Gor Mahia fund raiser set for Tuesday

The fund raiser to raise money for the trip to Congo will be held on Tuesday.
Organizing secretary Ronald Ngala told goal that the club is targetting to raise Ksh 9 million. “We are in financial crisis regarding our ?up-coming match in Congo. Some of the money we want to raise will also help run the club after this as we don’t have a sponsor yet.”

Ngala has asked fans to turn up in large numbers to make the event a success. “We request all our fans and well-wishers to turn up in a big way so as to make this event a success. With no sponsors, we only have them to turn to.”
The club’s vice president, David Kilo also said that fans who cannot attend money can send money via the paybill number 350100.

“We have a fundraiser on Tuesday to raise funds for the team to travel to Dolise next week to play our opponents AC Leopards. “There will be a Harambee for all but if one cannot make it, you can send money through paybill number 350100 to assist the team to travel.” said Kilo to supersport.com

Kilo explained that the money raised would be used to cater for the team in Congo
“This money will be entirely used for logistics to Congo Brazzaville since we have to cater for it for ourselves because at this point Caf doesn’t play any financial role until the group stage where they finance teams in the club competition.”
“We would like to urge everyone to assist in helping the team go to play away in Dolise against AC Leopards and have named this initiative as ‘Road to Congo’. he said

Gor Mahia hamstrung by lack of finances

Gor Mahia treasurer Kennedy Ouma has admitted that due to their tight financial situation they were finding it increasing difficult to retain their star players and also attract top talent.

“The truth is that we are struggling. We are really struggling. We have good players but we are losing them because they are receiving better deals that we just cannot match. Our accounts are totally dry and that is why we are yet to begin recruiting players,” he said to the Nation Sport.

The club was unable to meet the demands of Uganda Cranes midfield ace Geoffrey Kizito.  Kizito’s demands were simply untenable because you cannot pay one player a salary which is three times that of his colleagues.” continued Ouma to the Nation.

Kizito has left as has Sserunkuma, while Owino Calabar appears set for a European destination. He also fears that the departure of the trio is not the end.

“Those are only three players,” Ouma said. “I fear that more will leave because how do you stand in the way of a player without money?

Gor Mahia are supposed to announce their 2015 CAF champions league squad by December 2014. They can extend it by a month if they pay a fee. However the club still has not been able to recruit players.

“The deadline is in mid-January, meaning that we have to have money before Christmas. We have identified the players that we want and we have spoken to about 10 players. We are however stuck on the financial part because our accounts are dry at the moment,” he said.

Kizito’s departure highlights financial woes

Gor Mahia were engaged in a last ditch effort to retain Ugandan ace Geoffrey Kizito. However the talks collapsed after the two sides failed to come to an agreement.

The club has been engaging the player over a new deal but we failed to agree on terms. As a club we are looking at affordability and sustainability aspects of a deal hence the collapse in talks with Kizito. He has since requested for a release letter which the club will grant him,” said Sec Gen Omondi to the clubs site.

With finances scarce, this has been one of the quietest transfer seasons at the club in recent years. The club has so far not finalized any major deal whether it is signing new players or renewing existing deals.


That Gor Mahia would need finances in December is not a surprise and sound planning would have mitigated the current financial quagmire. They did indeed plan a fund raiser that was attended by among other governor Evans Kidero, Senator Mike Sonko and Raila Odinga. The initial target was to raise Ksh 60 million. This column predicted that the fund raiser would fall on its face due to poor planning. It came to pass as it raised a paltry Ksh 4 million.

Chairman Ambrose Rachier announced the formation of a SACCO to help shore the club’s finances but his plans have yet to come to fruition. The 350100 pay bill appears to have run out of steam at a time when the club should be promoting it. The membership drive also stalled because the club did not sustain it. At this rate even Ambrose Rachier’s idea for a SACCO may come a cropper if its is poorly executed.

The President promised a sponsor stating definitively “Leave it to me”. One hopes that the club officials are still busy looking for a sponsor and are not waiting for the president. Who knows if this was an empty promise on the presidents part.

Even with all bad press the club has received, there must be some interested parties out there. Perhaps they can structure a contract that is contingent on proper fan behaviour. And it does not have to be a mega contract like the Tuzo deal. At this point the club needs a sponsor even at a lower rate. Pride should not be a factor

Raila, Uhuru, Ruto, Sonko to attend fundraiser

On Thursday, CORD leader Raila Odinga will put aside any political differences he has with the President, DP and Senator Mbuvi Sonko to attend the fund raiser for Gor Mahia football club. This according to a report in the East African Standard.
“Raila is the club’s patron, the president and his deputy have also pledged their assistance to Gor Mahia in tomorrow’s fundraiser which targets to raise Sh20 million,” Gor Mahia Deputy Secretary Anima Ferrari Oketch told FeverPitch yesterday.
The fundraiser will be presided over by Governor Evans Kidero who urged the club’s well wishers to join him in boossting the club’s fortunes.
“Gor Mahia has weathered the storm this season. The fundraiser is to give the team stability ahead of the 2015 season.” “Supporters who are not able to make it to the fundraiser can channel their funds to Gor Mahia paybill number 350100. Please join us as we show passion for one of Africa’s iconic football teams,” Kidero added.

