14 Oct 11

Kogalo players will fly to Mombasa this weekend courtesy of airline tickets provided by fans. The donation of the tickets is a timely boost that will go a long way in boosting the morale of players whose mojo has been low of late. Kogalo face bottom club Bandari at the Mbaraki sports ground in Mombasa. Kogalo fans will be hoping that the club is on its way to recovery after its past few games.

Meanwhile the match pitting Kogalo with arch rivals Ingwe has been moved to October 20, also known as “Ogdoba dwendi” by AFC fans. The postponement of the match is a relief as it will give KOgalo more time to get its house in order. The FKL cup represents Kogalos last hope to play continental football next year.

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  • JAHKOREMO says:

    HOpe all kogallo fans are all focused on kesho game is where we would know if we are ready to beat ingwe or not. hope kesho players hv seen fans r with them. so let them do there part we should cam from mombasani heads high then talk of town kwisha tutasija kesho kama kawa ,chairman, techbench plse wakeup fans hv done there part.tume relax kidogo tu aibu we hapana


    Wish you well in Mombasa TUKO PAMOJA.does anybody has any information about Lavasta?to fellow KOGALO branches we keep the same spirit MORALE to the team thanks FACEBOOK BRANCH FOR LEADING THE WAY FORWARD.GOD bless you more.

  • DAVID OLAL says:


  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    I beg for forgiveness, I might have missed your email address for sending the mail from BLOGGERS BRANCH, Please update on the same so tha I can do the needful.

  • jb says:

    hi comrade i have read your comment from the last article for sure am happy too with the gesture by face book branch surely for how long will this club continue to be like a welfare we really needed to change the way the club is run cos sooner than later the euphoria with the current generation of fans runs out as it is bond to happen naturally we will be back to what i hear of bleak times of the 90s , we we all love kogallo as we say time is now to change whatever has to be changed to remove this club from cartels who call themselves officials we should not be donating to support the club but a self sustaining business enterprise which attract people from all walks of life kudos to the donors but do more to change the structures of the club i will die a happy man knowing that even my grand kids will enjoy being kogallo wish the tram well and please work hard players

  • jb says:

    i too do not wish to left out from the bloggers branch my email addresses are jabiiodhis@yahoo.com orjabeschool@yahoo.com

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @5 jb
    Your interest has been noted. You will promptly receive the mail as per the lates update on agenda items within the branch.

    @ VIncent wino your mails are still bouncing back. Please update with your site to easen the communication channel.

  • PHEWw…….

    This is how i describe the feeling K’Ogalo will get when out to meet Bandari tomorrow thanks to facebook branch members.

    With this motivation, I am sure the players will play their hearts out much to the expectation of their supporters. Let us remember that in the beginning of this season, we had one goal- to win the premier league and the FKL cup. Not matter which branch you belong or branchless like me, official or not, this is our collective goal.

    I must thank my colleagues for toning down their sharp criticism of coach. Perhaps they might have discovered that to succed, we must agree to disagree. The kind of war waged against the current GM tactician is unprecidented. Fortunately ZD has a thick skin ( the ability to withstand critism).

    I know from the weathermen that the coast is now wet and humid. I urge all the drivers to exercise caution as they ferry fans to and from Mbaraki sports complex. From where iam typing away this comment at the heart of masaailand, I wish you guys a safe journey and a fun filled weekend.

    For those of you who have not yet joined the green army, I tell you, you are missing alot. The club is arguably the biggest both financially , command the biggest following and is now building an unmatched asset base. For the astute businessmen, this is the only club offer opportunities for business . Think insurance, sports merchandise , ticketing, and so on and so forth.

  • Ataly says:

    Romour is that lavasta is secretly being training with AFC.have seen him with afc agent at woodley.as Gor we have to be more carefull with his loyalty.and he should remember we made him something from nothing.

  • In my vew this is awarm up match to the big day when we will smarsh Igwe to the grownd.Omera Jabilo my email adress godymanu2008@yahoo.com.

  • mwakio says:

    We have lost again to the bottom team Bandari. Something is terribly wrong with the team. There is no cohesion in the team and there is no leadership in the pitch and outside the pitch as the Chairman is busy campaigning for KFL position. I’m smelling a danger in the team and as soon as the fans exert more pressure, we are going to occupy position 10. Players are not up to the rigors of the game and they lack motivation. The results reflects a serious freefall. Players, executive committee, technical bench and fans are to be blamed. Since I was threatened with unspecified consequences, I decided to keep a very low profile.

  • mwakio says:

    Guys what can be done to get the team out of quack mire we are seeing?