2019 CECAFA club cup squad and Fixtures

Gor Mahia and Bandari have an opportunity to help Kenya football fans forget their mediocre performance at the 2019 AFCON cup, as they embark on the CECAFA club cup. It has been eleven years since a Kenyan team won the tournament and 34 years since Gor Mahia lifted this trophy.

Gor Mahia Squad

Boniface Oluoch, David Mapigano, Ronack Elvis, Charlse Momanyi, Haron Shakava, Joachim Oluoch , Geofrey Ochieng, Khavuchi Loyd, Ernest Wendo, Tobias Otieno, Kenneth Muguna, Lawrence Juma, Denis Oalo, Samuel Onyango, Nicholas Kipkirui, Erick Ombija, Eliud Lokuwom, Wellington Ochieng, Abdala Chaberi, Mustapha Francis, Dickson Ambundo.

Groups and Fixtures

33 thoughts on “2019 CECAFA club cup squad and Fixtures

  1. Oktay trusting the likes of Lokuwam, Khavuchi, Ombija, Joachim and Geoffrey is a strong message and insurance for the future. I LOVE IT. I believe we can build an exciting young team that can dominate Africa. we can be the Ajax of Africa. It also seems Kipkirui and Oalo will be our main strikers. Big step for Oalo from NSL to Continental football, for Kipkirui we have no doubt he can be the new Peter Dawo to bring it home. ALL THE BEST

    1. Abdalla is the new right back from Sony Sugar. I think Ssekisambu, Oliech and Odhoji falls into surplus to requirements category to be offloaded. Blackberry and Fredrick dropped as we could only take 21 players to CECAFA. Philemon and Joash rested after engagement in AFCON while Batambuze is still injured.

  2. This list and the one on Goal.com differs greatly. The Goal.com one has Ssempala, Boniface Omondi and no Mustapha. So which one is the correct one?

  3. Am OK with the recruitment of youngsters… at least for the future.

    However, Gor at 50+ years should not be a work in progress. We should be challenging the big boys in Africa.

    Let’s us blood youth and experience. If we combine those two well, and with an elaborate structure on and off the pitch, we will be good to go.

    Word has it that wazito has captured Bernard ochieng from vihiga, Elvis rupia from Zambia, pistone mutamba from sofa,cercidy from Gor and are now eyeing shakava, batambuze and perhaps mieno… though those last three are yet to be confirmed.

    Seems like we are in for an interesting league match up this coming season.

  4. @oswozo, you seem to have lots of information on wazito fc or is it because you train at psc where kogalo trains?I have just read on futaa that pistone has rejoined wazito

  5. I am not worried of Wazito picking up all these players. Currently they have the money and we have Sportpesa as well. They have the players and we have the same. We have the fans and they don’t. We have pedigree and they don’t. So i don’t see how they will be a match for Gor, maybe to Sofa, Bandari and the rest. Their presence will actually be good for the league which i see us retaining again. We just need to improve on the admin issues that bedeviled us last season. I believe that will the polls on Dec the officials will strive to leave a legacy and not with gat wallets.

  6. Grapevine has it that we have seen the last of BlackBerry, Ssekisambu, Odhoji, sempala and mustafa in kogallo colors. Lets wish them well wherever they go…are this matches live on supersport ? Anyone…..

  7. @fred odhiambo.. I just happen to be friends with some of these footballers with whom I share quite a bit with, football and otherwise.

    But what I can say is, there is a lot happening behind the scenes. Much more than what we read in different circles around.

  8. Those wazito signings are spent forces most of whom have outlived their usefulness and surpassed expiry date.The old baldheaded mutamba who still claims to be under20 could hardly get playtime in sofapaka,Rupia has also had a dismal performance in zambia. We are not intimidated at all. Kogallo forever.

  9. @Musymom, below is the official lost of Gor Mahia FC which has travelled to Rwanda according to Gor Mahia official website http://www.gormahiafc.co.ke

    The travelling party to grace the 2019 cecafa club Championship has been announced.

