Wishing Israel Emuge the best of luck

Israel Emuge, the giant Ugandan centre back has officially left Gor Mahia during the 2015 mid year transfer season. Emuge joined Gor Mahia in January of 2013 and was specifically recruited by coach Bobby Ogolla when the latter had gone to Uganda to scout for talent. He made an immediate impression when on his debut against Mathare United, he won DSTV man of the match honours.

Emuge when fit was a solid defender who had very good skills on the ball. He was a decent passer and was capable of starting moves from his centre-back position. He offerered the club stability in the centre of defense due to his no-nonsense approach, bravery and physical presence have fast-transformed him into a fearsome character for all opposition in Kenya..His play was the key in helping Gor Mahia concede the fewest number of goals in 2013.

Unfortunately his 2014 season was injury plagued. Still Emuge played a key role as Gor Mahia won the league in 2013 and 2014. In 2015 he was selected ahead of Taofiq Zachary as the last eligible foreign player. He has however not featured much for the club this season other than in friendlies.

Emuge is happy to have gotten the opportunity to play at Kogalo.

“I am sad to leave Gor Mahia but happy that I came to this great club in the first place,” he said. “I have had a very good time here. I have won trophies, connected with fans and made good friends.” said Emuge to supersport.com

This year Emuge found himself way back in the pecking order behind players like Musa Mohamed, Shakava, Kevin Oluoch and Dirkir Glay. But he is not bitter about his lack of playing time.

“No regrets for me. I know that the last one year has been tough because I have not played a lot of games but I cannot complain for even one moment about my time. Good or bad, I had a good time here.” he added.

Emuge was non-committal about what is his next step.

” Now I look forward to a new adventure and wish the club and fans all the best in the coming years,” he added

“I will decide on what to do. I have not made my mind up yet. You will know when I do,” he says.


Israel Emuge was born on May 6 1982. Prior to joining Gor Mahia he had played for top Uganda sides including KCC with whom he won the league in 2008 and Express FC before joining Kira Young.

7 thoughts on “Wishing Israel Emuge the best of luck

  1. Tel Aviv, on my side I can only wish you good jouney to where you will get Chance to play, why can’t Clubs like Nakuru All stars sign play like Israel? to solidify their defence? Mr. Okidi kazi kwako?

  2. Thanks for your selfless service to Kogalo . Every footballer needs play time. You aren’t getting any younger therefore this is a wise decision. I will always admire your attitude which is even evident in your comment to supersport:You are somebody who sees a cup that is half full where everyone could only see a cup that is half empty. Hope is the reason for living. Without it, Israel, we are dead. Carry it along my brother.Blessings.

  3. @Baba Travis, comrade you have said it all. I wish Israel Emuge a better future in your football career. May the Almighty God answer your prayers.

  4. Emuge, as one of your admirers as a defender I wish you all the best in your future endevours. I hope you get a good team locally to get more playtime.

  5. Israel ni defenda shupavu halisi, nakuombea mola uje Tanzania premier league ujikakamue na league yetu mkunjufu. Wachana na mambo ya psychopants , Coastal stars wanakuhitaji !!

  6. Emuge fans thank you for your service. Good luck in your next career move. Once in the green army, always in the green army

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