Video Highlights: Gor Mahia vs Sofapaka

Gor Mahia were in excellent form against Sofapaka on Sunday. Francis Kahata and Kenneth Muguna were particularly impressive in the engine room.

Samuel Onyango has found a rich vein of form and is now among the league’s leading scorers. He scored the first goal from a brilliant pass from Tuyisenge.

The second goal was a result of a counter-attack spurred by excellent vision from Muguna who found the breaking Kahata with a one touch pass that left the Sofapaka defence off balance. Kahata then brilliantly controlled the long ball before putting Tuyisenge through to score.

Muguna’s parents were in attendance

Both Onyango and Muguna are making a strong case to be included in the Harambee Stars squad that will be in Egypt for the 2019 AFCON

Tuyisenge now 5th all time leading scorer

Tuyisenge who joined in 2016 and is playing in his 4th season, is now the 5th leading all time scorer at the club. He is tied with club legend George “Best” Yoga at 61 goals.

According to Top Africa News. The club’s all time leading goal scorers are as follows:

Sammy Onyango “Jogoo” who played for the club between 1979 and 1991 is the club’s all time leading scorer with 93 goals. Allan Thigo, the high priest of Gor Mahia football is second with 88 goals.  Hesbon Omollo one of the few Kogalo players to be league leading scorer is third with 84 goals. Peter Dawo, the legend synonymous with Gor Mahia’s only continental trophy is fourth with 68 goals. Tuyisenge is tied for 5th place with George “Best” Yoga.

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  1. Am happy for Sammy Onyango for the form he is displaying now by scoring in every match. I tend disagree with those who are saying that we’re lacking competition in the local league because according to the league standing, we’ve lost three matches but remember that any coach who will be hired and fail to win the league will be considered to have under performed. We’re also in a different league which is continental and we’ve adapted the football being played continentally. Another issue is that most local teams always train to play us to win and that have made our players to play to their full potential and have made us a good side. Statistically, any local team who draw against us always lose their next match due to playing against us as if they will not play again and they end up draining themselves trying to win against us. Remember kcb and Western stima

  2. @jakoyo,why ar u this silent.why dont u tell us who is likely coming this season.@jasego just keep low profile as my friends here had suggested.your absence has really made me know that you meant well with your suggetion and critism unlike some bloggers.pls bloggers can we pressurize the ec and tb to do their homework early to prepare for continetal.who do we wish to suppliment muguna and kahata.what about the striking force.we hav the best scouting department we can smile all the way to CAF FINAL

  3. @dawaplus, we are not silent…just observing from a distant as most of don’t comment on league matches anymore ….we have outgrown the league and should be deluberating about CAF and other continental challenges.

    On the club all time top scorer, Sammy jogoo was a one man club hence his scoring record..I don’t expect it to be broken not even in the next 10 years.

    On recruitment..I will respond as information arrives most likely after AFCON.

    1. @Jakoyo , I agree with you on Sammy Onyango ‘s record not being broken in the near future , but for different reasons and the fact is , that unlike Onyango’s time when a player could stay in a club for 10plus years , players of the calibre of Onyango Jogoo , Allan Thigo , Owino Kempes, Oluoch Lule , Charles Otieno Engine who could fit seamlessly in any of the Top 6 teams in the EPL can never and will never again stay in a local club for 3years before the big bucks come calling .
      For those who care to know , I challenge anybody to tell me the difference in skill and product between Ngolo Kante and Abbas Hamisi Magongo or between Charles Otieno Engine and Patrick Viera and I will say this Sammy Owino Kempes was way way above Phillipe Coutinho and if Victor Wanyama can
      play in the EPL top 6 and Mariga can play in those top leagues , then why not my examples and the reason why the Wanyamas , the Marigas , The Olungas and the Oliechs could not stay in the local league for 10plus years before being snapped is because that is now the new normal .
      Finally , being one the many who had expressed frustration with Samuel Onyango’s lack of seriousness and consistency , it is with a lot of humility that I applaud his recent explosion of form , the question is , did he leave it too late for Afcon ? , or has his seriousness arrived in good time ? , I hope for the latter .

  4. @DawaPlus , @Jakoyo has run out of Ujanja coz this wall has prooved a hard nut to crack using NGumbaru school cheap propaganda but I miss his pseudo intellectual mischief .
    Its good to see photos of Muguna’s parents peacefully watching the product of their union and there are thousands and thousands of such generation who always wish to attend our games with their wives and children and even grandchildren but are put off by the hooliganism , thanks to the Kisumu fans for always putting the Interest of the club above all else by keeping the peace .
    A lose for Bandari today will see Gor Mahia winning the cup by winning against Nzoia tomorrow , however contrary to what others may wish , am Praying for a Bandari win in their today’s and Thursday match so that it remains that it is the Mashemeji derby that decides the winner , I love the motivation the leopards would come with to the match , that their is no way out of the 18teams , it is them to give Gor a guard of honour , a guard of honour is not that sweet if its given by e.g Mt Kenya , Zoo , Nzoia etc , Its best served if it is given by All Football Cooperative Lepards Sports Club and I pray that it be so , let nobody forget their camera and you will be requested to start snapping iimmediately the MC shouts “ATTENTION ” andevery leopard stands stiffly waiting to be inspected by the polygamous husband of 17teams .

  5. Contrary to sentiments by a number of bloggers,Gor has not outgrown the league.We are set to wrap up our 3rd consecutive title and the 6th in seven seasons if am not wrong.meanwhile juventus have won what?their 8th title in a row?have they also outgrown their league?I don’t think’s all about bettering yourself and setting’s called consistency.the more wins we chalk up the higher the standards we set and by extension inviting the competition to up their game for a competitive league and a better national team…that is possibly the reason we are where we are today.we need this league to compete against the best in Africa but we are not quite there yet!!

