Zico back in training

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Sacked Harambee Stars coach Zedekiah “Zico” Otieno has resumed training with his Kenya club Gor Mahia.

He has promised to turn around the teams fortunes by winning the clubs two remaining matches in the Kenya Premier League against both Rangers FC and Sofapaka.

Zico presence in the team is expected to spark more protest after he was hounded out of the team last month by fans who demanded his replacement after the team posted poor results.

During his last match against Congo United last month, he had to run for his dear life after aggrieved fans pelted him with stones and bottles on his way to the dressing room after the match. The club later paid heavily after the Kenya Premier League (KPL) disciplinary body fined the club heavily before slapping a one match ban to play in an empty stadium.

Club assistant secretary Ronald Ngala told Star Africa that he was not aware of Zico’s presence in the team. ’It seem’s you reporters are well informed than me. I didn’t know  Zico has resumed training but if that is true, we do welcome him back. What I know is that he had asked for leave which we granted” said  Ngala.

Zico who has been doubling up as Harambee Stars coach until last week when he was relieved of his duties said he was focusing on the two remaining matches.

He spoke at the Nairobi City Stadium after conducting the afternoon training session,  Zico disclosed that contrary to what people were saying, he was not sacked in the National team since he was contracted by Harambee Stars Management Board (HSMB)  to handle the team on a temporary basis until they get another coach.

‘Whoever is saying I was sacked got it wrong. I was contracted to steer the team on a temporary basis until when the board was able to hire another coach. There was no written agreement or contract to that matter. I was just told to step aside since they got another coach which to me is in order” said Zico.

He observed that he will now get adequate time to concentrate with his club where his main target is to collect six maximum points in their two remaining matches.

77 thoughts on “Zico back in training

  1. Chairman, this is impunity of the highest order and you have lost it. Zico has got nothing to offer to Gor Mahia. I cannot support such move at all and AR is running Gor Mahia like a personal property. When will AR learn to listen to fans’ concerns about Zico mediocre coaching styles? We have made loud complaints but the chairman has blatantly refused to listen to us fans. It is high time AR and his entire team should be shown the door.

    Please Zico be your own man and keep off Gor Mahia affairs.

  2. Disaster!!! Fans, don’t let this happen. Rachier is hell bent on Gor failing since his main objective was not realised. He wants Gor fans to react to Zico’s presence and cause disruptions to the next game hence attracting disciplinary action from FKA. He cares less even more now that he’z going to lose the Chairmanship. Here’s how he has flopped:
    1. Failed attempt to be chairman of FKA
    2. Failed lopsided deal with Tuzo in which they both wanted to extort Gor fans through a shirt deal that was to benefit Tuzo more than the Club. (Please don’t buy by the shirts).
    3.Lack of leadership skills, could not make a decision to replace Ziko, we could have won the KPL title had he done this.

    Word of caution in the upcoming elections:
    1. Please choose leaders who have Gor’s football development at heart, not those who want to use Gor as a pedestal to higher positions.
    2. Choose leaders who have football acumen, not just football fans.
    3. We need leaders who have good networking and are tough negotiators to secure sponsorships that benefit the club and not the individuals.
    4. Elect leaders who are good communicators and who are down to earth and will hold regular meetings/forums with fans to hear our concerns/ideas. Don’t elect arrogant leaders who like to show fans that they are rich and do not care about the fans and the players.

  3. I hope we will handle this issue with humility and dignity otherwise it will affect us in the remaining ‘must-win’ matches. And the negative repercussions can follow us into the AGM and the preparations for Africa next year. Let me hope that sanity prevails on both sides of the divide. Personally I would have prefered Awono to complete the league and then the new office handles the issue of the coaching staff and players. If ZD minds about the team he would just enjoy his leave and wish the team success and then wait for the decision of the new office. For sure does he mind about his health and life? What with the missiles thrown at him by some fans. Surely his life and health must be more important that GM.

  4. We are calling upon ar,to show leadership and extend zico’s leave,or better still sack him altogether!
    Just when things had started to cool down,and the dust beginning to settle,somebody just throws spanner in to the works.Some people just like thriving in chaos and crises.
    The fans had calmed down,and now somebody is beginning to provocke the fans.zico,we appreciate what you have done for us both as a player and as a coach.thank you so much. but at the moment we just dont think you are the right person to take us to the next level.
    Its’ better to leave out of your own volition than to be hounded out ”gaddaffi” style.

  5. Pod antie and Arum tidi – uyude e wang’e.It is crystal clear- Rachier is going down. He now wants to go down with the team using ZD as his trojan horse.


  6. I don’t believe this is happening..just how?ZD!

    Must people run about? Must Tea gas be flashed? I can see someone is hell bent on ensuring blood is shed! What will they gain, what’s the sacrifice for?

    Could this AR see this and let ZD be if anything how much does GM lose with ZD paid while on leave?

    Guys i think these people just want blood shed, if they were not after that they would have seen disaster looming and let the ZD stay on leave until his contract expires or pay him in lieu.

  7. why are we always fighting even when there is no fight or better still when it is unneccessary. let the kogalo fraternity sober up!

  8. All the Kogalo faithful, be warned! Rachier is going to win and Zico will be coach again.

    If you understand politics and were a keen observer in the just concluded football polls you should by now have realized that AR will win. He is subjecting Kogalo followers to the same treatment he got at the hands of Nyamweya.

    Please take time to read below and you will see some bitter truths.

