Aduda: The club needs Ksh 12 million

Gor Mahia CEO Omondi Aduda says the club is in a deep financial crunch.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Kenyan Premier League defending champions Gor Mahia is in deep financial crisis and needs almost Sh12 million to pay two months salaries to its players and cater for this weekend’s continental assignment against Algeria Champions USM Alger.

According to club CEO Lordvick Aduda, the 18 times league champions need Sh10 million to offset salaries arrears and another Sh2 million to fund their Caf Champions League first round second leg encounter against USM Alger to be staged at Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani on Sunday.

“We are at our very lowest moment because we lack funds. We are hosting USM Alger on Sunday and apart from Sh10 million we owe our players as two month salaries, we also need Sh 2 million for the Caf match, an amount which we don’t have as at now,” said Aduda.

According to him, the club has to cater for return air ticket for their guests totalling to Sh500,000 and transport for the four match officials and match commissioner for the four days which they shall be in the country, an amount totalling to Sh200,000.

Other expenses are accommodation for the match officials and commissioner which takes up to Sh300,000, stadium hiring which goes for around Sh300,000 and local transport for the away team and security during the match which is around Sh400,000.

The club also has to further pay the match commissioner and referees around Sh300,000.

“Those are our estimates but the problem is that we don’t have money to meet them. Honouring a home match is also as expensive as traveling to play an away game,” added Aduda.

It is this expenses that have overwhelmed the club and the leadership are now calling on the fans to come to their rescue and help them pay players and meet the Caf match expenses.

USM Alger are set to arrive in the country on Friday afternoon for the return fixture after hammering Gor Mahia 4-1 at home on September 15.

Gor will have to beat them 3-0 so as to advance to the group stages of the competition, but that will be an uphill task and the current financial challenges rocking the club do not help.

Club chairman Ambrose Rachier told Nation Sport that the players have been suffering, but he has no option since the club has no funds and is yet to get a sponsor.


40 thoughts on “Aduda: The club needs Ksh 12 million

  1. am wondering wen gor went to algeria the government catered for their return tickets y shud gor cater for usm algers tickets & i thought match officials are being payed by caf y is aduda saying they are the ones to pay for their allowances. something fishy is going on

  2. Would like to hear from Second in Command (SIC).

    For free – this club is being mismanaged. The elected officials have been scuttled and new positions created including SIC. We are headed in the wrong direction with a trimmed down officials. Though they are doing what they think is right in the circumstance including begging and knocking doors, all these are moribund, reactionary, guesswork gestures that will not stand the test of time. The only possible solution posted here is “calling for funs to save the club” HOW HOW HOW HOW Please elaborate. We are listening.

  3. Mr. Aduda, how do you pay a return ticket for the guests? Did they pay for the same when we went Algeria? And what happened to the return ticket the government paid?
    I would just like to be made understand how it works as a Gormahia fan…..thank you

    1. Guest does not mean USM players. Aduda is talking about match and CAF officials which are responsibility of the hosting club or federation. Read, think and be objective dont just read

      1. According to him, the club has to cater for return air ticket for their guests totalling to Sh500,000 and transport for the four match officials and match commissioner for the four days which they shall be in the country, an amount totalling to Sh200,000.

        @ Dif Madara, do you understand the word (and) as used in above paragraph? Does asking mean unobjective?

  4. CEO-we lack funds, Chairman -We have no option.Can you imagine any company in Kenya with leadership speaking like this. I said before that Gor should build a stadium even as simple as Dandora in Kisumu;even Volkswagen will want to partner because there you have a town that has an affinity for the club and associates with it. Think of some Indian bike manufacturers partnering with Gor so that Kisumu,Homabay,Siaya market combined can be theirs and use the town as a launchpad to other areas, we haven’t touched an insurance firm that can have products for low income earners that are the majority

    1. I think every Gor fan around the world will be willing to help the team.

      However, the pressure (for lack of a better word) that the EC uses in trying to solicit money from us when stuck, is the same kind of pressure they should use in being accountable to us for the monies they get through transfers, gate collection, well wishers etc

      The lack of transparency and accountability is one major reason we are where we are financially.

