Ze Maria jets in faces tall mountain

Upon arrival at JKIA Image courtesy of Bonface Osano

The highly anticipated arrival of new Gor Mahia coach José Marcelo Ferreira aka Ze maria came to fruition as he arrived in the country on Monday. He was initially supposed to be in the country on Friday and was to watch the Saturday match against City Stars from the bench.

Yet to be determined is how the technical bench will be constituted. With the resignation of assistant coach Frank Ouna, Gor Mahia has now lost almost their entire technical bench from 2015. It may be left to the goalkeeping coach to introduce the coach to the players and discuss their strengths, positions, style of play and other technical issues.

Fans will be eagerly awaiting the press conference. Among other interesting issues is how much English he can speak considering that his playing and coaching career was mostly in Brazil and Italy.

His first task will be reset player morale which is likely low due to sub par results and for some players due to run-ins with the previous technical bench. The club EC will need to empower the coach and give him full support. The second task Ze Maria will need to do is to set expectations with regard to player discipline. And finally Ze Maria will need to learn about his new charges. And here is where the remaining members of the technical bench will be useful.

Championship dreams

Upon arriving at the airport, the Brazilian tactician announced that winning the league was his first priority.

“I agreed to take this job because they (Gor Mahia) are the champions. I have come here to do my best and try win the championship. That is what am targeting this year,” he said at the JKIA.

Traveling with Ze Maria is fitness coach Sandro Fantoni who worked with Ze Maria in Romania.  Gor Mahia already has a fitness coach : Nduta Maina.

19 thoughts on “Ze Maria jets in faces tall mountain

  1. The widely predicted resignation of TB after the infamous week of kichapo is over though i expect one more resignation before end of the month. The brazillian will do well….football is a language on its own.

    What is of my concern is the quality and calibre of players we have..it doesn’t matter how good a coach is.

  2. I strongly believe kogalo is still strong what was lucking was somebody to keep ttheplayers at right frame of their minds.let us forget everything and start fresh!

  3. For those lusting for hard fought sponsorship money, forget.aspirants hav become restless ever dreaming of election not concerned with current club woes j ust want to be near the coffers.I cannot be fooled.I won’t gamble with any new-bie

  4. I support the new coach. Some people think coaching any cadre league in Italy is a joke. I ve watched serie B.C.D but the kind of football displayed in these Italy is high quality than the English premier league. I expect the coach bring on Italy n brazil formation. Kpl teams had mastered nutall’s Scotland,wales football formations that’s why the system failed .

    Nutall anounced his arrival at zamalek with zamalek winning over doula of Congo, mark u zamalek has not been performing well.so in future sibomana.Aucho.wafula.musa.shakava might join zamalek

  5. I support new coach. Election is not a priority. Rachier will win squarely n some may cry here and there that election was stolen

  6. I said here let’s patiently wait for June;get Ze Maria quality signings and see how he molds them to finess.He will be better tactically than Nutall.Watch this space

  7. I propose the EC hire James Nandwa as Assistant Coach to Ze Maria…He is tactically astute and can bring the calming effect between players,TB and Management…He’s being abandu should not be a consideration here,we need a good Assistant to help Ze Maria adapt and get us back to our rightful place ontop of the SPL Table…

  8. Blogger please tame your language. Let’s keep cool and give new coach space to settle down. Tuyisenge should be ready for first match against Homeboys, I can see positive things soon.

  9. For u to make changes to our dear club I wish all of us should make efforts to be conversant with the club’s constitution, the Sports Act as well as the Societies act. It pains me to see the aspirants being ignorant of this provisions.
    Once they get all their fact right then they will be able to tak on AR at his game but this issue of riding on fans’ ignorance and emotions could sink our club into deeper ‘mud’ than we are. Having some legal knowledge will help all of us. For example, Does the Sports Act stipulate that the current office is in place till 2017? Personally I don’t know, whoever knows out there can tell us. Does the Act say that only the Chair is elected and the other office bearers are selected? How does the Sports Act, the Societies as well as our club’s constitution relate.
    And remember that a fan and a member are two different things. One has no locus standi on anything Gor. A fan can make noise, throw stones but cannot legally make changes. So let’s register as members , vet the aspirants and make the right choices devoid of emotions. And by the way the call for elections has already been dismissed as null and void.

  10. The League has begun and running with five matches already played and Gor is down the Table. I think the work we have is to get beyond emotionalism and get to work. The Technical bench will do their bit, Players the same. If there is a lesson they can or have learnt is that Coaches come and go. Players also come and go and all these have happened to Gor. It is time that each one of them believe in themselves that they can deliver. The fans have even a greater responsibility. Remain steady and show honest support even at bad times. I believe that is not yet in the worst case scenario to cause any alarm. After all we have examples of Teams world over that we can emulate.

  11. Mr Rachier, let me apologize to the fans on your behalf for calling them ‘croacking frogs’. You reached up to the press and threw tantrums at the large section of fans busy wailing for your resignation.
    We are aware of the unanimous support these fans gave before Sportpesa corrupted the humility in you. These ‘croacking frogs’ paid gate fees, attended Cecafa tourney in Dar, bought club merchandise among other supportive roles last year.
    These ‘croacking frogs’ have every right to demand befitting results from a club that participates in KPL but is now registering results of ‘Kabuoch United’.
    Gor belongs to the community, it is not exclusive to you and Sportpesa. You are dragging this club to the abyss of shame since we nowadays remove our jerseys in the stadium after every match before heading home.
    You are rekindling a fire i witnessed at Machakos stadium the last time Alfred Mutua ever loved us.
    Rachier, humility is a virtue. Concoct it with apologies to restore the trust of fans back to you.

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