A good start for Gor Mahia

Goal scorer : Paul Kiongera

Gor Mahia started their 2013 Tusker Premier League campaign by beating Sofapaka 1-0 in a match played at Kasarani sports centre on Saturday.

The all important goal came via new signing Paul Kiongera in the 38th minute. Edwin Lavatsa did the spadework and centred to Kiongera who finished with a brilliant backheel to give Gor Mahia the lead.

The win over a team of such high calibre as Sofapaka bodes well for the team given that Gor Mahi have had poor starts to the season in the last 4 years. It also shows that the team can indeed score and defend against high calibre teams. Note that Gor Mahia have not conceded a goal in the last four competitive matches.

30 thoughts on “A good start for Gor Mahia

  1. what a powerful message, may God continue giving us glory in the remaining 29 matches, and other continental duties. We remain faithful to Kogallo, and pray to the Almighty God so that he can guide us through all the games ahead, AMEN.

  2. On a positive note, tuzo or aka brookside is now the president…………..hopefully the tuzo deal can be strengthened. Whichever way you look at it, Kigali is still ‘sirkal’

  3. Well done boys continue with the same spirit. Am happy for Lavatsa the man of the match and urge him to continue working hard and focused

  4. Thank u boys for silencing the talkative sofapaka coach who went evrywhere how he is a dutch trained coach who will attack Gor from all angles.Having said that I want also to thank our players for proving that they are the best by beating sofapaka on their first league match.That shows that our next match against ENNPI of egypt will also produce good results . All the best my beloved team. Gor biro! Yawne yo!
    K’ogalo ee! K’ogalo aa

  5. Great result against such a big team on a day when Tusker drew. Congrats team for taking away some of the gloom on a day like this. I knew you wud not disappoint. This is our season, I see a long unbeaten run shaping up. Long live Kogalo.

  6. Way to start team !
    ONE MATCH AT A TIME is still our motto for this season as well !
    GO GOR !
    GO GOR !!
    GO GOR !!!

  7. Congrats to the team. Lavatsa ame improve mpaka sasa yuko starting line up on a permanent basis for both club and country. Emuge pia ako juu. Timu hii iko hewani.

  8. We won Yes, but we were totally outplayed by Sofapaka. This does not bode well for the team because we shall not be relying on lady luck to grinde out results.

  9. Kudos kogallo!
    Kindly admin or anyone else,pliz upload that kiongera goal.That was such a beauty!
    To those of us who watched the game live, we didnt have the benefit and the luxury of a replay, which does not do any favour to such a master class of a goal by ‘kiongechwa’.
    Winning matches againts top sides always come with the added advantage of boosting a teams’ morale twofold , and if our next match would have been a league match, you would have seen what I mean.
    In israel emuge we have a ‘rock of ages’, who literally stood tall!, I would like to pass my appreciation to our unsng hero, emuge.
    One game at a time, and let’s hope and pray for a good showing in egypt.
    @jakoyo, umenimaliza!!!!!!!
    Thank you everybody!

  10. @ Odhiambo p owuor #10. when will u learn to appreciate the efort of the team players. Do you know that when you are playing a team like sofapaka u are playing a team that is good in midfield play.U must not expect to dominate all matches in play.U must only plan on how to win a match and thats what matters most.we dont care how we win but we care most how we can win matches. If u think that we did not play well then I think u r not supportive of the team.If by any chance players read your comment,

  11. cont#14
    what do u expect them to feal.Sometimes manchester united wins but they r outplayed but the bottom line is that they have won. we as fans we r only expected to support players and encourage them and not to critisize them.Champions only play to win and thats what we as Fkf cup champs did.U must also know that k’ogalo is the only team that evry team wants to beat and they will do evrything at their disposal to beat Gor.So bw.owuor, style up and support the team. Dont be like efusi fans.

  12. @Odhiambo p owuor: i thnk gor went out to get points and did just that. it was important to start with a win. the sofapaka coach went home thnking that the attractive football was evrthng but he does not realise that gor went home with the points. i thnk this was what loger was after and he got it. congrats… all the same i do admit sofapaka football was good and was good to watch but with no goals it did not add to much.

  13. If Sofapaka dominated us in the second half then where are the goals to account for it? With all their dominance, what stopped them from scoring?