Urging Fans to behave themselves

If politicians can put aside their political differences for the sake of raising funds for the club then there is no reason the fans cannot. Any uncalled for heckling by even one fan will only serve to spoil the club’s image further.

Why not reach out to organizations and businesses

Gor Mahia may not be able to garner sponsorship at the moment but there is no reason the club cannot reach out to individual Business and companies especially those that are frequented by Gor Mahia fans or companies whose products are often used by Footbal fans.

Governor Kidero to lead fund raiser

The much awaited Gor Mahia fund raiser which has been postponed a number of times will finally be held on Thursday November 6. There had been some doubts about whether Mr. Kidero would be able to conduct the fund raiser given the new directive barring governors from conducting Harambees.

According the report posted on goal.com, The event dubbed ‘a Thanksgiving fundraiser’ will take place on November 6, 2014, (Thursday) and will be hosted at Nairobi Railway Club starting 5.00pm.

Deputy secretary general Naima Aketch has sent out an appeal to the club’s loyal fans to attend the event.  “We shall have a thanksgiving fundraiser for club on Thursday and our chief guest will be Nairobi County Governor Honorable Evans Kidero and all our club loving fans are invited.” said Naima who is popularly known as “Ferrari”.

The club has been in financial dire straits ever since Tuzo withdrew sponsorship in March. “We have had our financial challenges through the season but that has not hindered the teams’ delivery on the pitch. We therefore, want to do this and make it even bigger so as to sort out their needs and also help propel us into the new season 2015” continued Ferrari on the club’s site.

Gor Mahia will need funding for off season acquisitions given that a number of key players are set to leave including Dan sserunkuma whose agent is in negotiations with Kaizer Chiefs.

Fundraiser has potential to be another flop

This image was obtained from social media pages

Gor Mahia have announced that they will hold a major fund raiser next month. Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero will preside over a major funds-drive next month to raise Sh60 million for Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions Gor Mahia.

The club has been struggling to meet their obligations after shirt sponsors Tuzo pulled out of sponsoring them a few months ago.

According to officials involved in the exercise, this will be the biggest funds-drive ever and is meant to sustain the club operations for two seasons.

“We have set a tentative date for October 4. The Governor is deeply involved in the matter because he wants Gor Mahia to do well. A private company has been given the mandate to go and out and talk to friends of Gor Mahia to contribute generously, the official told goal.com.

But like other recent initiatives such as the 350100 campaign and the membership drive this effort also appears headed for failure or at least not meeting the expected Ksh 60 million. The reason is that it is being plagued by the very same issues that have plagued the other recent campaigns.

Lack of publicity

Firstly, there has been very little publicity and / or information. A significant proportion of the fans do not even know that there is a major fund raiser coming up. And many of these who know, are not aware of the exact date and venue. Much like the membership drive, the club simply announced the event and now expects fans to show up at the venue because they are Gor Mahia fans. Without prodding fans, appealing to fans and without publicizing the event, it might be headed for failure.

Note that the officials stated October 4 whereas the promotional materials available online state October 2. My guess is that the promotional materials are wrong, which is why it is even more important for the club officials to come forward and clarify.


The reality of the situation is that the club chairman and other officials should be front and centre telling fans why it is important to participate. And if they want maximum participation, they should go further to assuage the concerns of any fans who might be wary about lack of accountability by outlining the measures they are taking to be more accountable. Many fans will participate but some will not because they are concerned that the money might be misappropriated. The club can address this issue weeks before the main event by assuaging the concerns of fans who are wary.

And this is where the argument fronted by Secretary General Omondi  about accountability being only for members falls flat on its face: Most of the money the the club gets does not come from members and even potential sponsors often demand accountability. This fund raiser could be an opportunity to impress said potential sponsors.

No grassroots initiatives

One of the most unfortunate aspects of Gor Mahia nowadays is that the club has not seen it fit to strengthen the branches, to include them in the day to day running of the club. In past years, especially the 1970s and 1980s, the highly active branches were among the most crucial aspects in fund raising. Prior to each fund raiser, each branch would hold its own mini fundraiser then bring the money to the main fund raiser. In some cases, the branches would compete with each other to see which branch could raise the highest. The winner would actually receive a trophy.

Why branches are important is because not all fans can go to the venue of the fundraiser. In fact most Gor Mahia fans will not be at the venue. So how does a person who lives in Mombasa or Kisumu contribute now? Well the club has not made that clear….. But in past years it was not an issue since the Mombasa and Kisumu and other branches would hold their own mini-fundraiser to give grassroots / mashinani fans a chance to contribute whatever they have. Imagine having a situation where over 30,000 fans contribute ? That means that the money raised in the mini-harambees could be as high as that raised at the main venue perhaps even more.

The larger point here is that there are thousands of fans who will not be able to make it to the venue and the club has not announced any plans for how they will get these fans to contribute. So we must assume that no such plans exist currently.

 What about diaspora based fans?

It has been mentioned several times on this forum that there are dozens of diaspora based fans who would be willing to contribute to the club, but the club has not reached out to them. Some bloggers have mentioned a variation of MPesa that can be used by diaspora based fans. But unless the club reaches out to diaspora based and specifies the exact methodology they should use, said fans will not take the initiative.

Once again I would urge the club’s officials to step forward and explain exactly why this particular fund-raiser is critical to the club, not just in 2014 but also in 2015 when Gor Mahia will need to replenish a badly depleted playing unit.