Absolute madness as Gor Mahia fires Frank Nuttall

A report on various outlets suggests that Gor Mahia has fired highly successful coach Frank Nuttall.

“The reason for terminating my contract is because the executive committee of Gor Mahia club wanted to reduce my salary by 50% whereas my contract clearly provided for a 10% increase of my salary from January-2016.” said the letter.

This is insanity of several reasons:

Nuttall is arguably the best coach ever to coach this team. His record is far superior to any other coach be it Jack Johnson or Len Julians. He is certainly better than Bobby Williamson under whom Gor Mahia were stale and predictable (the “patia Sserunkuma” tactic). Not only that but his record in international matches such as against Esperance and in the CECAFA cup was abysmal.

And he is much better than Zdravko Logarusic under whom Gor Mahia hardly scored any goals, often winning 1-0. His record in Africa was nothing to write home about. ENPPI of Egypt easily dispatched Gor Mahia 3-0.

Under Nuttall Gor Mahia did not just win but also won in style scoring more goals than any other team in the Kenya premier league has ever scored. He took Gor Mahia to the brink of winning the CECAFA cup, a starke contrast to the previous year.

Leading a team to an unbeaten season is no easy task. A coach has to keep players motivated and focused even when the players are not receiving their salaries. Even after Gor Mahia had wrapped up the league title, Nuttall kept players focused.

Firing a coach only a few  weeks before they are to play in the Africa champions league is ill advised. If they wanted Nuttall to take a paycut, this issue should have resolved in December.

No self respecting person will take a 50% pay cut.

Gor Mahia may live to regret this move. Back in 2014, the Kenya rugby brass fired coach Mike Friday who had led them to the world cup semi-finals and to a 5th place finish in the IRB sevens standings. They replaced him with South African Paul Treu and two expensive assistants. The net result was that Kenya finished 13th and was almost relegated. This proves that good coaches are not easy to find.

And while Kenya battled relegation, Mike Friday immediately joined a rival team and made them an instant success. Who is to say Nuttall cannot join a rival team either in the country or in the region.

You get the impression that Nuttall was liked by players. This could demoralize some players. But more importantly, it will disrupt the team just when it is about to take on CNAPs of Madagascar.

Worse still Nuttall could take his case to FIFA who almost always rules in favour of coaches and players whose contracts have been terminated early. Gor Mahia could end up having to pay his salary including the 10% raise, whether he coaches or not.

At this point the fans deserve an explanation from the club.

34 thoughts on “Absolute madness as Gor Mahia fires Frank Nuttall

  1. Admin please tell NAM not to dare assume GM technical bench. Ask ZICO what we are made off. Rachier and the EC have lit the fire and it better AR ships out to FKF. BURE KABISA. Why land sponsorship and then wreck havoc CHIETHA SHENZI EC.

  2. Whoever came up with this insane idea whether it’s the EC or some illusional official must rescind it before sunset tomorrow. If Ambrose Rachier wants peace then he is better advised to recall the termination letter as we will not accept Gor Mahia to be used, misused and abused. The sponsors are trooping to Gor Mahia as a result of good performance in the field. Frank Nutall is responsible for this achievement. We uru tugo kodwa. Ok wa bi yienu. Udwa lokowa mondo wachal gi semeji. We politely request the EC to calm our already frayed nerves by apologizing to the coach and bringing him back. Failure to do this will lead to untold consequences as you will soon learn from reading the comments posted on this site. I stand to be corrected and guided on this matter. Thank you.

  3. The time of firing leaves lots of questions unanswered. Why fire the coach at this time of the season when the team in busy preparing for CAF Champion League, KPL, Super Cup?

    Ambrose Rachier I can bet that with this kind of hasty decision, you are not winning FKF chairmanship full stop. You can take this to the bank. We now need AGM to endorse return of Frank Nuttal at the helm as Gor Mahia coach. We now need AGM to kick out these inept officials.

    When you were negotiating with Sportpesa, I thought the salary of the coach should have been catered for within the sponsorship arrangement.

  4. But but but ……….some bloggers told us to trust EC for throughout history they have always done what is good for the club. No self interests. Just let EC do their job some people here always say

  5. Is this the reason why you decided to take DSTV Super Cup to Mombasa. We are soon finishing up with these good for nothing officials.

    I will not go to bed until the truth is told. bloggers and fans, let us fight to bring back Frank Nuttal.

    Please stop playing with us.

    We will go to Mombasa and smoke out all the EC members including Rachier.

    FKF delegates throughout the country, be weary of this man Ambrose Rachier and make sure you do not vote for him.

  6. Ambrose Rachier has lit a fire and it will take the coming back of coach Frank Nutall to quench it. To begin with, we are starting “OPERATION RACHIER OUT” and we will make sure you don’t win the forth coming FKF Presidemtial election. We are going to incite all the football fans against your candidature starting now. And I ask ” can any football loving fan trust Ambrose Rachier to bring any meaningful growth in Kenyan football ??!?? My answer is NOOOO NOOOO. IF HE CAN SACK THE MOST SUCCESSFUL COACH GOR HAS HAD IN THE RECENT PAST, he does not deserve to lead anywhere. He can pack his bags and go back to his beloved private Leagal Practice. Wenwa Gor Mahia wa. Rachier, this single act of madness is going to cost you everything you have achieved in football and in Gor Mahia. You have been warned. I stand to be corrected and guided on this matter. Thank you.

