19 May 17

A report on Kenyanstar.co.ke suggests that Sportpesa are reviewing their sponsorships with a view towards reducing or eliminating them. The reasons given are the 50% tax levied by the government and the fact that KPL is no longer televised.

Story courtesy of kenyanstar
AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia sponsorships are at risk following reports that their shirt sponsor Sportpesa  plans to review their engagement with the two sides among them a possible termination of their sponsorships.Kenyanstar has learnt that betting giants will reduce or withdraw their sponsorship with AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia if the government goes ahead to implement the 50% tax regulation.During the 2017/18 budget presentation in March, the government proposed a sharp hike in taxation on betting, lottery and gambling from the current 7.5% to 50%. Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, two of the biggest clubs in Kenya, are now at risk of losing sponsors which might lead to very many problems including lack of payment of player wages, lack of transport and training facilities, losing players to other clubs among other things.

SportPesa has been sponsoring the two teams since 2016 and prior to that sponsorship, both clubs had no sponsors and were enduring a lot of difficulties.

SportPesa have in the past shown seriousness in their words, having suspended its sponsorship of Gor Mahia aqnd AFC Leopards in mid-last year due to hooliganism. After some time, they re-instated the sponsorship deals following a reduction in the vice.

Other sports bodies at risk include KPL and Rugby Union.

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  • Machienglo says:

    That can be a setback but gor has other sources of revenue which if well managed can sustain the club.

    • Joe Riaga says:

      The club is actually broke. Remember that a month ago, Ze Maria and his staff staged a go slow.

      Those other sources of revenue you speak of are either non-existent or are poorly managed. What happened to Gor Mahia bread?, the SACCO?, Gor Mahia water etc etc.

  • Dan Original says:

    Fortunately there are other Sportpesa competitors who are ready to step in even if at a lower financial cost

  • When politics extrapolates into youth talent in the country, such incidents are bound to occur. Since Sportpesa sponsors Gor, AFC, KPL and rugby (who doesn’t know the ethnic groups plying their trade here anyway?) a heavy taxation would force them to freeze the sponsorship. They like to see us suffer. They revel when we knock upon their doors, begging for fare tickets to Daresalaam. They make merry when we visit their offices to beg them for money to pay players. Compare the management of soccer and athletics in this country then open your eyes.
    One day, the gates of freedom will ultimately open up.