Ben Omondi: August Salary arrears settled

Gor Mahia secretary general Ben Omondi confirmed on his social media pages that all salaries for the month of August have been settled. Omondi thanked Sportpesa for coming to the club’s aid. According to Omondi, Sportpesa has already paid the club all the money due in 2018. Which would leave fans wondering where money for September salary will come from.

Omondi also said that claims that the club had received the Walusimbi transfer fee and that it had gone into a fake account were not true. The allegation had been made by Judith Nyangi. According to Omondi

Rachier to address media

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier to address the media

The chairman will today Monday 24, September 2018 have a session with the media to address all the issues that have been happening at Gor Mahia in the last few weeks at 680 Hotel, Nairobi from 11:00 am.

WHAT: Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier to address the media

WHERE: 680 Hotel, Nairobi

WHEN: 24th September, 2018

TIME: 11:00 am

Kindly send a crew to cover the event.



Statement from Sec Gen Ben Omondi

Gor Mahia secretary general Ben Omondi has come forward to assure fans that all issues that have been plaguing the playing unit have been addressed. Below is his statement.

All grievances were addressed, key being the CAF money which we have resolved to give players 20 percent of gross depending with outcome of remaining matches.

Minor discrepancies that 3 players raised over payment of bonuses will be addressed by treasury guided by the team manager.

Balance of 1 m from KPL will also be paid once received. As per now salaries have been paid to June 2018 while out of the 16 matches 15 winning bonuses have been paid.

Other challenges like incitement, ethnic groupings and what transpired at CECAFA will require scientific analysis but bottom line we reached a common ground in solving future disputes.

A meeting was held between office, technical bench and all players) where items that were bringing friction were all discussed. A good understanding was reached and that means, all issues were well ironed out and we are back to normal business.  This according to Tony Anelka.

The team manager apologised on behalf of all players – on what happened some days back in Tanzania and that’s water under the bridge now. The club through the chairman, explained to the players and technical bench the issues around finances and they all understood… a riot act was read and the club decided to form a committee to further investigate on what exactly led to what’s been going on and who exactly were behind it. It was thought making a rushed decision or punishing anyone right now was not appropriate because they need to be sure on what’s there. Wise decision if you ask me.

Chairman Ambrose Rachier promised to get to the bottom of the issues that were causing friction in the playing unit.

“It was a good meeting and we are all happy now because we’ve at least shared or understood each other well. Further investigations will be done to establish what’s underneath then we will decide what do after getting the findings. For now, we have agreed to move as one and with the same focus we had before.”  said Rachier.


Rachier vows to unite club

The dust has finally settled on the much awaited Gor Mahia elections. The event happened without a hitch or without any altercations or violence. Those who lost gracefully accepted the results and those who won vowed to work together for the betterment of the club.

“We must admit the elections met the threshold of a free and fair elections. We didn’t witness any acts of violence. The counting process was also interactive and democratic” said Owiye, shortly after announcing the winners.

The registered voters were 3,002, but only 982 turned up for the exercise, which saw Francis Wasuna elected unopposed as the club’s senior vice chairman.

Gor Mahia elections board led by Chairman Patrick Lumumba Adera and vice chairman Mohammed Ibrahim Papa applauded the club members for observing discipline during the exercise.

“Today, we saw the true face of democracy. We can avoid violence if we have credible elections. What we have shown is that we can do better, if we put our hearts and mind to it. For those have lost, join the winners,” said Papa.

Chairman Rachier for his part says he was confident of victory.

“I was extremely confident of victory because of the records I posted at Gor Mahia, including winning numerous silverware and that is one thing, which will remain at K’Ogalo. he said to the Standard.

Rachier also said that he will work with all those who were elected.

“I had no line up and will work with those elected by members of the club.  My first duty will be to reunite all K’Ogalo fans and candidates. I know there are some divisions, but I intend to work closely with those who contested against me.” said Rachier.

Among those newly elected is Sally Bolo


The much anticipated new constitution is another item on the Chairman’s agenda

“My second task with my new committee will be to deal with our club’s constitution so that we can be compliant with the Sports Act. We have deadline of June 16, 2017 to be compliant with new guidelines for club licensing. We also hope the case filed in court, which will be mentioned on Tuesday (today), will be withdrawn” he said.

Creating a new constitution would mean streamlining the club and would neccesitate ridding the club of many of the current positions includinhg secretary general.

Among those who gracefully accepted defeated was Joseph Ogidi, a former musician of the GidiGidi MajiMaji fame.

“Thank you so much to the Kogalo fan base for the support. We live to fight another day. Congratulations to the new Secretary General Ben Omondi and to my worthy opponent Sam Ochola. Let’s now work together to transform Gor Mahia. God bless” said Ogidi on his social media pages.

Ben Omondi Thanks fans

Newly elected Secretary General Ben Omondi for his part thanked fans for engaging in a peaceful process and for accepting his vision for the club.

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank the entire Gor Mahia fraternity for a peaceful electoral process. I appreciate the enormous work done through my secretariat headed by Eng. Dan Opata (Jasoda), Betty Opondo, Gilbert Otiende and Joshua Amayo.

“I am indeed honored and thankful to all the voters, who believed in my vision and agenda for the club and voted me as the next Secretary General of Gor Mahia Football club. I will strive and endeavor to work closely with all the elected officials towards the realization of our goals and dreams as a Club.” he said to

Omondi now says he is committed to doing his part to strengthen the club

“It’s now down to business and building a stronger united and prosperous Gor Mahia. I commit to run a foot ball club that you will all be proud of supporting. ” continued Omondi.