    A total of 28 people will leave the country tomorrow for Rwanda. New signings David Mapigano, Elvis Ronack, Tobias Otieno, Dennis Oalo and Dickson Ambundo make the trip as well as Youth Team winger Lloyd Khavuchi.

    Technical Bench
    Hassan Oktay, Patrick Odhiambo, George Abanga, Willis Ochieng, Fredrick Otieno, Jolawi Obondo

    Playing Unit
    Bonface Oluoch, David Mapigano, Wellington Ochieng, Elvis Ronack, Joachim Oluoch, Charles Momanyi, Harun Shakava, Geoffrey Ochieng, Lawrence Juma, Tobias Otieno, Kenneth Muguna, Hashim Ssempala, Samuel Onyango, Ernest Wendo, Bonface Omondi, Dickson Ambundo, Eliud Lokuwam, Erick Ombija, Nicholas Kipkuruiā€™ Lloyd Khavuchi, Dennis Oalo

  10. What can you do with the kitchen budget of say Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates, Al Ahly, Raja Casablanca, Esperance or Zamalek, not much. Thank you, that’s the budget of Gor Mahia FC. Smaller budget must be used wisely, just ask Arsenal football club!! You must relook at your market to evaluate the players that you can be able to attract and bring in cheaply. Oktay has the right balls and has sanctioned the signing of such young, talented and focused players with the hunger to succeed. He will blood in some of the young stars during the CECAFA games. Rant as some of you have been a customed to, the essence of this season’s signings is that ADOR is sending a significant subtle message to the “owners” of Gor Mahia. The message is; that the club is broke and cannot therefore compete with it’s peers financially, both in and off the field. The aforementioned clubs are professionally run full time and therefore have huge budgets per year, unlike Gor Mahia which still depends on the good will of individuals and Government. Please do not remind me of Sponsorship by Sport Pesa or even Tuzo! That’s a drop in the ocean when talking about professional football. It is only when we will allow the adoption of a new constitutional order to pave way for the full professionalization of Gor Mahia will we be able to compete with our peers. Okudo Lesley, in 1995 mooted the idea and he was chased out of town by the moronic behaviour of some of you. People of the same I’ll are at it again, this time more adamant that ADOR does not move this club forward. You have refused to register as members yet you’re in the streets, social pages, stadias and everywhere shouting, ranting and running your mouth dry that you want some particular signings to be made. Give us a break, your membership is in question or you are not a member of the club at all. The 3million of you would generate Ksh 300million per month to the club at a membership fee of Ksh 100 per month per member. Of course you have to be bright enough for you to see the folly of your incessant complains not being helpful unless you register as members of the club. Let us register enmass to shore up the accounts of the club. And only then will we be able to return to the football high table where we originally belonged.

    1. Who are we missing? Tuyisenge and Kahata? Are they replaceable? Yes. Remember this year we lost Mieno but still soldiered on with Lawi manning the position. We lost Bonnie but Freddie was there to manage the position. We previously lost Wellington and Nzigimana but Philemon stepped in and sorted out the issues. So no need for worry before even the league starts. We wanted Otanga who just two years ago was playing in the county league but now we think our boys willnot manage. They will

  11. Rumour has it that Nzigimana could also be on his way to wazito. Solo leaving nothing to chance to make sure they hit the ground running!

  12. South Africa has a team of unknown players but it is complete team, hakuna star. Very well organised, tactical and play a quick brand or passing game. Very fast runners. I was simply impressed. This new Gor Mahia team can too go far depending with the organisation of the team. So let us not criticise the team. Players that have been recruited by Gor Mahia are top top goal scorers with amazing speed.

    Thoroughly enjoyed that game. Percy Tau on the left wing and Lorch on the right were a delight, lighting quick with direct runs at defenders.

