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28 Jan 16

Gor Mahia’s hopes of shoring up their finances received a major boost after the court dismissed an application filed by Good Bread Kenya Limited that was seeking to block Elliot from supplying branded K’Ogalo bread. Elliott were involved in a legal tussle with Good Bread Limited after Gor Mahia terminated the deal with Good Bread who were paying the club 1 Ksh per loaf.

“They (Good Bread) have not achieved what they promised us, and they have not even explained to us how they intend to make up for that, so I think the best thing is to move on. We are in the final stages and in the course of the week we shall release an official statement.” said a Gor Mahia official at the time.

The deal with Elliots offers Ksh 2 per loaf. The report from Capital FM suggests that Gor Mahia are targeting an amount of KSh 4.8 million per month from their new deal.  This is an amount that would exceed what Gor Mahia received from Tuzo which in the last year was Ksh 29.5 million per year.  But it is still only half of what Gor Mahia needs per season especially considering the expense of playing in the champions league.

Ideas have also been floated by a different company to brand Gor Mahia water.

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24 Apr 15

Gor Mahia bread is already a best seller. According to a report on capitalfm.co.ke, the bread has been selling 130,000 loaves per day since it was launched. Club official Ronald Ngala told Capital Sport the novel sponsorship deal in local football is pushing 130,000 pieces.

“This is the way to go and the selling is going up as we speak we are getting Sh130, 000 per day so there is a possibility for the figures to rise up to Sh200, 000 a day. The company is set to spread its supply to Nairobi but at the moment it’s only available in Western Kenya and it’s doing very great.” said Ngala to capital FM

Ngala mentioned that the club is still seeking other sponsors.

“We are still in talks with other potential sponsors but I can say we are heading on the right direction. We are set to launch the player’s welfare and Sacco,” he continued

To stem misappropriation of funds; Gor will be conducting monthly audit before the 10th of every month the Ngala added.

That is good news for Gor Mahia fans who are always concerned about misapropriation of funds. Nothing would derail the enthusiasm of fans buying bread than reports suggesting the funds are being misused.

Secondly the club will now have to watch out for pirates. In 2010, Gor Mahia introduced jerseys branded with the club’s name. The project was initially succesful until pirates started to sell fake jerseys. And before you know it, fans were only buying fake jerseys since they came cheaper.  And now there are reports of club stewards peddling fake tickets during the Gor Mahia – Sofapaka match.

Another area of concern is price gouging. There are already reports of the bread selling for Ksh 50 in Homa Bay instead of the proposed price of Ksh 38. There are stories of a supplier in Umoja who managed to get some of the bread and is selling at Ksh 50. Back in the Mid 1990s, Gor Mahia introduced ball point pens branded with the phrase “I support Gor Mahia”. Some of the vendors outside the stadium brazenly sold them for twice the proposed price.

And as mentioned before, if this project is succesful, there could be room for other projects including milk, soda or maize flour. Soon a person could stock his kitchen with Gor Mahia branded products.

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22 Apr 15

The much vaunted Gor Mahia bread has finally been launched. ODM leader Raila Odinga officially launched the bread in Kisumu City.
“As you know Gor Mahia have had no sponsors and I was in India to talk to the India Chamber of Commerce and Industry, they wanted to know where they can invest and help provide jobs to our youths,” said Raila Odinga. “I met there my friend Srinivasa Reddy of Good Bread Kenya and they showed their interest to partner with Gor Mahia and that is why we are here today to launch Gor Mahia Bread.”said Raila to the Standard.

Raila, who was in India last month, said after meeting Indian Businessmen, he pitched for them to help the club and he was happy to have secured one immediately.

Raila stated that he also wants AFC Leopards to get stronger in order to strengthen Kenya football.

“I also want AFC leopards to get stronger so that we can have a quality league. I believe we have talent in our country that can equal that of Messi, Ronaldo or Sanchez. We should help get these players out and provide them the platform to showcase their talent. “But lack of sponsorship has forced us to think outside the box and we want our players be paid well just like their friends in Europe,” said Raila.

Mr. Reddy said their company, which operates in the Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley regions, will start producing Gor Mahia Bread and urged fans to embrace it. He urged fans to support the initiative.

“Please the more you buy it the better for your club. We intend to sell over 140,000 breads daily. That in a month will translate to over Sh4 million that will go towards the club. “We want to do business and you will help us get this amount to the club,” he said.

Gor Mahia Vice Chairman John Pesa said Nairobi area will also be incorporated soon to help widen the market scope, targeting areas where the clubs fan base is. “We expect the figures to increase depending on the market response. We have 27 players and we are struggling to pay their salaries and allowances,” said Pesa.

For Gor Mahia fans, this is yet another opportunity to support the club. This is especially true for those fans who for whatever reason cannot make it to the stadium.

If this initiative is succesful, there will be other companies that will come forward to do business with Gor Mahia. If the project fails to reach its target, Mr. Reddy and his group will promptly pull the plug.

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