10 Man Gor Mahia held by Chemelil

Philemon Otieno in action against Chemelil Sugar

Gor Mahia let a two goal lead slip and were held 2-2 by Chemelil. The match was played at Kericho Green stadium on Wednesday.

Additional reporting from the Nation
Chemelil Sugar rallied from two goals down to hold 10-man Gor Mahia 2-2 in a Kenyan Premier League match at rain drenched Kericho Green Stadium on Wednesday.

The defending champions looked to be cruising as Humphrey Mieno and Ephrem Guikan put K’Ogalo in charge at half time.

However, the sugar millers capitalised on Gor keeper Boniface Olouch’s sending off in the 54th minute after handling the ball outside his area, with Charles Kwakha and Benedicto Mwamlangara scoring to restore parity.

Gor, who reclaimed top spot on Sunday following a 5-2 demolition over Thika United, have now accumulated 26 points from 10 matches and still have two games in hand over second placed Mathare United who are on 23 points.

Chemelil coach Charles Odera hailed his side’s fighting spirit after falling two goals down. His side are now on 18 points.

Gor Mahia’s Philemon Otieno (left) and Chemelil’s Abdul Hassan vie for the ball during Kenyan Premier League match at Kericho Green Stadium on April 25, 2018. The match ended 2-2. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI |
Gor Mahia’s Philemon Otieno (left) and Chemelil’s Abdul Hassan vie for the ball during Kenyan Premier League match at Kericho Green Stadium on April 25, 2018. The match ended 2-2. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NATION MEDIA GROUP

“We were down by two goals at halftime but we played well in the second half and managed to fight back. We had very few chances, but I am happy the boys capitalised on them and saved the point,” he said on Wednesday.


Humphrey Mieno opened the scoring for the defending champions three minutes into play, when he tapped from close range after connecting well with Ernest Wendo’s dangerous cross inside the box.

Six minutes later, Guikan was on the offensive in the left wing but he was flagged offside before he made a shot at goal.

The hosts then managed to cut through Gor’s defence minutes later but Collins Neto was denied by the safe hands of Boniface Oluoch with Maxwell Onyango’s rebound failing to find the back of the net.

After missing two successive open scoring chances, Guikan finally got his name on the score sheet in the 26th minute with an easy finish, when he found himself unmarked inside Chemelil’s box with Innocent Wafula providing the assist.

Attacker Francis Kahata drove a dangerous shot on target but it was comfortably claimed by Chemelil’s goalkeeper John Waw.

Chemelil gained some momentum in the dying minutes of the first half, launching two attacks through Faraj Ominde, but Oluoch was alert.


The hosts improved in the second half making the first attempt at goal through Neto, but his short went wide.

The game’s turning point came in the 54th minute when Gor keeper Oluoch was sent off after he handled the ball outside the box.

Gor coach Dylan Kerr sacrificed scorer Guikan as second choice keeper Peter Odhiambo took his place.

The numerical advantage seemed to have have favoured the hosts with wave of attacks on the K’Ogalo goal.

Their efforts bore fruit in the 69th minute when substitute Charles Kwakha found the back of the net with a low drive from outside the box to reduce the deficit.

Kerr made changes to his team bringing in Samuel Onyango for Ernest Wendo and Lawrence Juma for Jacques Tuyisenge, while Odera brought on Philip Muchoma for Yusuf Juma.

Benedicto Mwamlangara levelled matters in the 75th minute with a top corner goal after being set by Nicholas Akoko, who was fantastic after he managed to beat Gor Mahia defenders with his pace and impressive dribbling skills.

Chemelil went in search of the winner but Gor hang on to dear life and the precious point.

26 thoughts on “10 Man Gor Mahia held by Chemelil

  1. Soaking in 4 goals in two matches makes me tremble with fear, moreso in view of the calibre of the opposition.

  2. agreed…why have we started leaking goals at an alarming rate…an average of 2 over the last 3 games. surely what is NOT happening !

    1. Jakoyo Walusimbi’s absence is happening.Missing our best international defender over pay dispute is coming to haunt us.

