Williamson ready for life without Kevin Omondi & Akumu

Gor Mahia coach Bobby Williamson has stated that the club will not miss a beat now that dynamic winger Kevin Omondi and defensive midfielder Anthony Akumu have left.

Williamson indicated that Omondi had not played much of a role this year as he has been beset by injuries.

“He has not started many matches this season due to injuries. We will miss him in training no doubt but want to wish him the best as he begins a new career,” said Williamson to goal.com about Kevin Omondi.

Kevin Omondi has signed up at Moroka Swallows of the South African PSL.

On Anthony Akumu, Williamson feels that the club has other options.

“We have players who can fit in his shoes and so are not worried about his departure.” said Williamson to goal.com.

Perhaps Williamson has seen enough of Collins Okoth “Gattuso” to know that he will be an adequate replacement for Akumu. But Williamson will have his work cut out and will have to use all his knowledge of psychology to convince Gattuso to shape up and focus on performing. He will need to remind Gattuso of the period around 2011 when he was in good enough form to be named to the national team.

Other news for the club indicates that Innocent Mutiso has resumed training. The lively winger has been out with a knee injury.

6 thoughts on “Williamson ready for life without Kevin Omondi & Akumu

  1. with Gatusso and Baba Kizito manning midfield I can forewarn other teams to embrace themselves for a titanic battle in the middle of the pack. Hopes they will gel well.

  2. As I wish BW & the team the best during the 2nd half of the season am resigned to accepting that free flowing, free scoring soccer will be more of a rarity rather than the norm.
    However given the challenges faced by the TB & players I must admit I’ve admired their resolve.

    Now allow me to revisit the “GM membership drive”.
    It is simply ludicrous for EC to embark on such a initiative without spelling out any tangible rights for those for take up GM membership.
    What specialized treatment will be offer to members as opposed to fans.
    Allow me to suggest simply measures
    1.like guaranteeing members vantage seats at both the terrace & VIP sections. At Tokowanda the limited terrace space should be strictly reserved for members.
    2. Only members should get match tickets at discounted rates.
    On another note while GM should target 20,000 members( to me forming a cooperative is the only viable option) let me point out that even if we achieve a target of 5,000 members each contributing 500/month that will give our beloved club a revenue base of kshs.30M.
    Has the current drive even attained the 5,000 members level. If not then its not a problem with marketing but rather fans either don’t trust the EC or there are no tangible benefits accruing to one being a member or BOTH.

  3. Our focus this time should be to retain the trophy though it’s a herculean task but we can do it. Watching the world cup we can see that minnows have been upsetting the big boys. That means that we=ith determination all is possible.
    We cannot spend the whole year lamenting about the EC. We need to move on and pick up the issues after the end of the season which i believe will be succesfull for us

  4. ok if Akumu is not rejoining and Okoth is controvercially out then the officials should ensure Aucho is back and fit to partner with Kahata to deliver the coverted win come next season

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