31 Jul 10

The organisers of the Abidjan international tournament featuring two clubs from African continent and another two from South America (Brazil) and Europe (UK) respectively has released the program below, capturing the activities between Sept 14th and 20th.
14th Sept 2010 – Teams will assemble at Hotel IBIS Abidjan-Plateau.
15th Sept 2010 – Orientation of all teams at the hotel between 18h00-19h15.
16th Sept 2010 – Tournament starts with two matches.
17th Sept 2010 – Excursions to touristic sites starting from 10h00 back at 17h10.
18th Sept 2010 – Another orientational talks between 18h00-19h15
19th Sept 2010 – Third place play off at 17h00, finals at 19h00, Gala diner from 21h00 to 23h00.
20th Sept 2010 – Teams to depart back to their respective Nations.
Ronald N. Ngala
assistant Secretary-General operations.

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