Is Gor Mahia F.C still a Football Club or now a Funeral or Fundraising Committees!

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Is Gor Mahia F.C still a Football Club or now a Funeral or Fundraising Committees!

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The FC in Gor Mahia Football Club (GMFC) is radically changing to from Football Club to Funeral Committee or Fundraising Committee.

In the last two months fans/ members of this leading, esteemed and once glorified club have raised KES.1.5 m not to motivate the team's players and TB towards qualifying for the CAF Confed group stage but rather for "development" of Magufuli, Kwela Kwela, Flamingo, Lupita branches and for burial of a fallen comrade, may his soul RIP.
This is aside from the secretive $2 million initiative that the officials claimed failed. By failure does it mean the initiative raised zero shillings, maybe zero for the club but substantial amounts for the initiators


Now KES.1.5 m can pay the team's winning bonus for about 12 matches.
Of late our club has been known for failing to pay its players and coaches on time and frequently not at all yet these same fans and branches are the first and loudest in expressing dissatisfaction with the poor performance of underpaid, unpaid and starving players and coaches.
What audacity!

Finances have been mobilised using the Gor Mahia brand, with the club's current Treasurer and her sworn nemesis, the immediate former Organising Secretary trying to outshine one another in amounts contributed.
Sadly,as the funeral and fundraising committees thrive the football club is in a never ending financial crisis.

More disappointing is that the Treasurer whose office is charged with safeguarding the Gor Mahia brand against misuse and exploitation is one of the most active contributors in these development harambees conducted by branches that are not beneficial to our club.


The club officials should be proactive and ensure that ex foreign players Tito Okello and Karim Abdul do not have outstanding payments due to them. Any payment plan agreed should be in writing and BE HONOURED BY THE CLUB. Mutual agreements are just ending up with FIFA transfer bans.


All current branches should deregistered and reconstituted afresh with clear obligations and rights. Branches MUST have financial obligations to the club ,as a priority, before engaging in any other venture.
E.g All members of a branch must contribute KES.100 per month for the club/ players welfare before contributing to their funeral or development kitties.
Branches can ring fence their contributions in a special bank account only to be used for paying salaries of an agreed number of players and TB as currently the concern is that club officials are not trust worthy. Of course only players with valid contract should be eligible.

There must be a price for using the Gor Mahia brand names and legal consequences for misusing it.

Branch members whose contributions are up to date should automatically qualify as club voting members. They should not be expected to pay for club membership again.


The club should suspend the signing of foreign players for the next two or even three seasons. The foreign signings in the recent years have proved to be below par yet still expensive. This is an indication that the mainstays in the TB are either signing low quality foreigners deliberately or are incompetent.


It's the players who save penalties, score goals and win matches not the fans, alive or dead, however the glory of winning is savoured most by the fans of victorious successful teams like us the Gor Mahia fans of 5th December ,1987.
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