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This week’s player of the moment is Kevin Omondi

He was in dazzling form as Gor Mahia overcame Chemelil Sugar on Saturday September 29. He routinely tormented Chemelil with his well timed and speedy runs. Coach Williamson also paid glowing tribute to midfielder Kevin Omondi for his creativity in the middle of the pack. “Omondi was outstanding and he gave us a lot of help in midfield. He is simply amazing,” said the Scottish tactician. His passes are great and his potential has never been in doubt. There is no limit to how far he can go if he keeps focus.”

Date of Birth: August 4, 1990
Previous Club FISA Academy
Position: Midfielder
Years Active 2010 – Present


Kevin Omondi first came to prominence when he steered previosuly unfancied Langata secondary school to the national schools title along with Musa Mohamed and David Gateri in 2008. By the time he was in form 4, his talents were readily apparent and Gor Mahia pounced to sign him immediately.

A product of FISA academy, Omondi has speed, power, pace and vision. By age 19, Omondi’s top shelf performance saw him called up to the national team. In the first 2 years of his career, his performances were up and down. However when in form, Omondi is a terror.His runs are well timed and often ends up with him on the receiving end of defence splitting pass with the goal beckoning.

His speed and dexterity on the ball is reminiscent of the late John Okello “Zangi” who by co-incidence, was also called up the national team at age 19 and was a secondary school games legend.

So far the only issue holding “Ade” as he is popularly known is his lack of focus. As coach Williamson pointed out above, if he focuses, he could be a club legend and possibly a mainstay for the national team.


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  1. This lad was amazing against Chemelil. Keep the focus and the sky is the limit. Do not rush to signing for funny clubs out there. Gor can take u places.

  2. K14 is among the few naturally gifted footballers in this country. He has class that is unmatched. Keep focus. He should avoid rush decisions such as signing for nondescript clubs in Middle East. He is a EPL material. I am sure the CAF continental exposure next season will open opportunities for him and many more.

    All the best and sky is not the limit. Go beyond.

    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  3. Attacking midfelder ? Thats what we want to see him play. Omera this boy will go far… can trust my gut feeling. Hope the scouts are watching

  4. Am happy 4 K14, if he could be more clinical in his finishing & bury the numerous chances he gets then the top leagues should b his goal.
    Let him use nxt season 2 polish up these areas.
    Love-A-Star is another with great potential bt 4 some reason never shines.
    @ Blogger i agree individuals & even chamas have developed more than GM(1968), lets choose few officials very carefully & revamp membership structures.

  5. Ooh Laa la..!!”ADE” can match “NEYMAR” in “FUTURE”.

    Definitely Bobby Williamson has revamped K14 soccer prowess and tapped into his individual ability and potential skill to change GOR MAHIA formation and pattern of play. He should just do his job well and I see him joining the likes VICTO WANYAMA in top flight league’s any way in this globe.

  6. He plays well advice lower alcohol and cigarate smoking to the least level. Try morning road works and individual practise sessions.

  7. Ade is a great player and asset to our national team. This is the most talented player and his ups and downs are due to lack of focus as pointed out by the coach.

    Kevo please remain discipline, focus and work hard. We will be soon seeing you in Europe. Stop doing anything bad that will affect your career. Just remain focus and you will make it Ade.

    I do admire your skills and displays…which are wonderful and joy to watch.

  8. @ Comrade Mwakio i totally agree with you that if this lad can take care of his personal discipline both ON \ OFF the pitch then i am rest assured that Kevo “ADE” Daddy is the best talent that can be modeled to the next generation of GOR MAHIA legends that can ply his trade any where in this world. Best of luck “Daddy” and the sky should be your limit.

  9. Why are our football administrators so hellbent in following Nigerians in giving falsified info about players’ ages!! Stop it now as your long term gain will be messy once our players are found out to be cheats.Kindly advice our footballers correctly please. Look at the unfolding stories about Wanyama’s having been born in 1991 and was already playing in 2005 for Country Bus Football Club in Nationwide League!! Discipline starts by teaching your children to be honest and truthful with every details that they give out.I hope ALL our footballers are being truthful when giving their ages! Daddy will go far if stops seeing himself as the best player that Kenya ever produced! Dennis Bergkamp, (DB10), once said that the difference between being successful and being average lies in the amount of hours one puts into practice to try and achieve perfection.I hope Kevo14 is still well driven to try and overtake all those that have gone ahead of him. If Wanyama and Mariga can do it despite falsifying their ages, then I think Daddy can still do better than them if he sets his mind to it. ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE BETTER THAN YOU WERE IN THE LAST MATCH!! LONG AND LATE HOURS OF PRACTICE, DISCIPLINE, RESPECT AND DEDICATION TO WHAT YOU DO WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE ALL THAT YOU WANT.

  10. Ade is a wonderful player…… if he stays focused he will go far,,,,,,,,I always remember the match btw Gor n Tusker alimfunza shiko ball.

  11. @le Pastre, age cheating is widely practised and encouraged in kenya and i can tell you of a Gor Mahia player who represented the country at under 20 level yet he was well in his mid 20s. At the time he was playing at under 20 I was in my 2nd year in the university yet this player was in form four when i was in form 1 at a school in Nairobi. I also have tangible evidence on age cheating against one the so called thika utd’s young stars and against a former gor star who now plays in some eastern european country. A close look at the ages of these players in kpl will shock you. Do you believe Rama is 20?

  12. You are so right my brother. Why do Kenyans love to cut corners even with life itself. That’s why we cannot even afford to show the eager citizens the bodies of the the alleged terrorists !! As for our football and footballers, we are on the right track. We just need to weed out the few rotten referees and assistant referees still in our midst. Good luck to Gor Mahia in the remaining matches.

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