachier after being ignored a mono nyochero. He should now know that after all he knows nothing.

  5. Ati transfer to TP Mazembe/Mamelodi SD. Those are cheap tactics by EC cartel and agent conniving to force unmerited salary hikes. Believe you me those clubs cannot look twice at a foreigner who scores less than 15 goals/season, maybe ile team ya Kerr.

    1. GM natures & provides players with an invaluable platform to showcase their developed skills at continental/other levels. Sadly once noticed they demand immediate release. Sawa you can’t tie a player who wants to leave so EC put stringent release clauses.

      1. EC can have release clauses like 1)to local clubs 3 times your sign on fee, 2)to any foreign club 5 times your sign on fee or kes.5m minimum. 3)the minimum release clause triples for any CAF listed player. GM’s core business is winning matches/titles.

  6. @ Oduor 12,Who is this player pushing for a move?@ Musymo my brother- in- Law,Could you please explain/clarify teddy’s comment to me.I don’t have my dictionary close by.

    1. This has been a disturbing trend in GM e.g Walusimbi, “ghost player” Muguna but current culprits are Jausenge and the “I don’t to cuptied” Kahata.EC cartel is also culpable with the sorry line of “we can’t stop players moving to greener(plastic) pastures”

    2. @Baba Travis in short he was saying that Jakoyo’s antics should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. But he had to colour it like a real Luopean. Its called ‘Nyadhi’. Why learn to the highest levels and speak like any ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry.

  7. Ja’Asego, against Bandari, Joash Onyango was the man of the match. That was the best I have ever seen of Joash. He handled virtually everything thrown at him with so much ease. My concern is why he never showed up even in the bench against Zoo. Can you shed some light.

    As for Teddy Sofaset, I am curious with that bit about being “swatted like a virus”! Teddy, back in medical school, my immunology professor taught me that viruses are like demons, you can never see them, but it is their devastating effects that are so clearly visible. That being the case, I am of the opinion that swatted like a fly would have driven the message home more accurately…. But then this line about clutching onto straws to avoid being drawn into irrelevance has just wowed me. That is what this site has been missing during the period you sunk into hibernation.

    1. @BB Joash Came late for training and was sent to train with the 2nd eleven hence missing the game. Hassan Oktay is so strict i don’t know how the players whi had developed a very casual rather than professional approach to their careers at GM will cope…Same case applies to Blackberry who after being benched against Bandari sulked and put in very little output when he came on. Blackberry has since disappeared from training. Oktay insists there is no pro player above any other and effort and discipline are two non-negotiable factors in his team…

      1. He should root out the bad seeds in the team, the players got away with some gross misconduct last year that embarrassed the club, the Cecafa debacle, the partying before the Rayon match. Time to clean house

  8. A bit belated but I would like to congratulate kogalo for a very well deserved win over Zoo Kericho. In soccer these days you cannot underrate any team. Most of the time all the teams are participating in their own rights. A win must start from somewhere. For us it was with Zoo Kericho. Remmber this was coming against a backdrop of having lost the first game and many other things. It was also a first with a new coach who you cannot really say had completely navigated the local soccer trail. I would say that it came at the right time and it provides for the right base to spring. This I see from two perspectives. From the local seen, it is not very good news. The other opposing teams may just be staring at Kogalo’s good run beginning again. Secondly, Lobi Stars as they wait on the wings could be looking at at a tough fight waiting for them. Dear Family what I am saying is, a win or a draw is important irrespective of the team you get it from. Some times it is from such games that many teams have cried. For us those are points in the bag. Congratulations Team. Keep up the good fight

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