Video Highlights Gor Mahia vs Mahakama

2016 GoTV shield first round match between Gor Mahia and Mahakama of Mombasa

5 thoughts on “Video Highlights Gor Mahia vs Mahakama

  1. kamau wa njoroge

    That Marcello is just such a fine supplier of balls from the left ……. he delivered the ball right onto Keli’s head for the 3rd goal …..

  2. Marto

    Jasego aliquit akatuacha gizani. The silence is so loud! Admin think of something and post. Ama unangoja ama wa post something ndio ulift?

  3. Marto

    And by the way….our beloved Aucho…….his transfer issue is now becoming a saga. Mara he was headed to Rangers. Mara it was not Rangers but Aberdeen. And now it is Highland park. Wondering if he is really going anywhere. A few days to closure of our transfer window and we have neither released him nor signed his replacement. Sooo confusing. Infact am begining to see some sense in what @Musymo said here some days ago about ”tomatoes”.


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