Seeking other Television Deals

By blogger Mwakio P

Fans, I think we are getting it wrong on those that do or do not supports the action Supersport. Firstly we should value fans more than any other sponsors.

Secondly, we do appreciate whatever role(s) all the stakeholders in KPL have played in improving our football standard including Supersport.

But please note that we are in a liberal society and if they do not want to cover Gor Mahia matches, the club should be at liberty to look for alternative TV to perform the business. I do echo the sentiment of @Jack Omollo that we should not stoop too low to beg them to air our games. Football is about business and Supersport should reciprocate this good gesture too in covering big matches with thousands of fans but not less than fifty fans.

We highly appreciate the role Supersport has played in exposing our players to the international scene. However they too have benefited in getting adverts at the same equal strength.


Monopolistic market status the Supersport is currently exhibiting is not good for the development of football in the country. We need other pay TV to come to the scene too and spread the benefits to all stakeholders. In Europe case, clubs have TV stations and why can’t that not be replicated in Kenya too. Monopoly is not good and will not be good for the development of football in the country.

This situation where only “one” (Greek meaning of mono”) company offers its products or services to the public, thereby creating a monopoly, a sole supplying firm where the consumer has no option or choice but to buy their services or products. When this occurs, and there is no competition, prices will go up to the detriment of the public. Several government agencies keep the formation of monopolies under control, especially in markets like telecommunications, media, and utilities, among others. This should be the case with our football.

Market situation where one producer (or a group of producers acting in concert) controls supply of a good or service, and where the entry of new producers is prevented or highly restricted. Monopolist firms (in their attempt to maximize profits) keep the price high and restrict the output, and show little or no responsiveness to the needs of their customers. Most governments therefore try to control monopolies by (1) imposing price controls, (2) taking over their ownership (called ‘nationalization’), or (3) by breaking them up into two or more competing firms. Sometimes governments facilitate the creation of monopolies for reasons of national security, to realize economies of scale for competing internationally, or where two or more producers would be wasteful or pointless (as in the case of utilities). Although monopolies exist in varying degrees (due to copyrights, patents, access to materials, exclusive technologies, or unfair trade practices) almost no firm has a complete monopoly in the era of globalization.

The other fact is that football is a competitive game where all the stakeholders in football should be ready to face competition in all fronts.


The disadvantage of monopoly brings inefficiency in service or product delivery and this is the reason why Gor Mahia or AFC can even seek for the Pricing and Monopoly Authority to look at supersports dominant control of football coverage. This dominant position should be interpreted by our legal system as well.

The matter can be as well be interpreted in the law courts why clubs can not engage other TV pay channels for good of the development of football.


I think there are other reputable TV and broadcasting stations that can be engaged commercially as supersport has breached the contract of not covering or airing our games. The pay TV are:-
1. Zuku
2. Smart TV
3. Cable Television Network


We have to look at what is good for our club than engaging in sideshows about hooliganism as the reason why our games are not aired. If Supersport is not interested, we can look for alternative or else go to court to seek redress why they have monopoly role in football coverage. This is a matter that can be challenged in the law court as this attitude of Supersport will deny our players their livelihood and obligation of the club in helping the youth in getting out from bad behavior.



5 thoughts on “Seeking other Television Deals

  1. this is silly
    first of all gor cant negotiate its own tv deal on kpl since they do a collective bargaining
    secondly, no matter how blindly you support your team the fact is gor mahia is not a lucrative brand-it still can’t sell(i follow african football and i know the level you guys are)
    thirdly supersport cant taint its business because gor mahia is poorly run in the name of helping kenyan football

    lastly supersport’s reach is far greater than all the other pay tvs combined
    clearly you know little about football administration-i was stopped from posting articles to kenyan websites and this is what gets air?
    anyway i will give you my email and educate you on football

  2. bull shit, this so called collective bargaining is a crap, ut translates to about 100k per match televised a sharp administrator can easily negotiate with a local tv company that could easily pay atleast 500k per game televised that would translate to about 10 million for about twenty home games, this is way better than what supersport can give. but you are right gor is poorly run same with kpl case in point is the cheap donation of puma balls. puma should pit a good deal on the table or else walk because we can damn well buy our own balls

  3. cafootball we are not silly you are, what are you changing in African football anyway,just filling your bellies with your shody leadership.

  4. @david the argument presented by this article is silly and that is what i said, i tried offering assistance but in kenya we don’t do meritocracy. i figured you can’t help the umhelpable or pretend to support mediocrity
    @joshu, indeed if puma can choose to offer free balls instead of take up gor mahia’s kits it shows how corporates view football in this country and gor mahia as a brand. people like david do not want to hear hard hitting stuff like this but it is what it is


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