    1. He is the one who called the AGM (a month early) at a convenient date for himself.

    2. His opponents (if any) are not prepared.

    3. It is him who knows the delegates who will vote.

    4. It is him financing the polls and the logistics.

    5. He will present the best performance report for Kogalo in decades. A Playing unit that is paid on time, The Sponsor, The bus, The number of fans who have returned to support Kogalo, The position in the league in the past two seasons.

    6. He will show you how wealthy he is (3B not M his value last year) and how well schooled he is.

    7. He is already talking of a stadium for Kogalo and will present the same plan.

    8. He is bringing the Zico issue back to keep his opponents busy with sideshows.

    9. He may call upon RAO his buddy if things get thick and his opponents will automatically melt away.

    10. Finally he will present a team, his opponents will only present their individual and unknown names.

    Please Bwana Mwakio and any other would be candidate, i have read in the past few days all the posts Mr. Kosero has written to you and other bloggers and if i were you i would read them again and also read what i have above twice. Please don’t get emotional. This is politics. Where there is money, things get thick. Really thick.

    What Kosero wrote is only a preview to the kind of stuff one has to deal with every day and night as Kogalo Chair. I want to believe that he means well for the club and that is why he is courageous enough to get you thinking of what to expect.

    Please, if after reading the ten points you still feel you can match AR at all of them, throw your hat in the ring because i will vote for you. Otherwise on 27th there will be no election for chairman, just an endorsement.

    Let us demand change and also offer proper options and alternatives. Let us learn politics. Success is where opportunity meets preparedness. Let us always be prepared.

  9. One step forward, two steps backwards! If we reason like this on the blog then how is the normal GM fan out there reasoning. Disaster-in-waiting if no corrective action done. For the sake of peace and tranquility let the environment on the last four matches prevail. @Pod Antie I’m not sure why you have an issue with the Tuzo deal. We are now paying the players on time and we have a company bus amongst other things. From what I read the person who benefits from the shirt deal is Legea, GM and maybe their agent and not Tuzo. Let’s not antagonise the sponsor but encourage them since after all we need more of them. Unless @Pod Antie you have an alternative then you can sell it to the management. On the prices yes they are expensive and that’s what we should manage though we should note that goods from China/Asia and Europe differ much on prices. But that should not be a burden for the GM fan to carry.


    My position on this issue is in the public domain. I still hold those convictions today.

    I am not even suprised with all manner of daggers drawn against him. The usual suspects including the one above are having a field day inciting fans against the coach.
    You can cheat some people sometime but you cannot cheat all the people all the time, they say.

    The allegations against this great patriot is unbelievable with some being malice and others driving personal vendetta. There is no way you can justify to say, nothing personal and yet participate in actions meant to make bodily harm to the coach. Your days are numbered to those who want to repeat it during our next much.

    Likewise the newly elected chairman, Sam Nyamweya did not mince his words on this issue. There are many options open for you to present your concerns regarding the coach. In a civilized society, fans boo, wave placards, write to the officials, comment on social networks, Twitter, facebook, my space etc but not chasing the coach like a rabbit in full glare of the cameras.

    Comrades, let us build this club together with hearts both strong and true. We may never know how this gentleman is valuable to club untill we kick him out. Like all other former K’ogalo players, he will say that he served a thankless club.

    I urge all peace loving fans to ignore the incitements, instead cheer our team to win the remaining two matches. We can still maintain our last year’s position in KPL log. Guys, it is not yet over untill it is over.

  11. @11,I agree with you lets not incite one another this is our team whether AR,ZICO,NGALA,ATARO ETC are not there, the club will still move on. From what I have read please we stop name calling.AR has done his part which we should be proud off you know one cannot be 100% prefect but we give credit where due.The calling of JOGEM should not even arise.The club is going continental next year we should be discussing on how we can get another sponsors who can help Tuzo. If atleast we get 3 to 4 sponsors we shall be far away from financial problems hence players and technical bench shall do there part.As per BLOGGERS MEETING we shall still meet at Samba restaurant where we had our first meeting.

  12. Hi Dan..do you mean to say that TUZO bought the Bus! You are very wrong go do your research..you don’t even need to do it properly to ascertain that TUZO did not buy the bus at all.

    -Mr. Dan TUZO did not buy the bus.
    -Mr. Dan there is hue and cry in another GM wall regarding non payment of our players..if Tuzo pays players then you have your answer..and i will ask you again why salaries riddle if your hyped TUZO thing!
    -I must tell you Dan that times for pretense and window dressing can no longer be accepted in our camp..again why are these player salaries and allowance delays with us when we have a sponsor or who is fooling who?
    -Creative village.thanks for the eye opener which is your piece of article, that’s how crafty individuals behave to impose themselves on positions to steal.
    -Mr. Dan TUZO did not buy the bus if only you do not know then just stay away from that insinuation..though i accept the saying that when a pregnant cattle gives birth during your turn as a shepherd it will be credited to your account..but still as we credit the era of AR with the bus we must acknowledeg that TUzo did not buy the bus and it doesn’t matter how bold their color and name remains embolded on it..when we get another sponsor we’ll still remove TUZO from our Bus.

