Gor Mahia's $2m (KES.200) genuine appeal or another Ponzi scheme?

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Gor Mahia's $2m (KES.200) genuine appeal or another Ponzi scheme?

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In order to be taken seriously Gor's EC needs to give a breakdown / budget to support its expensive / unrealistic KES.200 m appeal.

The figure is unrealistic or suspiciously high because major expenses are:
1) salary arrears say 2 months say 10m,
2) Hire of pitch at say KES.5k per day is KES. 1.5 m per year if they train for 300 days,
3) CAF fines Muguna & Boni KES.3.2m
4) Salary arrears former players & coaches Ambundo 1.4m, Owusu 3m, Pollack 2m.
5) Match preparations 150k per match for 34 matches is KES.5.1 m.

Total of all these is about KES.26.1 m which should ideally be offset by requesting contributions from the "so called members" as the EC always insists "members" are the only ones who can demand for transparency, accountability or financial statements.

So why does the EC want a whopping KES.200m yet the club has a sponsor?

1)This appeal for 200m is not justified without a breakdown.
2) Public also needs to known the signatories to the new Paybill.
3) That's this is an initiative independent of EC is the same argument that BBI is not President Uhuru's initiative but Junet's and Waweru's. With its credibility at zero EC is being creative and copy pasting/ hijacking GMAF Augmentin ideas.
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Re: Gor Mahia's $2m (KES.200) genuine appeal or another Ponzi scheme?

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According to Dolphina , the financial situation is much worse than you outlined above. The league no longer has a sponsor and the jersey sponsor has halved their sponsorship. Ni kubaya. Kogalo to go back to the Sianga era when they only signed young promising players.
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