31 Jan 12

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  • Oludhe George says:

    it was a good congrats to the office and technical bench good match. We still need a last man to help David Owino or leave Musa Mohamed in central.We people respect our co lours. We left co lour Blue for PNU. We hope we are going back to our Home Green and A way white take note the office NOT GREEN TUZO.

  • Otuol otuol says:

    I give credit to “Master” for the good loop, the team was good but I believe Yusuf was the player of the match on Kogallo side. We can and will make it Kogalo.

  • Joe Riaga says:

    @ #1: Felixinho might be that man. But unless the technical bench gives him a chance to prove it, we will never know. The man had tryouts for a whole week and after assessing him for a week they signed him. Since he has already been given contract you might as well try him.

  • @oludhe george, please refrain from commenting about things you know not about. Blue has been our colour from 1968.

  • Opuk raronge says:

    We are the ‘Green Army’. No more, No less.

  • calvince nyaruanda says:

    ya, the green army. only. did u get it.

  • Dixon man yalla says:

    It’s only serkal this yeaR 2012

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    No comment