  14. Wether we were outplayed or not does not mater what is important is the three points so lets keep our focus,as our motto remains the same O.G.A.T.What i would like to comment about is the sub that our coach did in our game agaist reunion and the yesterdays game Rama is just down and the coach dont seem to see it,he is loosing balls easily and he ever complaining i think he needs to improve on it or else he will destroy his carrier,thats my thought sio kwa ubaya.

  15. Dear Comrades,let us always be ready to pinpoint the truth! If the Team was out played, which in reality was the case, let us admit. It doesn’t mean that you can’t win if you are dominated.It means that the chances of winning are minimal. It seems that there are a clique of fans who think that they are more fans than others! Woe to those who posses this mentality!

  16. @ Odhiambo p owuor #10 and 19, your postings are misplaced. Football is all about winning and accumulating points. It is not about how beautiful you play the match.

    Meanwhile I return all the glory, honour and praises to the Almighty God for giving us victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen

  17. Mr Mwakio, it is your posting which is misplaced. The primary purpose of football is to entertain. Winning and accumulating points are secondary purposes.

  18. Quite good and encouraging start, now bring on Tusker and Ulinzi, AFC is nowhere. Perhaps the teams to watch are the likes of Thika, KCB and Karuturi, always the bogey teams. A little only a little play time for Mutiso and Abbey as well as David Otieno, and I hope the coach has not totally discarded these players, it would be very unfortunate and ill advised to do that.

  19. Congrats boys.

    Odhiambo, the problem AFC has currently is of dominating without winning. Would you like the same for our club? How long will you stomach it? Would you still prefer it after falling into relegation zone?

    I used to think like you until i realised it was a strategy of Logarusic. We always play entertaining soccer until we get a goal or two then the game changes. He simply adopts a defensive approach that makes us look dominated.

  20. @Odhiambo P Owuor, suppose that our Gor Mahia team is playing very entertaining games but losing every match one after another. What will be your take? We need to win games even if we are to win such games in the ugliest ways and get points. Please note that we pride ourselves with victories not entertainment. At the end of the season, Gor Mahia will be judged on how many games they have won but not on how many entertaining games they have played.

    As the League progresses, entertainments will just be part of the value addition to the game.

    I do not think that there are any teams in the world that will be rewarded with success and trophies without winning games.

    We need to commend the players and technical bench for the victory as fans. I believe that motivations and encouragements will enable Gor Mahia to win trophies but remember to always thank God and return all the glories and honour to Him for every victory.

    Football team are judged with trophies they have won but not entertainment.

  21. @Mwakio 25. What a brilliant contribution. One may provide all the entertainment on the pitch but if at the end of the of the game they do not win then it will be useless. We need to win games. This first win is such a big boost in starting up the league. This win was so special to me especially on a day that things were the way they appeared. Thank you guys for giving me some thing to smile about. All in all some one said”one may decide to see a glass half full or a glass half empty” For Kogalo, I saw a glass half full. Let us continue to support and cheer them on.

  22. #p.odhiambo u r living in a different world. How can u say that in football winning is secondary to entertainment.This is a profesional league and players are earning bonuses for winning including the coach.coach is hired to deliver and so is the players.If logarusic will start loosing matches here, I think u r going to be the first to say loga must go. In the world of football,winning is first priority & the rest is suplimentary.I hope now u will know the bussines of football.

  23. Thankz guys 4 not letting the events of Friday nite and Sato morning dampen ur spirit during the game. Keep bringing in the 3 points na @ the end of season we will be top hata wakiesabu manually.

  24. @ p odhiambo ,how many times have we played sofapaka ,what were the results? If u know the answer then u could well have realized why we played that way and won.@ mwakio ,now the prayerful person is back and i expect that you will be giving glory to almighty even in the event of a loss.
    The team is gd ,what i have noticed is that rama partners well with Dan and lavatsa well with kiongera coz of speed and their heights.rama is also loosing confidence or is it that he has attitude?I’m yet to see more of him this season.
    My question to bloggers where are fans nowadays kwa stadium ,i believe they will come when the league is coming to an end with their bad luck again! Coz i believe this is the time players needed support from their fans to know that they stand with them in good and bad times.

  25. “Nusu mkate” nyinyi! Soccer is about dominance, beautiful passes and then goals. that is what Sofapaka exhibited (only that they missed a goal) and not GOR GOONS FC!

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