  3. More Reason and even More Reason as to why we need Walusimbi back in that defence line like yesterday.Thika and Chemelil putting four against us when we are set to take on Rayon Sport in a Caf assignment soon.AR pay Walusimbi 1Million kshs the team is suffering from his prolonged absence.Are you blind to the goings-on at the pitch or what?Pay him now and end your arrogant row with him.He did no wrong & is a professional of high repute who always delivers on the field of play…

  4. Another costly blunder (handling the ball outside the box!) by Boni, getting sent off and resulting in us being reduced to 10 players. He is eccentric / erratic and his understudies do not inspire confidence. I personally believe we can even get a G.K who can give Boni a more serious run for the keeper position. Let TB keenly look at the goalkeeping department, which is wanting, in addition to strikers especially for the CAF matches. That said the result is acceptable as you can’t win them all. @BB welcome back.

    1. @Oduor, have you taken time to wonder why Boni had to rush out of his area to save the danger? Why was he on a one to one with an opposing striker with no defender in sight? As much as you dont like Boni, remember he has played 6 games and conceded only two goals, Odhonji has played 3 games, conceded 4 and Peter played one, conceded two!!! Statistics dont lie!!!!

      1. @Musymo, it’s not a matter “of liking or not liking” Boni at all. Boni is an experienced keeper but has this tendency goof big time i.e be it a sudden rush of blood to the head or being caught out of position conceding easy goals and/or turn the game against us. We were already leading 2 nil so was his desperate red card response neccessary. Remember this is a very experienced keeper who ought to know better. Also a goalkeeper always has the added responsibility of organizing his defense to cover him. In CAF we only have 6 matches to determine who proceeds to the next round therefore Boni’s uncurable eccentrism and erraticness may prove costly that’s why i feel TB should relook at our G.K position. The players, TB and fans know that fate has dealt us a lucky/ “manageable” CAF draw so let’s make maximum use of that luck by addressing weaknesses in our team. It is winning on the pitch that has brought back sponsorship, kit deal (a CAF group stage requirement) and all other good tidings.

  5. I have a slightly different opinion from most of the folks here regarding walu’ yes we do miss him bt mostly on the danger he brings on the left wing going forward, defence wise his replacements have done well, he has an edge on them on attack. Does ii mean if walu is there we will not be scored.@Oduor12 cut bonny some slack, look at the number of games he has played and we won, and the look at the few mistakes he has made before u talk bad of the guy.Same thing happens with joash, one or two mistakes he’s called names the good he has played before is forgotten. I believe football is about capitalising on your opponents mistake,cause no one is perfect.Let us stop this habit of discriminating players.We tend to tolorate mistakes from players differently.Shaks scored an own goal did I read any condemnation., I wonder if it could have been joash,…watu wange fungua roho hapa.

  6. Yes we can’t win all kpl matches, even Man u ,Arsenal, Man city lose points unexpectedly to small teams.However this should be learning point to Kerr as far as his defense is concerned.Rectify defensive mistakes soon before we meet Rayon otherwise that show of overconfidence by defenders will haunt Gor.

  7. So now anytime we concede a goal , it is bcoz of Walusimbi’s absence , the biggest teams in the world concede and lose games to even the smallest teams , a recent case in point is Man U losing to relegation bound West Bromwich Albion .
    Secondly as much as it is prudent to pay players their dues , sometimes for one reason or another this is not possible , those in the know say that even BB and Tuisenge r owed money but they have decided to settle their matter using a different approach and which in my opinion is the more rational approach all factors considered.
    It is true Walusimbi is owed some millions , but it
    is also true that the entity that owes Walusimbi could just a week ago not able to raise money to fly the team for the most important game in the life of the team and as such if some money was found , do u start by looking at the interest of the other 29players or do u start with Walusimbi , this is where the term ” in order of priorities comes in ” , Debts eventually must be paid but if I were to give my counsel to Walusimbi , I would advise him to seek a different approach that solves his problem while not compromising the stability and unity of the club , Be tough but be smart and finally be wary of opportunistic counsel , some driven by axes to grind for reasons that have nothing to do with your rightful demands .
    Let reason prevail and get back to the team .