  13. @ VINCENT OCAMPO…i did not attend the previous meeting….when is the next meeting and where is Samba Restaurant?..i would love to attend the meeting. Thanx

  14. @9 & 11. I concur in totality. So far the most credible candidate is AR. AR will definitley carry the day after losing the FKA, i bet he’ll do anything and why not? He’s got some record anyway! He’ll even tell us that since football elections are done with, him & ZICO will fully concentrate their energies @ building Kogalo

    FACT: what ZICO has done for Gor Mahia both as a player/captain & coach cannot be wished away. Some of us think that by merely putting on river road jerseys, drinking alcohol & bang smoking during matches is enough ingredient to be intolerant & create animosity in the name of ‘fans’

    FACT: ZICO is a son, a brother, a husband & a father. Why should some fans be head bent @hurting him during our KPL matches & how would this improve the fortunes of Gor? It is true he deserted us during a very turbulent time but this does not warrant criminal acts whatsoever against him. The fact that he is back simply means he’s apologetic & ready to make up. The best we can do for Zico is take him to europe or south america for a 1yr coaching stint. Stoning him will only show how adolescent some of us are! If anything he is in office legally. We must learn to respect contracts.

    From what i can foresee, AR & ZD will be in Kogalo come next season. We better prepare psychologically!

    The Kogalo Diehard

  15. @Amimo Opudo, stop using primitive language in this site. This just shows where you have come from and your background. Suppose AR loses on 27/11, do you think you are going to commit suicide? Why do you refer others fans to be wearing jerseys from river road? Are you out of your mind? How much are you worth? Even if the fans are wearing jerseys from River Road, can you please tell us who has authorised the jerseys to be printed along River Road? Who is fooling who in this matter?
    This is the reason why Zico and AR must leave Gor Mahia after 27 November 2011.

    I’m from Gem and I will never support AR for any position either in Gor Mahia or Gem Constituency.

  16. @Pundit and others, SAMBA RESTAURANT is inbetween STUDIO ONE and FLORIDA 2000 MOI AVENUE the famous (ATUROS PUB) THE MEETING SHALL BE ON SUNDAY AT 2.00pm.MWAKIO hope to meet you there.

  17. BREAKING NEWS ODERA AKA ALCATEL is going back to KCB INFORMATION from michezoafrika.I wish him well so as he may come back to KOGALO in good form all the best ODERA.

  18. I wish ODERA all the best…he’s a living example on how ZD opted to kill players’ future instead of mentoring and coaching them well…another example is Kitawi….ODERA go well bro and do well in your life…and may ZD live to see how good you are.


  20. @Agwa Kassam, I have just re-read my post and cannot find where I said that Tuzo bought the bus. Please let’s not read people’s blog and input our own issues. I remember saying that players are paid on time. The reason for this is that before we got the Tuzo deal the common issue was players not being paid at all (leave alone on time). Have not heard or read anywhere of players not being paid. And in case players are being paid regularly (and not on time) without the Tuzo sponsor then someone must be doing it. I have realised that gate collection is so irregular (depends on performance) and cannot sustain a team. That means that whoever is paying the piper will call the tune during the AGM.As @Amimo puts it seems that we better be more concerned with who will team up with AR and not who will oppose him.

  21. Oh No, Oh No we need entertainment and peace of mind when attending GM matches, and that is what we’ve been enjoying now all that has been thrown out of the window with ZD back. BTW is it official since Mr.Ngala seems to be unaware of Zikos return.

  22. I had to laugh when I read Zico saying he has come to turn the fortunes of the club around. Oh the irony. Awono has already turned the fortunes around and Zico is coming back to destroy player morale.

    Kogalo will be eliminated in the first round of the Africa cup next year because of AR and Zico.
    These men have no sense. Zico was once a good coach. But you cant rest on past laurels. There comes a time when a team needs an injection of fresh ideas. A time when players are no longer responsive to a particulatr coach and simply cant play for him. Even Mourinho had to leave Chelsea. Zico should leave and go to another team.

    AR is a poor leader. His decision making is abysmal. he lacks common sense. He is now showing his middle finger to fans. He will pay dearly for this at the balltot box.

    1. Only registered members will participate in GM elections during the AGM.
    2. There are two categories of membership. Annual members for WA Ko’galo wakawaida @100shs subscription renewable every year before 31/march. Life membership of WENYE KO’GALO (Ma-sonko) payable once in a life time.

    I did circulate the GM constitution to those who submitted their email address so that we legally acquaint ourself with AGM process. If you don’t belong to the two categories of membership then you are an intruder liable to taken to a court of law due to disrupting a peaceful gathering.

    Let us sober up and be reasonable ! Then become a member by officially registering in any of the above categories for your voice to be heard and presence to be felt. Otherwise take your time and analyze what @11 Creative Village has posted with a tooth comb and digest the bitter truth that there will be no election per say on the post of chairmanship.

    HIi ndiyo ukweli WA mambo tujipange to fight another day when you will have done proper ground work in advance as one @Kisero posted. HIyo ndiyo GOR MAHIA that you will require very hard nut to crack it down. SIMPLE! NO DEMOCRACY and tuki jaribu any nonsense like “Tuju Vs Kondele” one RAO will unleash the government mercenaries not to protect AR but stop us from spoiling his 2012 ambitions! PERIOD!!!!!!!

  24. Any body Out there ever read this comic books when you were young about ASTRIX and OBELIX? The Gauls [their tribe] always picking up a fight about petty issues here and there? And strangely Enough amounting super power energy to devastate all their enemies.[kogallo hono]
    Well here we go…..

  25. The poor perfomance of our club started when ZD was given extra work at Harambee,before that things where good and in my vew he should be given one last chance he has a kogalo at heart.