  7. All fans should come out in peaceful protest if this issue is not resolved within 12hours. These so called officials are joking. Gor does not belongs to a few individuals. How comes we could retain Nuttal when we did not have sponsor and now that things are getting better is when he’s being fired. What is that.,…we cant entertain that shit in this crucial time!!

  8. Ochakore achaka,No Coach Nuttal No EC & Technical Bench in Gor Mahia.Rachier said sponsors are wary of hooligalism & now he’s the one lighting that fire but thanks God it’s gonna be meted on him and his EC comrades beginning this saturday in Mombasa.Watch this space.

  9. Really? I thought I was having a bad dream, but can that really happen? And why now just when sponsors have come? Please someone let me understand this, was I consulted? Naaaa can’t believe that.

  10. It is just a dream, we will wake up to realize kweli ilikuwa ni ndoto mbaya……. okbichalonegi. For safety postpone saturdays game FKF. Kwa usalaama, postpone it mara pap!

  11. Am very OK with firing Nuttal…but only if it’s AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!
    How do you fire an award winning coach just because he refused to take a pay cut yet we now have a sponsor??this man deserve’s to be brought back…and with a pay rise!!!

  12. Kindly, like minded K’ogalo fans, let’s converge at Nyayo stadium at 10,to demand an explanation of of the dismissal of our greatest trainer. The so called Ferrari must explain to us why she is the one to hand over the termination letter. Gor mahia fc is not Leopards where the so called officials do what they want. Let’s meet comrades. #bring back Nuttall

  13. Heheheheee…….familia huenda watajuta ni kwa nini jamaa zao walikubali kuwa viongozi katika hii klabu ya Gor Mahia.Wakati wa majuto ni sasa kama sio sasa hivi.EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE WE LOVED YOU BUT WE LOVED NUTTAL MOST.

  14. Ec have lit fire, Rachier omoko mach mach koro dwa liel, this is shear nonsence and come rain come sunshine Nutall must be back with 10% pay rise, u have rattled the snake AR. On one hand you tell us not to embrace hooliganism on the other hand you provoke the gor mahia fraternity do you mean good for this team, i rest my case oradi wang’ gi wang’

  15. Can someone explain to me like a small baby why Natall was fired.
    We are peace loving, but don’t provoke us.
    Usione Simba amenyeshewa akadhani ni paka!! # Bring Natall back.

  16. Who told the EC that gormahia fc is a property of their own and that they can make some weird decisions from the comfort otheir armchairs without a blink of the eye.
    Kesho hakuna mechi bila Nuttal period. Wumoko mach muta izima wenyewe

    1. This is unacceptable,Nuttal has to come back,how on earth do you cut someones pay by 50%.No Nuttal ,No Gor.Lets meet Mombasa,we expect to see Nutall on the touchline,otherwise no game will be played.

  17. Very bad news indeed. Let him be recalled back by today before he joins another club and it becomes difficult to get him.

    Nuttul is highly marketable by now. Unfortunately people never realize the value of what they have until they lose it.

    Gor Mahia lacks basic managerial professionalism and that’s why the leadership doesnt see far. If Nuttul isn’t recalled back then surely we will leave to regret and worst still we are not sure if he will accept the offer once more

  18. My ooh my!do these people think we kogalo fans are idiots?Frank is Gor and Gor is him.Rachier and your fellows there in the top brass “You are pinching the butocks of a fight and ooooh yes a fight you will get”.Dont be deluded in your minds we can be veeeeeeery bad.There is fire on the mountain top,someone please call 911.Some of you are going to ran a race you have never imagined so please if you have heart problems then go hide.vacate office am on my way coming.

  19. Hahaha, this is complete madness, you pay my Salo without a sponsor and when you get a sponsor, you reduce my Salo by half. Lovers of Kogalo this is testing our patience. Only a seasoned fool would sack Nuttal.

  20. This is the worst news have heard this am saddened and it will take a while for me to believe it happened May the Almighty Father have mercy on my Team and ensure sanity prevail

  21. I cannot, will not, and will never accept, period. In Prof. Nutal i trust and bestore my faith, so ambrose rachietha bring back Nutal, coz this is making my adrenaline misbehave and the misbehaviour could be directed to you and the EC if i don’t see Nutal on sartuday amongst the technical bench in Mombasa or any other day this season, i thought what we could be discussing as Gor Mahia is Prof Nutal staying in Gor for the next 20 years, ay tho anyalo neko, wek uru miya jochiende, aol remba go jawawa.

  22. I always respect and support those in authority anytime, however on this on EC has made a very big blunder. You are not with the Kogallo family anymore. You are on your own.

    For once, I am worried about something. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

  23. JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH!!…. am not surprise at all with this zombies actions because I saw it long time ago.. that we have wolves in sheep skin. But surely why Nuttal of all the people, if there is some body or some people who should go, then it is EC full stop.
    Am appealing to fkf delegates not to vote this mongrel in the office

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