Nick Mwendwa beats Ambrose Rachier to FKF presidency

Nick Mwendwa who is the proprietor of Kariobangi Sharks has been elected the new FKF chair. He garnered 50 votes. Ambrose Rachier, the Gor Mahia and KPL chair who ran a spirited campaign, garnered 27 votes. Sam Nyamweya, Ssemi Aina and Sammy Shollei all pulled out upon realizing they did not stand a chance.

Ambrose Rachier accepted defeat but said he lost due to bribery

Rachier said: “I must accept the results. It was a clean and transparent exercise here on the floor but what I can complain about is the bribery of delegates.

“With the level of poverty in this country,  it is hard for a delegate to turn down a Sh150,000 bribe,” he claimed. “Some of my delegates asked me to let them go eat the money and come back and it seemed they never came back. I do not have prove but have word that it happened. Now I’ll work with the new chairman,” Rachier said.

Mwendwa ran a well organized campaign that started in June 2015. He has been lobbying and striking deals with stakeholders. This is the largest margin of victory percentage wise. So dominant was Mwenda that the incumbent Sam Nyamweya was forced to bail out along with the flambuoyant Gor Semelango, Ssemi Aina and former Tusker striker Sammy Shollei.

Another significant loser was former Gor Mahia winger Dan Shikanda who lost to Doris Petra in the race for the Vice Chairmanship position. Shikanda who is a Veterinary Doctor, played for Gor Mahia when they won the league in 1993 and again in 1995.

Two former Gor Mahia players vied for the Nairobi NEC seat. The seat was won by Chris Amimo who polled 31 votes. Eric Obura, a former Gor mahia striker from the early 1990s got 10 votes. Ken Oliech, a former Gor Mahia striker from 2005 and 2006 received no votes.

The good news for Gor Mahia fans is thatRachier can now throw his energies towards building and professionalizing this club. He has seen the level of professionalism existent at teams like Esperance. Gor Mahia too can start taking tentative steps in that direction.

Rachier joins crowded FKF election field

Rachier with former Gor Mahia winger Dan Shikanda

As he did in 2011, Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier has once again announced his candidacy to become chairman of the FKF. He joins former Kenya International Sammy Shollei, Kariobangi Sharks chair Nick Mwendwa, well heeled upstart Gor Semelango and Tom Alila.

Rachier who is the KPL chairThe KPL chairman said his candidature is meant to end the many recurring negatives in local football. “For over a decade, we have wasted far too much time and energy on internal wrangles. Now we can together invest that time and energy on the real issues in Kenyan football,”

Rachier called for a transparent process to ensure credible elections. “I am happy that finally, the electoral board has been inaugurated. We want them to take charge of the process to ensure that it is not controlled by of the candidates,” he urged. He also called on vetting to be carried out from the county level so as to weed out fake clubs, or clubs that are formed for the sole purpose of elections.

Rachier has done an excellent job since he took over as club chairman in 2008. He took over at a time when the club was thoroughly mismanaged and constantly battling relegation. It is for this reason that many Gor Mahia fans think he is deserving of the FKF chairmanship. He ran on a similar platform in 2011. In that election he polled 333 votes, finishing way behind Nyamweya who garnered 1461 votes, Mohamed Hussein who garnered 1198 votes and Mohamed Hatimy who had 734 votes.  Some fans blamed pre-reform candidates for not uniting behind one candidate.