Abondo would not mind a return to Gor Mahia

Former Gor Mahia midfield ace, Ali Abondo is still not certain of his future but has indicated that a return to Gor Mahia is a possibility.  It is also apparent that Ajax Cape Town have not communicated directly to Abondo regarding his status but have only communicated via the media.

“We are still discussing things with my employers and my agent will let me know soon what my next move will be. I like this club (Ajax), but my stay here wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for and if they are saying those things (in the media) then there is a possibility that I may leave before my contract is up. If that happens, I would not mind coming back to Gor Mahia. That has been my club for a long time and it won’t be the first time I am will be returning.” said Abondo to the KPL website.

Abondo left Kogalo for trials in South Africa in January of 2016 after having had a stellar season in 2015.

Meanwhile Baron Oketch Jobita is leaving Gor Mahia to join Ulinzi on a one year loan deal.

“We have completed everything on both sides and we are glad that Oketch will be joining us. We needed someone to complement Makwatta (John) in striking and Baron fits what we were looking for. He is a very good player and he will play a big role for us in 2017 especially in continental football,” Ulinzi Stars chair Lt. Col. Erick Oloo said to the Ulinzi FC website.

The speedy Jobita whose father Laban Jobita played for Gor Mahia in the 1990s joined Gor Mahia from Western Stima in 2016.  But he has not fit into coach Ze Maria’s plans. He thrives on using his speed down the flanks which does not suit Ze Maria’s style. As a result, he hardly played.


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  1. Since the player recruitment drive started Jasego has gone mute. Whats up wuod Kanyada?Are you cooking up some good surprise for the Kogalo fans…..or you just took a sabbatical?

    1. I am very much active in pushing things jamriambo,only that with the situation on transfers being ever so dicey i don’t want to rush to inform you guys lest things change suddenly and i am put to task. Rest assured big names are in the offing and mayienga of 2017 will wrap the trophy within the first round, currently the players being fronted exceed 10 so prioritizing is a must though all are quite capable.Abondo bende dwogo

  2. Abondo is a quality player and will be a good addition. But this should act as a lesson to him and others recalling how he left for Ajax without the club getting anything yet he was still under contract. Abondo and Ajax insisted he goes free or no deal. On Baron, it is a wise move for him. I was one of the people who vouched loudest for him to come based on his exploits in the first leg. I think six months was not enough to give us a proper assessment of his capabilities. Now he has the chance to prove we were all wrong to doubt him or to confirm the popular story that he was a one hit wonder.

  3. I have a feeling that this time we will recruit soberly. Some players will have to be released or sent on loan to create room for new arrivals

  4. This business of certain players forcing their transfer out of the club and when they fail they want come back according to me is not good at all. Once they leave the club should not entertain and accept their return. Let other players grub the chance. Clubs are many


  5. @bob, i totally agree with you, these are the same players who betray us when we need them most and then they want to come back and be welcomed to the team, but you can’t blame them since the players who stay behind don’t take the opportunity and the ec and tb look very clueless when it comes to recruitment because even now we haven’t started preseason yet we’re supposed to claim this season’s title

  6. jamriambo, I am very much active in pushing things jamriambo,only that with the situation on transfers being ever so dicey i don’t want to rush to inform you guys lest things change suddenly and i am put to task. Rest assured big names are in the offing and mayienga of 2017 will wrap the trophy within the first round, currently the players being fronted exceed 10 so prioritizing is a must though all are quite capable.Abondo bende dwogo

  7. Personally I dont have a problem with a player leaving Gor but how they leave bcoz all of as would not mind greener pastures in our daily pursuit , but if a player who knows his contractual obligations leaves the club screaming and wailing that he
    must be left to go for free despite what his contract stipulate and some of as join up behind him that mara the Ec is sabotaging wuod luo then clearly the
    loser is Gor , some like Kagere start demanding what they can never dream of getting elsewhere bcoz if he could then why is he back , an example to as is Sofapaka , look at how they reap from their players who want out , This players once they leaving wailing and screaming should never be entertained back for denying them this would serve as an example to those of similar intentions , Contractual obligations must jealously be adhered to

  8. @NGESTO, the major problem we have is that, TB doesn’t do extensive research on the players they want to recruit. In most cases you find that, those that play well against GM are the one that they go for not knowing that some players do raise their game when facing GM and when they are recruited they become squad players with nothing to write home about.

  9. Happy New Year uru jo GOR. Yes it that season of madness with us again – it is called the transfer period! I am at teast happy to note that at the moment GOR is in stronger posiition than any other club in the country financially this year than it was the same time last year. There are a number of good players who want to join GOR because of that. It is fthat financial stability that is attracting players to the club, the office therefore should take theiir time and pick the best players available. In the past players, helped by some greedy brokers have blackmailed the club asking for so much and end up performing poorly. I hope this will not happen this time round. It is with this in mind that I would advise Abondo’s suitablity should be gauged first before he re-signs for GOR. The technical bench should be given a free hand to do this without interference from the “brokers” – sometimes they call themselves agents. Care is paramount here: let us not deny good players a chance to showcase their prowess at the expense of our “former” players who left when we needed them most, and on the converse let us not deny our former players a chance to return, each case should be a fair and just assessment. I would also like to advise the office: any player who wants to “leave” please let go, do not accept blackmail!

    1. @William Apida, I agree with you 100%. This time looks like we are taking our time because we don’t have that Dec 31st CAF deadline. On recruitment of ‘former’ players we need to balance what is good for the players who stuck with us and the new ones for the good of the team. And on this I believe the EC and TB are in a better situation to advice

  10. I support Bob, Ngesto and teddy’s sentiments that players should never burn their bridges even when they are moving to other clubs. It is not lost on us how Abondo refused to participate in the continental assignment at Kogalo’s hour of need. He could also be featured on TV loitering around during the Mashemeji Derby. The TB and Ec are the final decision makers, but for me it is a Big NO.

  11. Word on the street is that sportpesa is yet to formaly dish out transfer kitty to both Efusi and Gor Mahia so don’t expect any transfers until Mid – January 2017. We also have a new EC therefore they are getting familiarised with the murky world of football agents, last minute transfers and non-committal players.

    Infact anything upto now is simply rumours and rumour mongering.

  12. Whether true or false a player of Abondo’s calibre rejoining For would be disastrous. He will face a lot of pressure from both the technical bench and the club fans. I would rather he joins a club with lesser pressure. This would assist him in the process of recovery. In his situation Kogallo is unhealthy.

  13. I don’t have a problem with Abondo leaving then returning. These players need to pursue greener pastures to make money or else they will end up broke when their career is over.
    However if Abondo is injured, they should not sign him. There are too many passengers already. Where is Crispin Odula now?
    Before signing any player there must be physical and medical tests. How come Tanzanian teams like Yanga and Simba always do medical tests and Kogalo cannot?

    1. spot on . right question. why dont we ever do med checks on our recruits? okay, if we recruit injured or unit players, why dot we sign , say a 6 month pre- contract to get them in shape? why do we rehabilitate and dump off very expensively? do we ever learn?

  14. Happy new year good K’galo fans.

    The season is soon here with and for us , i can’t stop salivating.
    Its quite good news Baron is going for more play time. He is very very good a player to keep on the bench!

    The main problem at GM was a reliable number six and attacking mid field.

    I hope the experts will recruit wisely instead of the usual over haul.

    Looking forward to a fruitful year.

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