  26. @Godfrey Oluoch Gor Mahia started when KPL league started with no pattern of football and lady luck one -nil scorelines and undeserved draws. This further was compounded when AR fired Jolawi Obondo as team manager.

  27. @19 Ja Gem. Please re-read my post 18 then yours compare & contrast then engage your understanding gear! I neither need to declare my background nor my worth here.We as the bloggers branch should be on the forefront of discouraging, fighting & or eliminating hooliganism. That is the comment i made. Think, type, re-read then post!
    I thus demand unconditional apology from you Ja Gem

  28. @29 OKOTH JABILO and @11 Creative Village, you guys have cleared the air. Thats how it is in Kogallo. Some bloggers here dont take time to read other peoples post or may be they dont internalize what they read. They are very fast at condemning and even name calling. Personally, I would love to see a very democratic elections in GM but its very unfortunate that we are still very far from it. Now tell it to some of us and see the kind of responses you will get. For those who are inciting others, please desist. This thing of we must have it our way must stop. Who told you that AR and ZD dont have supporters. They are hated and liked in equal measure. Therefore please guys let us stop this nonsense of inciting other to violence. For God and my club Kogallo.

  29. I do not read any concern about the players, it is Zico,Rachier and attacking one another.
    I was at the training on Tuesday morning and ate Lunch with some of the boys.
    Sitting with them gave me a different picture on how I perceived the Management Totally.
    1. October salary had not been paid by then.
    2, Allowances had not been paid.
    3. Average Salary is 25K.
    4. the salaries are discriminative.
    5. Imagine Leopards paying much more than KOGALO?
    6. the TUZO machandize involved boots which they have never seen, infact players buy their own boots.
    7. they asked me to air these sentiments for the like of me who didn’t know to know.
    8. they also mentioned being victimised should one air his opinion.
    9. their is no one to fight for their rights, mentioned AWILO who atleast tries to talk for them.
    please people avail abit of your time to be with the boys for you to know whats happening.
    It is so clear that the whole office is corrupt.please let us seal them off completely for the better of tomorrow.

  30. ADMN,
    I beg to differ,this time around i did not use any bad laguage as u have put it.What i was only tyring to put thru’to all those who hate the coach so much,they should know that there ar p’ple outside who still believe in the coach and ar even ready to defend him to the bitter end.If that is taken as MATUSI then am lost of word.4 Gor forever.


    @ 37 jb sorry for the demoralizing situation that majority of BLOGGERS are experiencing at this moment. But lets soldier on if we all do mean well for KO’GALO.

    I once said on this blog that i stopped blaming ZICO when i realized that the core problems within GM are so deep and hurting beyond the playing and coaching units.

    When @ Kisero says that we are amongst the most superstitious lot that practice “BLACK MAGIC FOOTBALL” in AFRICA based on historical occurrence do not dispute him, those are facts and i beg to support.

    When recently GM performance was below par some goons attacked AWILO at the training ground blaming him furiously for having disappeared into oblivion to seek “JUJU-INTERVENTION” so as to reclaim his starting line position and captaincy. And as such he remotely had the “JUJU-SPELL” spreading the bad omen to ZD by extension.

    THIS ARE FACTS ON RECORD and most young KO’GALO promising players have testified that “AWILO and JERRY” are trading “JUJU” in order to survive in there career.
    And if you do not agree then look at the very rare opportunity the KANGUZI had against AFC after the systematic dipping form of JERRY that did not last 90 minutes of the match;But JERRY is back on form. FACT!!!

    While playing AFC leopards during the FKL cup quarter final did anybody notice that GM exclusively avoided using their official changing room and during half time interval they decided to rest on the pitch instead. FACT!!!

    While playing SOFAKA during the final of FKL did anybody notice that the entire units of both players and technical bench avoided the “GM changing room” and when entering the pitch they left the match officials and sofapaka go through official entry point while GM came through the “KO’GALO Main-stand tunnel. Then come half-time interval they repeated the scenario of staying put on the playing field. FACT!!!!

    What are old guards like OLE TUNDA doing on the bench? Do they have anything to offer to this current generation of footballers in KO’GALO apart from perfecting the ART of JUJU just like “OCHIDO used to do during their playing time.

    We will change this perception and misconception when first and foremost we exert pressure from within as genuine members of GM for GOR MAHIA constitution to be reviewed and repealed just like section 2A during the single party era of MOI-KANU administration.




    Change is realized by moving one step at a time.

  32. Thank u so mch,papamiky,for highliting what happens at our beloved club.this is exactly what other like minded people like agwa kassam,pundit etc have always been saying,unfortunately we’ve always been told to keep quiet.we’re told that things are better than they used to be.Nobody is disputing that.
    The fact that we now have a 25seater matatu,called a club bus,sponsors and playing kits,does not mean,that,the current office can now get away with arrogance,mismanagement and impunity.What they have met can only be described as ‘bare minimum’.gor mahia is a big club owned by the people,in other words we can refer to it as an public club’,thus the standards set at gor mahia should be above the ‘bare minimum’.
    Does it mean that since ar,is the one who helped secure the ‘sponsorhip’,then we should not ask questions about anything touching on the EC’s transparency,players’ welfare and general accountability?
    Does it mean that since zico took us to 2nd position last season,then that gives him the leeway to do whatever he likes with the team?
    People,the standards are there and at kogallo they are even higher because we are a team with ambitions,we want to be the best.
    As i always say its’ always better to be on the ground and have these information first hand,what papamiky has said is just a tip of the iceberg.
    I always meet a regular member of our team eating chapati madondo at leilas in kibera karanja,another one lives on a single room near satelite police station.Is this how we want our players to live?Still some people want us to believe that things are ok.This people are so detached on the reality at gor.Any way i cant blame them coz they always rely on media reports.last time i herd one claiming that the nyayo stampede last yeaar during gor/afc match was as result of superstious gor fans who didn’t want to acess the stadium using any gate other than a particular gate!.Anyway thats’ what was reported on the media.

