GORMAHIA.NET bloggers present cash to players

Posted by Oduor12

The Nairobian last Wednesday December 10th hosted Kenya Premier League (KPL) champions Gor Mahia FC to a luncheon at the Standard Media Group Center along Mombasa Road, Nairobi. During the afternoon treat, the city’s fastest rising paper awarded the former African Champions Sh100,000 for the good performance.

The Nairobian’s Managing Editor Charles Otieno together with George Okoth, Standard Group’s Head of Production also gave the players a cash token on behalf of Gor Mahia’s blogger branch,

The event was organized to launch a partnership deal between the Standard Media Group and Gor Mahia FC in a SMS driven campaign seeking to mobilise fans to raise funds for Gor by texting the word GOR to 22840. “The Nairobian is a paper that supports and promoted local sports. We would like to instill a culture amongst Kenyans to give first priority to the local teams and sporting disciplines.

Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/entertainment/thenairobian/article/2000144521/gor-mahia-goes-nairobian-and-digital

Weche Gor Tek but I now want to thank Jabilo/CEO and all contributors both in cash and kind. Guys we set a system whereby though we did not meet physically accountability and transparency was top notch and has not only been there but seen to be there by all & sundry. In future though I still want us to get an official receipt in such matters.
On a sad note I still maintain that GM’s EC is too bloated such that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. From the transfer fiascos some EC members are aware that players are leaving and probably brokering the deals while others are seemingly in the dark.

Congratulations to Oduor12 , Okoth Jabilo and other contributors for putting in place a transparent system, collecting funds from other bloggers and presenting it to the players in a timely manner. Note that Oduor12 posted updates every day.


Posted by Okoth Jabilo

Many thanks and appreciation to my worthy comrades @Barefoot Bandit, @Ogango Trailer,@Ochigah ,@Eric and @Erico Jarae for your prompt response and earliest understanding in our quest to turn this very “NEGATIVE PUBLICITY” on hooliganism as an opportunity to sympathize and show solidarity with our players who happens to be the actual suffering victims under the prevailing circumstances.

For us to be the role models and TRUE friends of Gor Mahia and in order to attain the highest level of integrity,transparency and accountability i have approached a well known media personality who also happen to be the pioneers who propelled the revival of Gor Mahia fan base by storm during those days when the team was in doldrums albeit minus hooliganism to propel our course.

He is none other than the famous “CEO” who is the managing editor of the fast growing NAIROBIAN weekly newspaper publication to not only provide both print and electronic coverage of our very worthy course; but also to be custodian of all donations that will be contributed towards the small token for thanking our players for their achievement whether they emerge TPL 2014 champions or NOT. But the most important issue at stake is to pass the message that “OPERATION LINDA GOR MAHIA” SAYS A BIG NO HOOLIGANISM & FOOTBALL POLITICS OF NEPOTISM.

I believe with help of “CEO” we can rope in CHURCHILL, JALASH, NYAMBANE,MAKOKHA and CAROLINE MOTUKO amongst many other celebrity to send the message home to all soccer stake holders to come to around table and find a lasting solution to this venom instead of passing the back and playing petty politics.

AS of now the pledges announced on this site is as shown below:
1. Okoth Jabilo 5000/= status not remitted
2. Ogango Trailer 2500/= status not remitted
3. Erico 5000/= status not remitted
4. Barefoot Bandit……..Promised
5. Erico Jarae…………Promised
6. Ochigah…………….Promised

Out target on this issue is to make our leaders understand that football is an industry and it can not economically thrive without adequate political goodwill and security stability.

Targeted day for media publicity will be either on Friday of 7th or 14 th of November depending on contributors decision; but definitely before the TPL 2014 last fixture at Gor Mahia training ground immediately after closing their morning session.

CEO can be officially contacted and reached on cellphone 0720323083 for official verification and you can quote my name “OKOTH JABILO” of Gormahia.net for authenticity.