Rachier says there is no go slow

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Rachier says there is no go slow

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Chairman Ambrose Rachier tells goal.com that there is no go slow
“There is no truth that players have been staging go-slows, first of all, the players had gone home for Christmas holidays and when they came back we also gave them another extra four days to extend their holiday with family members,” Rachier told Goal.

“Those saying the players had staged a go-slow, or that they having been staging a go-slow to demand salaries, are not being sincere, the players have not staged any go-slow and all of them returned to training on Monday.”

On whether they will be able to pay the players before their crucial match against the North African giants, Rachier said: “We are working round the clock to make sure we pay them between today [Monday] and tomorrow [Tuesday], we are confident we will pay them their dues and we know they will be ready for the return leg match on Wednesday.”

On Sunday, only 10 players, led by defender Charles Momanyi, Joachim Oluoch, Clifton Miheso, Samuel Onyango, and assistant captain Philemon Otieno attended the training session at Camp Toyoyo, with the club’s former official Judith Nyangi confirming to Goal they had been forced to raise funds to help the players get a fare back home.
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Re: Rachier says there is no go slow

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Bwana Rachier, (the current Chairman of Gor Mahia Footbal Club). I hope you know that during a crisis, situations are ruled by unfamiliarity and uncertainty and effective responses are largely improvised. The best leaders take personal ownership in a crisis, even though many challenges and factors lie outside their control. Leaders align team focus, establish new metrics to monitor performance, and create a culture of accountability. And they must decide with speed over precision, by adapting boldly, reliably delivering, and engaging for impact.

The situation at Gor Mahia Football Club is changing by the day - even by the hour from worse to worst. It is a crisis which makes rumours overload to thrive; and interests and priorities are clashing which makes emotions and anxieties to run high. Please learn to break through the inertia and keep the club afloat by focusing on the few things that matter most. A simple, scalable framework for rapid decision-making is critical.
You and your EC should, (and please, include your Secretary General) to:

Define priorities. Demonstrating empathy: Deal with the human tragedy as a first priority. Players are expressing their dissatisfaction due to lack of their pay. In triage situations, it’s crucial to have an accurate, current picture of what is happening on the ground. Going public to claim that there is no problem and no go slow is very unfortunate from as a leader. Take about the issues that matter to players so that they feel leadership is fully aligned with them, and making corrections to mitigate the problem.

Make smart trade-offs. What conflicts might arise among between the urgent and the important? Between short term goals and long term goals?

Name the decision makers. In your central command “war room,” establish who owns what. Empower the front line to make decisions where possible, and clearly state what needs to be escalated, by when, and to whom. Your default should be to push decisions downward, not up. Don’t run this show as a lone ranger. And let me urge to embrace action, and don’t punish mistakes. Missteps will happen, but wisdom indicates that failing to act is much worse. Please, seek input and information from diverse sources, and don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know.

Throw out yesterday’s playbook. The actions that previously drove results may no longer be relevant. The best leaders adjust quickly and develop new plans of attack. In times of crisis, no job is more important than taking care of your team.

You and your leaders should: Connect with players. Reach out daily for a “pulse check” with them; block out time on the calendar to do this. Relate on a personal level first, and then focus on work. Reach out, but first do no harm. To strengthen relationships and build trust, keep the focus off yourself and explore how you can truly help the club. Compassion goes a long way during turbulent times.

Last and most important, ask yourself whom you want at the table both in the current crisis and in the longed-for tomorrow when we emerge to a new normal. When I read your denial of the crisis (go-slow) and taking an overconfident, upbeat tone in the crisis, raises suspicions about what you know and how well you are handling the crisis. Bwana Rachier, please, I urge you to work with the Secretary General. He has wealth of leadership that you not have.

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Re: Rachier says there is no go slow

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Players were released for Xmass/ New without their pay.
If there is no go slow then I guess Ador believes there will not be a match against CR Belouzidad and that Lady Odhiambo is a better coach than Omollo.
Sad when a leader becomes a tyrant out of touch with reality at his organisation.

Betsafe has given out half the 2020/21sponsorship money out of which the Treasurer has claimed to received/ used kes.4m so what about the rest kes. 23.5m.
Hopefully Rachier will find it him to pay the players & TB.
Where does he take Gor Mahia funds?
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