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Gor Mahia must pay its players or risk folding up.

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:01 am
by T Opiyo
Players of the main team must be paid their salaries as a priority or our beloved club may sink to levels it may be difficult to recover from.

Let's Stop This Rot From Spreading.
Levis Opiyo: Keeper terminates Gor Mahia stay over salary arrears.

Remember main team players must be paid because:
1) Rachier and officials don't play,
2) Coaches whether local or foreign don't play,
3) The youth team does not play competitive matches.

Some suggestions:
1) Rationalize (downsize the team and TB) to maximum 25 players and 5 TB. The excess players and TB drain the club of finances that can pay the performing players & TB. In the end they will still sue the club for their wages yet they did not play a single game.
2) Rationalize wages and allowances,
3) SG Sam Ochola should restructure all affiliates of the club to contribute monthly towards a players salary fund which should be operated independently and transparently. The monthly contribution to go towards a member's club membership of kes.1200.
Do a budget of salaries of 25 players and 5 TB and share will club affiliates i.e branches, GMAF and merchandise exploiters e g Fan.001.
Players and TB to be paid salaries, not allowances, directly from the players salary fund.

Re: Gor Mahia must pay its players or risk folding up.

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 5:08 pm
by jatingare
I don't understand what happens at this team. I have read variously that the sponsors have already disbursed half the sponsorship money for this season. And yet players are already on strike and goalkeeper Levis Opiyo has already terminated his contract due to non payment. Someone please explain this one to me. I don't get it.