Gor Mahia should enable diaspora fans to contribute

Now that the club is in dire straits financially with the withdrawal of sponsors Tuzo and with the KRA freezing all the club’s accounts, the club needs its fans more than ever. Club chairman Ambrose Rachier has started an MPESA initiative to enable fans to contribute. Some already have.

However those fans who live overseas do not have access to MPESA. The club should expand its monetary base by making it possible for fans who are not in Kenya to donate to the cause. Remember that there are some overseas based fans who would also be interested in contributing. Perhaps they could partner with money transfer companies such as Moneygram. I will leave it up to the club’s officials to find a way to enable diaspora fans to contribute. But I would strongly urge them to consider expanding beyond MPESA so that overseas based fans can contribute.

And once again, transparency and accountability¬† is of paramount importance. If the club’s officials continue to ignore the fans who have been calling for transparency for decades now, this group of officials will be blamed if the club does not meet its financial goals. The initiative may¬† not succeed unless the club officials do a better job of being transparent. Although many fans have sent their contributions, there are already numerous fans who feel unseasy about doing the same. Its now up to club officials to put in place measures for accountability and transparency. History is judging them to see whether they will steer the club out of this crisis. Having said that, I call on all fans to help ensure that the players are paid. The last thing the fans need now is for players to go on strike.


7 thoughts on “Gor Mahia should enable diaspora fans to contribute

  1. Adversity and hardship brings the best out of people! For kogallo, this is the time to try everything that has never been tried in the past!

  2. Let these contributions b tied 2 membership/season tickets as articulated by O.T.
    Also AR move with speed & sort the KRA issue i.e the amount payable and over what period. Communicate the final details 2 fans.
    We need 2 deal with this crisis separately from the day 2 day running of the club.
    Again & I speak 4 myself unless certain accountability & transparency fundamentals & basic assurances e.g publishing financials i will continue support GM by attending our home games as a loyal paying fan.

  3. Can you please send us legitimate Club’s account details my sh30000 is on its way also i would like to know what the management and patron is doing to resolve this critical situation…Koloo from Boston, USA.

  4. Whoever is responsible for matters communication and publicity, be informed that you are not doing enough to address this issue.
    I expect banners every where which can appeal even to the unwe.
    The issue of financial independence should not have waited until the withdrawal by Tuzo for a club headed by gurus like Richier. To be honest you embarrassing some of us.
    That aside, move with speed to bring everyone on board. You may discover that you may go even beyond your one million target in membership.
    Please cash on in the clubs current good run in the league

  5. What are our priorities? To me continued good performance by players is key to addressing the compounded financial issues of :1) players salaries and allowances. 2)poor management that Kra smelt and cashed on. 3)ssmb saga, 4) kid glove handle of hooligans, 5.Gate collections and ticketing. I rest my case.

  6. Gor Mahia needs to embrace technology in a hurry if they hope to garner as much support as possible. There is a huge fan base that would contribute and purchase memberships in a second; the club has to make it as easy and convenient as possible for this to happen. Enable payment by Paypal and I will purchase a membership and merchandise (when the club makes it available online). However, there must be checks and balances in place to ensure accountability and that the funds end up in the right place.


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