  33. Jabilo. I see you are staying true to your name. Those allegations you’ve posted @38 are serious. Jabilo those are serious allegations. Please don’t kill our players morale. The problem with this ‘juju’ talk is that there really is never any evidence so i would suggest we keep it to ourselves even when we hear of it.

  34. Mr. Arrumtiddi, world over people rely on media for information. Some of us in diaspora will never know that it was wrong reporting until contested by others. On this one, its only you I am hearing from that it was misreporting by media. One year down the road no one has come out to dispute that reporting by the media. All the same, Gor is a very superstitious lot just as 2OKOTH JABILO has outlined on his post 38. For God and my club Kogallo

  35. For those who are not aware ‘Jabilo’ means a man who practices witchcraft or ‘juju’ in Luo. The other definition may be the one who tastes, as in soup or food. Which one are you Mr. Okoth?

  36. As always i beg that we refrain from involving the playing unit in this discussion,its not healthy at all.

  37. my brother kosero @41,i was also once in the diaspora,and true the major means for staying in touch with what was going on back home,was the media,phone calls back home and occasionally if somebody in came back from home,he would inform us on the goings on back home.
    I dont want you to shun the media,neither am i saying that evrything on the media is falsehood(by the way i also rely heavily on the media ),but what am saying is that dont always belive everything,you read on the papers,hear on radio,see on tv or internet.journalists are also human beings,and may also get it wrong(like has happenned many times),besides some of them have their own interests,and their paymasters’ interests.Take time and read charles nyendes'(nation) and Gilbert wandera ‘s(standard) articles about gor mahia and you’ll know what am talking about.
    Just for the records this is what caused the deaths that fateful sunday evening.
    A huge downpour before kick off,made people not enter the stadium but rather take shelter in areas around the stadium(kuche kuche,nrb west shopping centre etc),when the rain finally subsided just before kick off,all the people who had taken shelter and many more who had arrived all congregated at the points of entries to the stadium.With the match starting inside the stadium, the slow moving quees (you can only get intö nyayo one person at a time due to the revolving gates)made most people impatient.the quees got broken,crowds surged forward,as everyone forced their way into the stadium.Be informed that the pushing and shoving took place in all the gates,unfortunately a stampede occured in gate 2 leading to the unfortunate deaths.I entered the stadium using gate 2,there was nothing to do with superstition.Any other explanation given is pure ‘porojo’.Anybody who entered the stadium 10mins before kick off,or 5mins after kick off,will bear me witness.
    The fact that nobody has come forward to refute the superstition theory,does not in any way lend credence to the malicious claims,its’ only that most people saw them as what they were-‘falsehoods which should be treated with contempt and not worth any response’

  38. Our players are paid 25k per month, live in squalor, eat unhealthy foods in kibandas or can’t get consistent meals and here we are demanding results?


  39. Jasawagongo,we cant stay without the players. thats why we find ourselves in the pitch!
    I am hosting some of them tomorrow on Saturday, whoever wants to join me can let me know on this Blog for more infor.


    I read comrade Opuk Raronge’s comment and leaves me laughing aloud. Honestly, this is a modest salary ( 25k to use your unconfirmed figure). Those who work with the Goverment will agree with me that such a person is in job group G ( chiefs & D.Os)

    Players should therefore live within their means. I must thank the officials for paying the players promptly. And if there is a slight hitch, it should be solved adminstratively. There is no need to blow everything out of proportion. Put yourself in the shoes of the officials. They are working with a shoe string budget and somehow our great club is busy and working quietly.

    To build a great club, of which K’Ogalo is one, we must take slow and well calculated steps.
    We must believe on our leaders, support and acively participate in their initiatives. On the hand, our leaders must be responsive and sensitive to needs of their fans. This way we shall build a strong and successsful club.


    BUT WHAT DOES GOR “MAHONO” mean in other

    @43 Creative Village i do not practice witchcraft or ‘juju’ neither do i taste, as in soup or food. But down the memory lane while still a young fan of KO’GALO and even currently GOR MAHIA and AFC LEOPARDS are very much a live in practicing “JUJU” or “BLACK-MAGIC FOOTBALL”.

    Why do you think “MASHEMEJI” ended our ill-fated FKL match pre-maturely and even engaged themselves in to a physical fights? ITS BECAUSE THEIR “JUJU” boy one mike baraza was injured and they new they were in for a serious thrashing by KO’GALO.

    I am a die hard GM supporter and i really want our club to out-live this sickening tradition.


    GOR MAHIA as a club engaged in a very competitive sports has the right to use any means at their disposal to achieve their goal be it divine intervention or otherwise. After all the name of the club is associated with a mysterious “LUO LEGEND”!. SO WHAT?


    If one OLE TUNDA is on the bench to achieve that course, so be it and we care less for that matter.