  6. Gor Mahia is a household name in African football. I love to see Muguna’s parents in attendance of the game. Muguna has 100% copy cat of the mother. I do not understand why Harambee Stars coaches have not drafted Muguna and Sammy Onyango in the team.

    1. They have made the cut for the CHAN 2020 squad which is good but is mere consolation as their recent form and of course permanent class should have gotten them into the main AFCON provisional squad.

      1. @Musymo, we have no coach(es) in this Harambee Stars AFCON and CHAN selections. How do you select two goalkeepers (John Oyemba, Brian Bwire) from a mid-table Kariobangi Sharks team for both AFCON and CHAN? Kariobangi Sharks is currently occupying position 10 in the KPL log with these two selected goal-keepers, the team has scored 28 goals and conceded 29 goals with negative 1 goal difference. We need to be very serious with selection of the national team players. President Nick Mwendwa invisible hand is being seen in the selection of the national team players. He needs to declare his interest as this already reflects high level of conflict in interest in selection of players as well as interfering with selection of players.

        AFCON Provisional Squad
        Patrick Matasi, Farouk Shikalo, John Oyemba, Brian Bwire

        David Owino, Brian Mandela, Musa Mohammed, Bernard Ochieng, Joseph Okumu, Joash Onyango, Eric Ouma, Aboud Omar, Philemon Otieno

        Victor Wanyama, Ismael Gonzalez, Athony Akumu, Dennis Odhiambo, Johanna Omollo, Francis Kahata, Paul Were, Eric Johanna, Clifton Miheso, Ovella Ochieng, Ayub Timbe

        Michael Olunga, Masoud Juma, Christopher Mbamba, John Avire, Allan Wanga, Whyvhonne Isuza

        CHAN Provisional Squad
        Farouk Shikalo, John Oyemba, Brian Bwire

        Philemon Otieno, Joash Onyango, Bernard Ochieng, Charles Momanyi, Michael Kibwage, Andrew Juma, David Ochieng, David Owino, Eric Juma

        Roy Okal, Teddy Osok, Patillah Omotto, Dennis Odhiambo, Ibrahim Shambi, Duke Abuya, Whyvonne Izusa, Cliff Nyakeya, Kenneth Muguna, Francis Kahata, Samuel Onyango, Paul Were, Abdalla Hassan, Joe Waithera

        John Avire, Sydney Lokale, Nicholas Kipkirui, Piston Mutamba, Allan Wanga, Enos Ochieng

  7. Honestly I have scanned that video over and over, but what I can see are well-timed runs by our two goal scorers. The claims by John Baraza that both goals were scored from offside positions are shocking and disappointing especially coming from someone considered to be among the best strikers Kenya has produced.

    1. @Barefoot Bandit, this is a mad coach who does not know his roles as a coach. How come they did not score? I liken to verbal diarrhoea. He knew that Gor Mahia will drop points and I am just wondering why he is not picking points.

      Our local coaches are bunch of useless foolish tacticians whose main focus is to stop Gor Mahia but after that there is nothing more to write home about their teams apart from coming up with unneccessary excuses that can not hold water.

  8. Hehehehe Baraza John. @Barefoot Bandit, this is a mad coach who does not know his roles as a coach. How come they did not score? I liken this to verbal diarrhoea. He knew that Gor Mahia will drop points and I am just wondering why he is not picking points.

    Our local coaches are bunch of useless foolish tacticians whose main focus is to stop Gor Mahia but after that there is nothing more to write home about their teams apart from coming up with unneccessary excuses that can not hold water.

  9. Team is performing. I just hope the office also maintains this momentum and does not spoil it. If they do, this team can do wonders in Africa

  10. Apart from the goalkeeping department,Harambee Stars squad for Afcon is well balanced.

    Of course we all want more Gor players in the squad,but have akina muguna,onyango and others done enough this season to warrant inclusion?that is the question.

    Of the 30 called up,7 players will be dropped so with this team there are no guarantees!!

  11. The already established African stars never care about Afcons coz they are already at the pinnacle of their ambitions , infact they only c
    ome to Afcon to reminisce and regale , the way Ex Village city dwellers go back to the village to reminisce and flaunt their miserable savings during Christmas .
    The people who ought to die for or die trying for a chance to be in that tournament are our local boys , but like @Oswozo Moziek has coldly but rightly asked , emotions aside , have the likes of say Samuel Onyango or Shakava done enough during the season to warrant being in that team ? , its a No in my opinion , moreso Samuel Onyango who has been so frustratingly inconsistent this season that the complete positive turn around in the last few weeks confirms one thing , a wrong attitude and the amateurish assumption that he is playing for someone else , otherwise this boy is a serious potential raw gem , Shakava on the other hand has done nothing to warrant even a glance , no wonder he is not even in the Chan squad and his boils down to mercenary type behavior and hypocrisy , I sympathise with Muguna though coz there are just too many good midfielders .
    To the rest of the squad , Caf availed so
    many opportunities courtesy of the many red cards the other members got , but apart from Momanyi and Lawrence Juma , the rest didnt take their chances .
    I wished our Fred was in that team (Wish ) but that aside , am happy with both the Afcon and Chan squads .
    To the ones who missed out , do a serious Swot analysis on yourself and find out why and do this before age catches you offgaurd .

  12. Someone is complaining of offside so he wants to tell us if Mutamba could have scored from his header then it was offside from the video? Please accept like your name shake accepted that Gor is the champion. The other day you raised is the issue of a brother to Gor Mahia player officiating your match against Tusker, where is Gor Mahia coming in yet the referee has been assigned to officiate. If you have an issue with a particular referee complain on that basis don’t drag your opponent to the issue.

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