Ze Maria already planning for 2017

Gor Mahia’s Brazilian tactician, Ze Maria has identified certain players the club must hold onto and also areas of weakness that must be strengthened.

“I’ve already identified areas that need strengthening and informed the office on what to do. There are also four players whose contracts elapse at the end of 2016 and I still need their services so talks have opened to renew their deals,” said Ze Maria

Karim Nizigiyimana and Abouba Sibomana, goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch, Eric Ouma and Jacob Keli are some of the players whose contract will be running out at the end of the year.

Ze Maria reckons that the club will need to sign at least six players. One of the gaping holes in the Gor Mahia setup is at defensive midfielder. Khalid Aucho left a massive hole which has yet to be filled.

One player who is almost certain to leave is Baron Jobita. The speedy winger arrived in June but failed to make an impression on coach Ze Maria. Western Stima coach Henry Omino is keen to have his former player back.

“He has learnt, and my sources have revealed to me that he wants to re-join us. I have no problem at all, he is our player, and like a prodigal son, we will welcome him. But that depends with his current employers, if they release him, good, if they do not, there are many ways to work it out.” said Omino to goal.com

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  1. I believe this time we will start our preps early enough. I even think we should honour the annual mapinduzi cup for which we have been invited. I also hope the TB will have the final authority on who comes and who goes though the EC must also have some say on it. As fans we think we know it all but at times we are wrong. We have always DEMANDED that so and so must be SGNED or fielded but when the results don’t go our way we point fingers elsewhere , to the TB or EC.
    I also hope that with the registration period having ended yesterday the contributors on this site were registered. It would be tragic if they haven’t registered and then will be the first to admonish the new EC, TB and players since that will mean you are just a fan but not a member of Gor.

  2. Good that he intends to start early preparations. He should get involved in signing of the players he thinks will fit in his model. Seems we are stuck with him for at least another season. Though he masterminded a late season surge I still have my reservations but I will accept and move on since seems he enjoys goodwill from a lot of fans who believe he is capable and because there is very little or nothing i can do about it. I hope he will prove me wrong.

  3. As per the EC’s records was the guy who cost us 3 points a fan or a member? So far AR & co. have decided the registration method and the electrol board.Then again knowing AR& co.,for the last 8 years, signings will be done on 31st Jan 2017 and it will most likely be the likes of passenger no.27/ Odulas,record breaking fees of plus kes. 4million for an injured player or one with no ITC clearance. Key players will leave for brewkenge/Zescos. So Ze Maria unless you can do a Frank Nutall, wacha joto,relax wait for the last minute,that’s the way its been for the last 8 years,including go slows for winning bonuses to be paid, and stadiums & apartments to be built. Of course if another wins then they have a right to look at your contract afresh and state new terms & conditions.They can’t be forced to work with you for the whole of 2017 unless we see results week in, week out.

    1. In kpl comparatively to other teams we are the highest payers of salary and benefits, our players may leave to play outside the country but not to our opponents unless we offload them….my worry as you have stated is are we aggressive in the recruitment market? Mercello Ouma is headed the Den? Can they offer more than us?

      1. You are spot on, not forgetting highest paid head coach more than the immediate former Zesco coach when the team reached the semis of CAF CL.Please make these comparisons rather than with some cat team who finished no.13.What about his “accessories” mara fitness trainer,mara asst. coach,mara player gaining fitness because bloated EC cannot put its foot down so they are accomodated together with their “local” counterparts. ITS NOT BAD TO PAY WELL BUT HAS GM GOTTEN VALUE FOR MONEY SPENT 2016. THEN WHEN 3 POINTS ARE DEDUCTED POINTS IN 2017 WILL IT BE BECAUSE OF A FAN, MEMBER, A MADMAN OR A GOON SPONSORED BY A RIVAL TEAM. Look at the action Uhuru took because of the sacking of the general in S.Sudan. You may not agree with it but UN had got the message loud and clear you don’t just single out one person for punishment especially when the situation was not entirely under his control.

  4. This rumour of Marcello going to the Den is usually irritating my ears. What can he achieve in Ingwe? He should know that at some point Jehova Wanyonyi was a very promising young player. It took his move to ingwe for his star to dim completely. As for Maria Mama, we are not ready for stories. The Kpl tittle was for us to lose, and for sure we lost it. We want to see some seriousness. Don’t recruit passengers who are related to people with vested interests.

    1. Marcelo has been hinting at local and international teams chasing his signature. He should be careful not to join Ingwe but if he decides to ‘obiro ywak e toilet live live’

    1. Hehehe wonderful observation,infact you as “branch entebbe” should be privy to such information, branches are you know.Kindly confirm to us who has/has not registered to vote,starting with the perpetual complainant, then yourself and so on.Also while at it tell us the total number who registered.Very easy for a branch to do!

  5. yaani this trophiless coach still wants to stay put , no Cup for GMMFC next season again , I can predict draws and draw………….. Wow

  6. Defensive midfielder has a very good idea which position does this guy from Finland play ie Odula, you still want to retain Kelly? I still believe Gor need atleast two sharp strikers.

  7. Defensive midfielder that’s a very good idea which position does this guy from Finland play ie Odula, you still want to retain Kelly? I still believe Gor need atleast two sharp strikers. Marcelo shouldn’t make that costly mistake.

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