    @ Kisero if our fans died by insisting to enter the stadia through gate 2 and they eventually perished is your take for confirming superstition acts then what do you take for disasters that occur world wide with regards to sports arena?

    As you are in the diaspora please consult widely before making this un-substantiated remarks.



  43. @Salapata Salawowo, loyal fans like some of us remain unshaken. We are still in the fold becuase we support Kogallo and not ZD. Anyway safe journey! For God and my club Kogallo

  44. Guys, to me i don’t believe we should be talking of modest salary at GM, if anything GM should lead in players welfare..this must be achieved and will be done very soon..GM should not compare itself with the Govt but with the private sector.

    If anything people don’t play football up to very late in life and should be properly remunerated for the time they’re actively playing.

    They also fall under the entertainment industry and cannot be bench marked with careers like clerks, teachers and the like.

    Players are also engaged on contract and not on pensionable terms thus cannot be mocked with the live within your means mentality. I think some people are driven with the spirit of jealousy and the attitude of stay down as i live when talking about our players welfare or put the other way round have lived under so much oppression that they do not believe others should have a chance to enjoy life’s goodies..25k per month for football players cannot be applauded. Some thing must be done.

    What of the huge following GM enjoys can’t it be turned into a beneficial opportunity?

    I must say its the tendency of ‘JUJU’ that makes our officials believe they shall be succeeding by riding on JUJU without attending to players welfare..what do we make of huge salaries awarded to players across Africa viz South Africa, Egypt, Sudan and just across our borders in TZ.

    Bro Ogango..i remember sometimes back the great Roger Miller of Cameroun advising African Federations to plan for proper preparations for their teams instead of spending too much money and time on JUJU..the former GM defender also once told GM officials to consider players welfare and club development head of JUJU..that is what is very wrong with this JUJU thing our people worship it ahead of even arranging for players food and boots..nonsense.

  45. please chairman dont force zico to be taste of Gor mahia players and fans.let anaba continue with two remaining games.iforsee zico sidelining most of players who help us lift fkl and wining other games.where did he kept aguyo all the times when defence and midfield was vunerable.Whats special with zico that he cant go like other kpl coaches?

  46. @pareyio ole lelerue, you are out of point here and I wonder why you are supporting a football team like Gor Mahia. Players salaries cannot and will not be compared to what government staffs or civil servants are earning. Football is part of entertainment and players in this entertainment field should be remunerated accordingly with the standards of entertainment. If this is not the case, why are players paid more salaries and allowances than their coaches? Players are paid to entertain fans not vice versa.

  47. there is a time for everything,a time to plant and a time to reap.the Holy Bible says a good worksman shall sit with Kings.Prov22:29.ZD was a good worksman and was even contracted to coach the national team but in life you can’t serve 2 masters faithfully.one will get quality service while the other will miss out on the best.What has been put before us as concerns the players pay + rampant corruption at GM can make any good side perform dismally.give ZD a chance by paying for his further training as a coach.a honest man cannot dismiss a good worker.the office must know that it exists for the players.GM must be served at the top by serious individuals not people out to make a kill.

  48. @ 54 Agwa Kassam THAT IS A HEROIC OBSERVATION.

    “JUJU” is the source of the current impunity and detachment style of leadership that GM is experiencing.

    @ OGANGO TRAILER When you attend ko’galo matches you have not noticed that you can not pass through “GM entry tunnel in the MAIN STAND as you approach the sitting area before kick off. You have not noticed how the security is water tight around that area.


    @ OGANGO TRAILER our friend @Kisore only highlighted what happened during the days when GM used to have their uniforms washed in KALOLENI ESTATE (Tok Komwanda) by the then”JUJU-MASTER” namely “OCHIDO”. And if you happened to pass closer to the regalia either knowing or unknowingly it was a matter of life and death.

    ALLAN THIGO” ogango wuon pap” used to fake injuries when matters were worse on the pitch and “OCHIDO” being the “TEAM DOCTOR” could run across the pitch while swinging his coat as fans were chanting in luo if i can recall just a few of them and i quote.

    1. ochido ten’g ri i los pap [Ochido spread and sweep
    clean the playing field].

    2. And immediately the song will start in chorus and i
    quote; “Ogango wuon pap ei go ma ini we GOR nitie”.

    Meaning “ogango the owner of the field you will play
    until you leave GOR existing”.


    While playing AFC i witnessed the likes of Sammy Owino”Kempes” and Nahashon Oluoch”lule” openly complaining of “nan’go buru”. Actually as @Kisore had posted Gor did wear blue jersey with the usual green inside. Oduwo”Cobra” lead the team from kaloleni to the stadium through “Russian gate” with exclusion of “KEMPES” and “LULE” who were ferried by a tinted car through the main entrance and directly into GM changing room.

    Immediately the teams entered the pitch to warm-up their fans ,AFC were celebrating the absence of the two famous schoolboys by then not knowing what was cooking.

    To their surprise the two emerged wearing our trade mark green colour jersey and the whole stadium roared wild with chants of “lule! lule! Kempes!Kempes!

    GM was the home team and it was an evening kick-off floodlight match. The rest of the team then changed to green. They thrashed AFC 2 goals to nil courtesy of “LULE” solo move and “KEMPES” trade mark penalty. ALLAN THIGO”OGANGO WUON PAP” then faked injury just to invite “OCHIDO” into the pitch of which within some split seconds he went a head and urinated behind GM goal post to create “mind-games” as GM fans were chanting “WUON PAP.

