3 Kogalo players in Harambee Stars squad

Kevin Ochieng and Rama Salim have been named to the national team that is due to start preparing for the Africa cup qualifiers. Also named is Collins Okoth who is still listed as a club player despite having left.

Eama Salim has been one of the few bright spots on the team this year. He joined the team after gaving put on dazzling displays last year for Congo United. Kevin Ochieng is a vastly experienced player who has seen national team duty several times.

Goalkeepers: Boniface Oluoch(Tusker) and Patrick Matasi(AFC Leopards)

Defenders: James Situma(Sofapaka), Mulinge Ndetto(Ulinzi), Pascal Ochieng(Rangers), Brian Mandela and Jockins Atudo(Tusker), Dennis Odhiambo(Thika United) and Joseph Shikokoti(Tusker).

Midfielders: Humphrey Mieno(Sofapaka), Kevin Ochieng(Gor Mahia), Jamal Mohammed(Mathare United), Kepha Aswani(Thika United), Collins Okoth(Gor Mahia), Peter Opiyo(Tusker), Ramadhan Salim(Gor Mahia), Bernard Mangoli(AFC Leopards), Paul Were(Tusker), Clifton Miheso(Thika United) and Kevin Kimani(unattached)

Strikers: Allan Wanga(AFC Leopards) and Bob Mugalia(Sofapaka

15 thoughts on “3 Kogalo players in Harambee Stars squad


    Bravo boys for being named to the provincial team of the Harambee stars.

    It is always such a great honor and priviledge to play for the national team. Salim, Ochieng and Okoth are no doubt rising stars and must now use the opportunity to prove they merited to be in the national team. The three players are acutely aware of the stiff competition for the team jersey and therefore must work extra hard tovsecure a number in the team.

    As a fan , i am filled with a sense of profound elation to see the great K’Ogallo lads in the provincial squad. We do hope they become good ambassadors of this great club by displaying the highest sense of displine in the camp and during match day. I also urge our fans to give gatusso the moral support he need even as he prepare to bid us goodbye when his contract expires. I take this early opportunity to wish him well wherever he may choose to go.

  2. Who is the better striker between Bob Mugalia compared with either Mike Baraza or Victor Ochieng’? Anyway sisemi kitu.

  3. These selection leaves a lot of questions,how do you explain the inclusion of mugalia who has been out with injury,our kevin ochieng who has just come from injury,matasia with his high school errors and kimani who has not played any competitive match in the last 6months,how i wish players were selected on current form and not by historical data.

  4. With this kind of selection,Kenya’s dream to qualify for Afcon 2013 is not anywhere near reality.when did mugalia last play?what about kevin kimani?kevin ochieng came back just the other day while collins okoth has not shown any good form this season leave alone being clubless for some weeks now.
    Same player year in year out even if they don’t perform.fkf mtakula ujeuri wenu.

  5. Jasawagongo, brilliant observation, i see problems everywhere in the local scene. I really sympathise with BB who thinks he may improve his career at this ‘home’ of surprises..surely if jasawagongo knows players who’ve been out for months while selectors do not know! Siongei zaidi. Dear fellow bloggers, I’ve replaced my first name.

  6. Have observed Coach Kimanzi and his tech bench of recent. They tend to overlook Gor and Leopards players as much as these set of players are a bit below par as per now. Even those who are called are usually dropped never to feature for a match. They favour Sofa, Mathare and Tusker for no apparent reasons. As some have said, look at Matasi of Leopards. He has had serious errors of late. Kasaya has been outstanding. I thought Masika would be included. Gattuso has not had game time and so also with his indispline. Ballo of Man City is a good player but is frozen at national level cos of lack of displine. Aswani has been a one time wonder but the two Baraz[s]a have been consistent and lethal. How about Victor Ochieng? Do these guys feel there are no better players at Muhoroni, SoNy, Western Stima and the others. This is biased and lazy selections. Let them dedicate time and devise a way like the opta analysis of a player [ how many games and fit he has had and been, how many saves for gk, tackles for a defender, assists made and goals scored in over period] where even the public wont have doubts. These guys should wake up, do their work and stop doing their boardroom selections.

  7. Praying for K’galo win n not a repeat of the Oserian DEBACLE, even in our sorry state we can’t afford to lose team at the bottom of the log therefore we simply MUST START SCORING

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  9. even though kimanzi has not impressed me as coach, why should he be obligated to include gor players. thse players cannot even lift their own team. a coach has to go with the BEST current products an sincerely gor is not the club to go fishing for such players at the moment. but i do go with rama selection, i would also go with kevin omondi. most of these gor players have lost the idea on why they took up football and collins okoth does not deserve a call up too. but again i have no faith in harambee stars THE FRIENDLY TEAM. the excuses will be the same. last time in tanzania kimanzi could only say he selected the top scorers from the league. what an excuse! kenya needs a foreign coach coz of one reason, most of the local coaches have reached their zenith in football ideas, simply put there is nothing more in the cupboard.ideas are over. a foreign coach can come up with new ideas not used before and improve the local game, this i believe is why koops does well in leapards and the croat can do the same… but gor has a tech (read EC)bench with VESTED INTERESTS.kimanzi will generally bring in buddies eg jamal . pls wait for the elimination. harambee stars is better of with koops. as i said b4 a coach is a manager and here we have many aspects of what u have to manage. local coaches only think its about HOW WE WILL ATTACK. coaching is a very wide subject and some of it is not even on the field.

  10. Kimanzi is not the right man for our national team Harambee Stars. It is high time management hired a neutral coach and Kimanzi should his assistant.

    On Kogalo, congrats the team for winning us a game against stubborn City Stars.

  11. Its good to have those two players,but lets have full time for these two players in their team to justify their form in National team

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