    Personally regarding Bafana Bafana, I had feared that the hosts would be overtly favoured and no effort would be spared to ensure they went through but it was an open game, alot of fair play and the ref was decent. Unknown boys proved to the continent that big names can be a big let down and it was witnessed in this game.

    The Egyptian goalie, Mohamed El Shenawy had a huge game. Kept them in the game with some world class saves.

    The young Bafana Bafana boys carried the day in front of Egyptians.

  13. Mr Dan original, the boys managed because they were playing in the shadow is Jausenge and Kahata,can you recalled when Everton gave us 4nill ,we cried that we did not have top striker with the team the same happened when we played Petrol de Atletico in the absence of Jausenge.Don’t forget PERCY TAU in bafana bafana is a brand so apposing teams plan on how to tame TAU.So unless we get two lethal striker and a creative midfielder from outside the country then we are doomed to fail,it will be dead beat to carry drum anymore. Continental matches need experience not high school recruitment Jasego promised us heaven and earth,surely if a club is signing a foreign goalkeeper yawa,otek kodwa this time

  14. With unwavering support and belief in the players and TB…Gor Mahia will make it.I once had it said that kogallo was finished since Olunga and Kagere left but they rose to the occasion and performed…don’t give up..be strong and thankful to God for what we have. Be positive…it will take us far.

  15. With unwavering support and belief in the players and TB…Gor Mahia will make it.I once had it said that kogallo was finished since Olunga and Kagere left but they rose to the occasion and performed…don’t give up..be strong and thankful to God for what we have. Be positive…it will take us far.

  16. If even jaAsego Kanyada with all his strengths influence, experience has been out maneuvered by the cartels and has gone mute. Je Mimi ni nani? Corruption and ineptitude is in our DNA. Let the players give to the highest bidder.

  17. Let’s remember also to congratulate Sharks for beating Everton. Lakini hata hivyo adui mwombee njaa.

  18. Guys, why press the panic button even before we play a single match? As of now all the teams in Rwanda are on pre-season. TP Mazembe lost yesterday but we all know what they can do when it matters. So let’s observe the teamand criticize while building. I read that the striker we had identified did not impress in the trials so our search goes on.
    @Jasego, say something. Is it true Nzigimana is joining Wazito? if so, let’s wish him all the best

  19. Denis Oalo scored 24 goals in the National Super League while Dickson Ambundo scored 12 goals in Tanzania’s 2018/2019 premier league. I believe coach Hassan Oktay approved their acquisition. I believe with time they will gel with the rest of the team members and goals will come. Remember Reinhard Fabish Hrambee Star’s team of 1997, he picked unknown players like Ken Simiyu but they managed to perform well against big teams like the 1-1 draw against Nigeria. “Jothurwa wadhi uru mos, piny ber, piny mor”

  20. Playing today yet it is like a blackout. Anyone with any information on this CECAFA thing, please share

  21. Anyone please help how i can watch our game live on phone. Have downloaded the AZAM TV app but it is not working. Or one has to watch it only on Tv and not via phone?

  22. @Musymo, matches are live on azam tv and you can also follow azam tv on you tube where all matches are broadcasted

  23. The Camerounian Attacker failed trials and boarded a plane back to Yaounde on Saturday. A foreign target man is hard to get with a lean budget but one will be found. My last energies are now focused on 3 players locally hard as it may be.
    1. Duke Abuya
    2. John Avire
    3. Masoud Juma
    Any of the above local talents can shield us very well in Caf Assignments. It is tough as both Nick Mwendwa and Elly Kalekwa dont like dealing with GM and would blow up player value immensely if it has to happen. Still an kuome….@Dan Original yawa now I should handle Wazito transfers too baba? Let me ask Karim personally now if the rumours are true

  24. I have just spoken to Karim and he has confirmed Wazito FC approach and interest so he will be jetting in next week for contract negotiations and possible signing…But those dont intimidate us we are Chuor Timbe

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