    Agwa Kassam if only we can get rid of this old mentality and believes in “JUJU”;then GM will fly high with bright and colourful future, just like when LEN JULIANS denounced it and he was given a free-hand and the result are still memorable that once in a while @ ADMIN will always recall them as the GOLDEN DAYS.

  49. @OKOTH JABILO, you are very right, these are very retrogressive acts that can only retard the development on any serious outfit like Gor. The day we drop them and engage in proven methodologies of running a team of Kogallo caliber that will be the day GM will become a force to reckon with not only in KPL but also in Africa. Money being wasted in paying Juju men can then be allocated to players in form of salaries. For God and my club Kogallo

  50. Ma fans, I have been disturbed by the claims that GM players are poorly remunerated. I have taken time and drawn a budget (rough figures) for running a club like GM for a whole year and below are my figure.
    1. Salary for 30 registered players for 12 month assuming each player earn 25K = 9 M
    2. Salaries for 10 technical staff for 12 months assuming each member earns 40K = 4.8 M
    3. Training ground hire for whole season (25 days X 10 months) at 5K per day = 1.25 M
    4. Medical insurance for the 30 players for one year = 0.54 M
    5. Juju Man per match (50K X 30 KPL matches excluding FKF Cup) = 1.5 M
    6. Hooliganism fees (Penalties and repair fees imposed by KPL/FKF) = 3 M
    7. Match Allowances for 30 KPL matches excluding FKF Cup = 1.8 M
    8. Travelling/accommodation/Meals for matches = 2.7 M
    9. Office Space for club offices = 1.2 M
    10. Salaries the secretariat = 1.2 M
    This gives me a total of 25.79 M.
    I am sure I have not factored in a few other things and also my figures are based on low assumptions. Now looking at the income that the club generates in one season, it appears it may not be adequate to pay these players well. We need more sponsors; cut down on unnecessary costs like Juju and hooliganism fees. My thought and I stand corrected. For God and my club Kogallo.

  51. Albert Kosero you have talked well if you remember somewhere on this blog,I said we should look for more sponsors.lets stop this petty politics and see how GOR MAHIA can move to the next level.We should engage on how we can get more sponsors hence players and techincal bench shall be happy all the way to bank.for that reason,hope on 27th we shall be told how the club is using the monies for the whole year hence trust will be there.As to fans please we cool down. The club has a bright future.

  52. Good idea Bro Kosero.Its good engaging in constructive debate as this, i too have an idea.
    Mine would not be very different but may look like this:

    Player Salaries Basic@50k for 30 Ply 18,000,000.00
    Other Allowances @30kfor 30 Ply 10,800,000.00
    Kits 5,000,000.00
    Insurances 1,500,000.00
    Accommodation charges 3,600,000.00
    Vehicle maintenance 2,000,000.00
    Players benevolent fund 800,000.00
    Secretariat 5,400,000.00
    Acquire & prepare train ground 4,500,000.00 one off
    Consultancy on player welfare 1,000,000.00
    Technical staff 5,000,000.00
    Others 2,000,000.00

    Total 59,600,000.00
    Note: Consultancy on player welfare includes Psychologists hire, finance mgt lectures and social lessons

    Ways and means to fund the Budget
    Sponsors 15,000,000.00
    Gate collections 15 home games 15,000,000.00
    Members/Branch contributions 7,000,000.00
    Merchandize sales 20,000,000.00
    Enterprise income/Brands 5,000,000.00
    Well wishers/extra ordinary 5,000,000.00

    Total 67,000,000.00

  53. @ 59 Albert Kosero you have omitted the anticipated annual expenditure for the followings items:

    1.New quality Players recruitments fee @(1.5M)
    2.Residential camping(CAF-CUP) @(1.5 M)
    3.Flight expenses knockout stages @(7.5 M)
    4.Accommodation -3 Star and others (CAF) @(5 m)
    5.EC-Travel,entertainment& miscellaneous @(2.5)

    TOTAL 17.5 Million.

    Assuming gate collection will for our home matches will average around 2.5M Per home games * 17 hoping that next season will have 18 teams competing then total income Exclusive of corruption 42.5 Million.

    Kisore budget 25.79M Plus OGANGO budget 17.5 M Sums up to 43.29M.

    @Albert Kosero the deficit is only 790,000kshs if we only we can have sound management that will ensure that KO’GALO has proper structures at all levels that will make the fans troop back to stadium.

    And by the way the budget is inclusive “JUJU” re-search and three penalties due hooliganism annually because that is what GOR IS,WILL BE & FOR EVER.

    Over to you OKOTH JABILO.

  54. Great debate, Surely that expense for jujuman cannot be be justified, lets control hooliganism by identifying the branches that are the culprits and they should pay the penalties.ON THE 27TH LET BRANCHES SO IDENTIFIED UNDERTAKE TO PAY THE PENALTIES.The football authorities can/have already been able to identify the hooligans as K’galo fans so its not difficult to trace the branches they come from or even the individuals.
    Agwa bravo, to become a continental giant we need to think of paying contracted players 50k but squad should be reduced to maybe 20players with the rest of the numbers required for training being drawn for our youth team.

