Ze Maria and Baraza react to Saturday’s match

Gor Mahia coach Ze Maria was more relieved than elated as he addressed the media after Saturday’s 3-1 win over Chemelil Sugar at Nyayo Stadium.

“I’m happy with the result because that’s our spirit; the champion’ spirit. We have to think like this is Gor Mahia, we have to try to win all the time. All my players played well today (Saturday) and I thank them for that.” he said to the media.

Francis Baraza, the Chemelil coach who saw his four game winning streak come to a screeching halt blamed bad luck for the loss.
“We made some few mistakes in the game. In fact, we got so many chances but we did not work on them as required but generally we played very well. We will now work on the noted weak points ahead of the next match,” Baraza told Goal.com.

Aside from playing like a champion spirit as Ze Maria described, there are plenty of positives for Gor Mahia fans to pick out from this game: Francis Kahata had a whale of a game. First he scored from a superbly taken free-kick reminiscent of the one he scored against Vincent Enyeama and Nigeria in Calabar. Kahata also played crucial roles in the 2nd and 3rd goals. His probing defence splitting passes found Tuyisenge who in turn found open players with well placed passes. Tuyisenge ended with two assists on the day showing that he can contribute even he does not score.

Amos Nondi is growing in stature and could soon end up as one of the best engine-room players in the country. He showed poise, brilliant ball control and an ability to place in the right spot to score.

And with Tusker stumbling, Gor Mahia are now five points behind Tusker with a game in hand.

One issue of note is the low attendance. This can be attributed to the return of the English premier league and the recent poor results of the team. The club has its work cut out to bring back the fans. But a few more good results will be a good start.

19 thoughts on “Ze Maria and Baraza react to Saturday’s match

  1. In the other part of KPL, Paul Nkata is busy blaming a Gor Mahia keeper as the reason he failed to beat Ushuru. Nkata said that the centre referee is a close kin to a Kogallo keeper so he could not make the right calls and decisions during the match. I wonder whether he watched Kogallo game against Chemelil, he would have witnessed the worst officiating ever. Nkata refuses to admit that Ushuru visibly outplayed them and were unlucky to emerge even against Tusker. Fast forward to Ulinzi game, I expect a very physical Ulinzi who will apply hard tackles and high speeds. Ze Maria, please put your resurgent house in order so that we can emerge victorious.

    1. Nkata should name the said player or shut up. The referee had a surname Juma but GK David Juma left Team K’Ogalo quite a while back. Anyway tumezoea even Siang’a (may his soul rest in peace) is known more for his exploits with GMFC than with team ndogo brewkenge.

  2. Nkata should know that the fact that Andrew Juma is Bonface Oluoch’s elder brother doesnt make him lenient to ushuru.Tusker were outplayed by ushuru and Nkata should just accept the draw.Ulinzi game will be a decisive match…may the Mighty Kogalo emerge with victory!!!

  3. Me very hapy. Kahata smat ambiwe asirudise dred . Only put if korino and must . Otherwse Nkata hiyo ni gari ya wapi ama ngombe ya wapi. Okbichalone. Kwani si Juma nasawai ref gor bal kisum but dont give gor achoma. Sisi apana tambua hiyo Nkata. Chokee. Sasa afadhali wuod Maria ibi irodh Nkatano ka diel.

    1. Is also watu ingine nawlewa. Na si watu awata .Ngato nono nasomwa na watu ya ngufu. Kwani si we naona Musyom nashasaidie mimi kama penal nasumbua kichwa yangu.Othrwse me is gor damu. Isokei gor ndiyo nafanya mimi nunua banduls. Tibim.

    2. @papa, I perfectly understand what @okewkanango writes. I always look forward to his posts for the authentic humour I find in them.

  4. Nkata is under pressure and Tusker has been gifted with 10 penalties this season plus docked points but Kogalo is still within reach of 2016 trophy without assistance. Please let’s go back to the stadium and chear Kogalo like never before. We need to win the next four matches and beat tusker then kpl trophy is ours .We need character and momentum to dislodge tusker from the top it is sprint time.

  5. Nkata the coach of Tusker is complaining of the referee officiating while it is well known that Tusker has been the beneficiary of poor officiating that has earned them over 10 penalties during the season and some of these decisions have been questionable. Tusker FC have also been given offsides goals at will in some of their past games and these decisions have just started to haunt them. FKL, KPL and all other statutory football bodies have continued to favor Tusker FC at the expense of self supporting teams. I still do not know whether KPL are still going to deduct Gor Mahia points to handover the league to the beer makers.

    Nkata should know people and this league will be defended by the green army.

    I appeal to our fans to frequent the stadiums and give our team support. What we saw on Saturday match is really discouraging and we need to give team our support no matter the happenings at EC. This is the time our players need our fans and let us give maximum support to Kogalo as we have only seven games to go.

    1. The coach has excluded Wafula for what he calls ‘lack of concentration’. Every time Wafula played this season, most fans seated next to me would shout that Wafula be substituted whenever he had the ball. So seems most of them agree with the coach. Personally, he is one of my favourite Gor Mahia players and I feel bad for him. The coach would have worked at making him a better player. If he is not in his plans as he says he should let him go to another club for him to get playtime. As for Gattuso, the coach has made his decision, we have to live with that and he will have to account for that, both in the short term and in the long run but I can bet my life I will see Gattuso in Gor Mahia colours again two or three seasons from now.

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