Yikpe and Afiriyie will be available for CAF CL

If Gor Mahia beat Aigle Noir of Burundi next weekend, they will have the services of the foreign duo of Francis Afiriyie and Yikpe Ghislain. The Ghanaian and Ivorian duo are not available for the opening round but will be eligible should Gor Mahia proceed to round one.

“According to the latest communication we have received from CAF, the two strikers may be allowed to play after the Sunday match ahead of us. This will be a big boost to us,’’ explained Ngala to Citizen Sports.

The winner between Gor Mahia and Aigle Noir will likely face USM Alger in the first round. The Algerian side won the opening leg 2-1 away to Nigerien side AS Sonindep.

“We are ready for the Burundians and our plans started yesterday with our first trophy of the season,  we are building on the players dedication and determination to go places this season,’’ Ngala continued.

25 thoughts on “Yikpe and Afiriyie will be available for CAF CL

  1. Very good news. JTGJ your concerns are poignant: Ngala is talking of “may be allowed to play” meaning still there is a possibility of them not playing. Look how our admin has distorted it to ‘will’!! Then there is the matter of Maurice Ojwang’. Worrying because Joash already picked a yellow card in Burundi.

  2. This 2 foreign players seem to be carrying some injury . not sure if they passed medical tests but nevertheless, we have to beat the burundians first !!!

    1. Yes, I watched Afiriyie on Sunday and whenever he had to chase fast you would notice his right leg was struggling. Let s pray they both heal quickly and be of service.

  3. I have NOT seen focused, vigorous publicity and or marketing this coming Sunday’s CAF CL match involving Gor Mahia who are representing Kenya in this prestigious continental tournament.
    I’ve not seen anything meaningful from FKF and or Gor Mahia EC. Or is given that fans will automatically pack Kasarani?

  4. first thing first lets qualify for round one…..on another note nyayo should be available before we reach group stage from what i saw it is going to be an electrifying stadium in kenya.the sits r okay and the turf looks marvelous.the millitry should avoid the pitch so that it does not become bumpy make it ready quickly those concern.

  5. @dawaplus…what is your source? I pass there daily on my way to work but it doesn’t look like there is any work going on there… Unless I pass before the workers check in.

    However, I agree the seats are well done, though not finished and the pitch looks very good. And they still need to work on the outside of the stadium.

    1. It is unfortunate that we as fans never appreciate anything done for our comfort. As usual we will uproot the seats at the very first opportunity.

  6. Do the duo of ikpe and afiriye realize the ammount of hope and expectations resting squarely on their sholders. Its good to know that they have been cleared by caf and that we expect their striking and offensive attack to be clinical especially in the continental scene. Probability are that they can hit their peak or even end up producing a lackadaisical display. Whatever the case we urge and encourage them to work hard to deliver fireworks and goals. The jury will be awash for all to see after each and every game.

  7. It is good News to know that the two players may be available for the next face should we progress past the Burundians. I think this is a good boost not only for the club but also for the players. Like any other player, I am sure that they are really looking for that opportunity to serve the Club at that level. Meanwhile operation Jazza Stadium iendelee

    1. Bobby Ogolla was Gor Mahia’s 6 million dollar man. Dennis Oliech has decided to be Gor Mahia’s 0.3 million shillings problem.

        1. Gor Mahia EC has promised to issue a press statement about him today. It is understood that he does not turn up for training.

  8. Away from Oliech saga i hope guys have already purchased their tickets for Sunday. What a simple process. The next issue is now to preach the gospel of change to our fans as well as the gatekeepers/Stewards

  9. Oliech’s football exploit have been legendary. playing in big leagues and clubs in europe which goes with with big money. I dont think he has come to terms with this bahasha thing. Given that players in european do earn upto billions of shillings he could be lacking motivation from what he can consider to be peanuts from gor. There was time the quatar govt. Offered him 200 million for him to denounce his kenyan citizenship of which he declined. He’d rather die poor but kenyan. He held kff by the coller anytime they delayed with his allowances while featuring for harambee stars. Am sorry for the wrist injury that seemingly has grounded him. Only that his excessive pride and prejuce have only but worked against him and has been the biggest impediment to his success. As of now he is past his peak and re-inventing himself has hit the rock bottom.

  10. The admin plz my comment is bad but let fans comment ,I want to put it kijaluo and don’t rule it out plz.here it goes ,..,.jotugo ,players once tiende mondo itam nga’ma ularo go number GI yore maricho ,right back , left back ,zigimana, batambuze sani Philemon matiende in kilaro number GI player mowuok western stima permanent injury ,stop this ,when Gor was playing western stima ,coach was in his knees no goal

  11. Honestly anyone who earns Kshs. 300,000.00 per month in Kenya today is not an ordinary citizen. I think he is not getting his priorities right. That’s why things are working against him.

    I wish him quick recovery.

  12. I hope and believe all of you are fathers or aspire to be fathers in future. And if not then please I passionately appeal to you to have a fatherly figure around your kids. If you have nephews cousins or young friends who one way or another lost a father or never knew one, its of utmost importance to offer such traditional African relationships to them. The consequences are always terrible. Horribly terrifying in social life especially when one became a a social celebrated figure. Just otongolo mbili advice my friends. Jasego Ilal Kanye Owada? Aseriambo.

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