  55. Let me declare that all, and I mean ALL K’galo fans are “JUJU” men and women for we all pray to our “various” Gods to grant K’galo victory in each and every match they play.Even the initial B.Branch meeting ended in prayers for a K’galo win. Can anyone vouch to which God the person next to him was appealing to?. This passion for K’galo by its fans is what permeates to the players and carries the team over rough patches, its what does not tolerate medeocracy, and expects total committment to GM especially from its players and coaches.The club is named after a miraculous man GM but did JC also not perform miracles. So whats the issue here?
    Now on claims of juju amongst the bench and players the solution is simple get a qualified NON KENYAN (i.e NON EAST AFRICAN COACH), PREFERABLY ONE FROM NORTH AFRICA/EUROPE(EX-EGYPTIAN COACH MAY FIT THE BILL)and see if K’galo does not win a continental title or two within next 3 years?


    First, the last time I checked comrade Jagem Achiel Kende is a new person on this blog and i do not want at this juncture to engage him on unproductive debate such as the one he is advancing on his comment.

    I have slided back to allow this JUJU debate continue. JUJU and football are inseparable and K’ogalo is not an exception. I share the the position of the world football governing body, FIFA when the world cup was awarded to Africa. ‘if you think your juju can make you win the world cup, well and good’ they declared. This has proved that such practice is redundant in modern football . If Ole Tunda have been engaged by the EC ( as one blogger alleged) to invoke juju, then it’s very unfortunate.

    This is something we should not force our members to abandon because soon they shall realize themselves. When we were young, we were not concious of our nudity untill a certain age. In the Bible, God gave us all what we call talents. The sooner you discover yours, the better. It is talent that will propel an individual to greater heights of success and not juju. How much do you believe this promise from God?

  57. what agenda do these blogger s have for this club why dont one of us come up with what we should sell to fellow fans on how best the club can move forward and evaluate the reception in the next one month tis will help drive change am yawning for electing busy bodies to the office is one big time wasting adventure

  58. I think it is now very clear that there is no money to steal from Kogallo because as it stands the expenditure is higher than the income. Let us wait for the AGM for the years financial report. For God and my club Kogallo

  59. post 61 & 62 show the way forward.these are the people to listen to keenly if the club is to progress to the next level.

  60. All these blogs are such a good read. The ‘JUJU’ bit quite put an unsolicited smile on my face as I was scrolling. Even Jesus of Nazareth applied mud on a blind mans eye and asked him to wash it off in river Jordan to have his sight restored! Remember- GOR K’OGALLO was named ‘MAHIA’ being unrivaled in Luo Medicine. Reminds me of Anyika from the village of Eluanyim in the rain forests of Nigeria. @Jabilo, keep up your good work. My only appeal, to all hooligans like myself; lets not harm each other, lets not shed remo as this would only anger the gods. My people, lets not anger GOR K’OGALLO JABILO. My compatriots, I see the winds rushing to the seas, I hear the winds calling, who will come with me, the tides are changing. K’OGALLO’s out to sweep all the trophies in the next two seasons! wait for my score card in 2013 December.

  61. @ WUON PAP….I’M Totally with you on this one…Tabulation of real challenges from OGANGO TRAILER and Agwa Kassam..These figures paint the true challenges ahead and make the people see things differently and NOW The Q is how to raise the funds so as to get ready?

  62. Our people. I’ve suggested the ways and means too. Longombas and fellow friends the way and means are achievable to me with good leadership.

  63. One way to get sponsors is to aggressively market products for those sponsors already supporting us.e.g all Gor Mahia faithful declaring Tuzo days(once a month) when we not only use this product on that day but go out in a co-ordinated manner to politely encourage our neighbours,colleagues,friends etc to use it.(2)contracting aggressive marketers of brand GM beyond the boundaries,this will be made easy if we are known across the borders.How?(1)by aiming for the continental crown courtesy of quality soccer display now that supersport has made this possible.(2)desisting from known acts that tarnish this brand name.(3)getting a disciplinary mechanism for those who violate this brand ranging from unlicenced production of GM products to bad behavior while in GM colours.

  64. sawa sawa guys time and date aRE ALL ON THE WALL SASA NOW for those who want sits good like minded guys tulisema kitambo now kuna abig pesa ahead after elction .its not about who sits ? to manage club sasa ,respect to kogallo fans and players and others . we dnt want players to travel by raod anymore time is over NOTE that new chair look fr agood sponser poo .

  65. ATTENTION!ATTENTION!ATTENTION!Every body is entitled to his or her views including Dan,Its like Rachier would like to Sacrifice Zedi for his Political gain.Rachier seems not to know any Coach a part from Zedi, He is not updated that there are many coaches,So its very important to elect leaders with footballs ideas. Rachier does not even know the names of the present squad,so fans lets elect relevant leaders for relevant post.Let Rachier sacrifice him far a way.The entire bench should go and to that effect we have the pleasure to black list Korea,Zedi and oletunda jakuoth from any GM responsibilities for now and even in future.

  66. A true Captain does not jump ship when the turbulence at the sea gets rough but steers the ship and the crew to safety. Zico and AR neglected GM ship when it needed them most and now they want back after it reached safety(CAF cup) but the crew dont want them back (Gor followers).
    Zico and AR will get credit for their accomplishment BUT we need new captains to steer GM ship next season.

  67. i dont see the reasons of criticizing coach Zico, Zico is the man to lead Gor Mahia to glory, every successive club must have a downfall like the state Gor Mahia is facing now. Dont blame Zico, blame the entire club rather than pin pointing individual. my advice to club is that they should try to focus much on small sided games to boost the possession ability in the team.

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