    1. Mr Teddy,you have an advantage of being in the land of Walusimbi’s birth,ask around you will hear and probably see that “Buganda Ssebo Wich Teko” is a common thing exhibited best by bodaboda riders who are near impossible to deal with Politely.Walusimbi’s case is unique,he owes his agency that already paid him upfront money which was to be recouped from GM with AR signing a contract to that effect in the presence of those agents.Now the fine is 2000$ with every month of defaulting,it is now 6000$ and counting.Soon it will be as much as what he is demanding as balance which ofcos AR will decline to pay after settling monies owed.They are threatening auctioning his house back home as an eventuality.Do you expect any right reasoning individual to seat calm & hear false promises over & over?Muguna’s transfer fee 7.5 M entered AR account,why didn’t 1M be paid to Walusimbi.I tried rallying a fundraiser to which i was to donate 100k to offset this debt,Chair & Aduda declined so what is this all about?With any money we got FIRST & ONLY priority at this point is paying Walusimbi his DUES.Am sure should your employer in Uganda swindle you of your sweat Only God knows how they would Rem your 3 names well for years to come…

  8. In our part previous post, I talked about the balloon that is waiting to burst – our defence. We have conceded four goals in two matches against Chemelil and Thika.
    So far, Gor has not played most of the teams in the upper table. We have pending games against, Mathare, Posta, Sofapaka, Ingwe, KK Homeboyz, Sony and Ulinzi. We will definitely lose against such teams if they decide to give their best.
    Now look at Kogallo defence once again. Is there anything worth showing in it? If Bonny becomes the last man to defend the goal, where were the defenders?
    Will that defence work against Yanga and USM Alger? Why do you close your ears and eyes to the glaring truth that we seriously miss Walusimbi?

    1. @Jambitatiny Looks like you forget GOR MAHIA rarely lose to teams who are among the top of the table..Its the small mid table and teams fighting relegation that we always struggle apart from Sofapaka (last season) and Tusker (the year before) Gor mahia has never lost to any team in top 10 in the league standings at thr point when the match is happening you can confirm for yourselves that is 3 years of football since 2015. So when it comes to the so called top teams I have never been worried because these teams are more likely to play football and try to match Gor whereas the small teams will stick back be patient and wait to hit us which most of the time it works. Mathare will lose easily to Gor just wait and see

  9. We play Mathare on 29 April,rest for a day, then face efusi in the meaningless friendly on 1 May.What is the mandatory rest days between matches as per FIFA regulations our squad size notwithstanding. I have never heard of Man.U, Barcelona, R.Mad etc playing friendlies when the league is on going or even mid season. In addition with the lack of suitable stadia where will this unnecessary game be played. Though we can’t tell our sponsor a flat no, we can tell him that the timing of this friendly is wrong aside from the whimpsicle grounds of appeal by a underperforming club.

  10. A few days ago the cry was about our strikers amd now they are scoring at the expense of the defense. Why do we think that the CAF games will be ‘tougher’ than the ‘ local’ apart from the platform? I believe Walu should be paid his rightful dues but not sure whether he is key to the defensive lapses. I compare him to Marcelo of Real and our former Marcelo as well. Good going forward but in the process leaves gaps behind foe opppnents to explore

    1. To guage the toughness of CAF versus local matches, I politely request you to compare how many times we’ve won any CAF title versus the number of times we’ve won local titles.

      1. it’s all been about poor preps. This time the only challenge is the injuries and absenteeism of Walu. if we get Kasarani readu then i think we should be ready for Africa

  11. God help us if we are transporting grass from utalii college to kasarani i don’t know where were are as a country… heartening to know this are efforts by sport pesa to salvage the situation and not even the so called federation and ministry of cluelessness ?

    1. Hehe we have a nonsensical thing called goverrnment always talking talking talking but knowing too well they can do nothing.Ojoga…Rye grass is the best,grows to maturity within 2 weeks and only grows in Northern Ireland so we should have imported weeks ago.Its whats used world over in all stadia that we see on world football

  12. Bermuda is what African countries use due to weather conditions. Rhye grass is best and can withstand snow and so forth but my worry is with what is being displayed by all parties including our ec

  13. Walusimbi Jajaman has been fully paid hence his agents dues have been fully settled.We are back to full strength squad which is great news.We could not lose our most capped international due to pay dispute.I am happy,Walusimbi is happy,Coach Kerr is happy,Players are happy,Fans are happy even Jakoyo is happy i guess.To Caf we now match undeterred by any opponent.Tuyisenge & Blackberry should also be paid to avoid such distractions & fully focus on a stellar season…

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