  5. As far as i know we only need to offer transport and training/practise ground for the guest team but carter for the referees. Aduda should come out clear.
    Aduda has not even explained how he needs to be helped or are we supposed to know. As he asks for money how about also giving us a breakdown on how it’s used

  6. @colo do yourself a favour by substantiating how helping our players ammounts to conmanship. To Aduda i think u are the face of myopic and non inspiring leadership of the club. How many times have we warned of overdepending on sponsorship and advised you of looking for ways of supplimenting sponsorship. Why haven’t u utillized the club massive fan base by way of mass e-registration of members as fallback plan during financial hiccups? Did u know that what u call fans are annonymous unpredictable entities? Did u know that fans will be more responsive and obligated to send their contributions as members more than as mere fans? Did u know that a membership of 20,000 contributing 500 each will give you 10 million. Young man can’t u people up there have innovative ideas. We are not at all happy with how u are running down the club. U should stop acting like clowns and we demand that u get serious. Time will not always be on your side. Meanwhile lets contribute whatever we have for our players.

  7. Hapo sawa ! FANS …amount ndiyo hiyo, shida ndiyo hizo , paybill namba ndiyo hiyo 350100 …what else do we want ?


  8. If you have nothing positive to add shut up …we don’t want negative energy…if ur not willing to contribute don’t incite keep your opinion to yourself and come watch the match on Sunday… contributing as little as 200 won’t kill anyone let’s stop irrelevant debates and help gor…instead of being obsessed with Aduda… why can’t we think of the players who are delivering inspite of too much suffering…we Africans are disgusting creatures…

  9. What is the value of GM membership?
    1. I pay kes.500 membership and if I live outside Nairobi or far from the election venue I won’t be able to vote. Further more the election date is a secret weapon hence I can’t even make travel arrangements to vote. How do Nyanza, Coast, Diaspora etc fans benefit from being members?
    2. As a member I am still required to pay the same ticket price as a non-member for GM matches. Worse still EC colludes with or cannot prevent goons from watching GM for a mere 50bob bribe. The 500bob membership fee can pay for 2.5 games for the upright fan or 10 games for the unscrupulous fan.
    E-membership registration & VOTING plus seasonal tickets payable in advance fully at the begining of every season / year or begining of every quarter.
    Rights of members e-voting and MANDATORY RECEIPT OF AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 4 months after the year end.
    Suggested fees:
    1. Membership -500/= and full season ticket-3000/= total 3,500/= per members.
    2. Installment option kes.1,000/= payable quarterly in advance. For this option the first 500/= goes towards the membership fee.
    3. If GM can attract countrywide and in the diaspora:
    a) 5,000 members it will raise minimim kes.10.5m,
    b) 10,000 members it will raise minimum kes.35m,
    c) 20,000 members it will raise minimim kes.70m and so on.
    So called ADOR’s / EC’s huge debts including but not limited to the KRA’s kes.186m penalty. Sadly note that due the EC’s past incompetence KRA has the first call on any monies hitting GM bank accounts or paybill nos. These debts may be the real reason why ADOR can’t and won’t step down. GM debts are too embrassing, unjustifiable and unexplainable to even produce proper financial statements.
    So as matters stand is there any value is being a GM member?
    Will your being a GM member help pay players salaries or be used to clear debts borne out of incompetence e.g KRA penalty or Oliech’s outrageous claims.

  10. Maybe you are new to this site but you could just give Aduda his 12m to beat your so called Algiers. Let me leave at that for now.

  11. Johny why don’t you lead us in contributing to raise this 12 million instead of throwing tantrums and referring to a blogger as monkey? Just send some money to 350100 and display the transaction message here. Simple. It really hurts me when we resort to insulting people we don’t know, persons we can’t see. Lipa tu. Mimi nitakusindikiza na ‘seyi’!!

    1. Barefoot bandit…we all know that change will only come if Rachier leaves…he has exceeded his productivity and importance…have sent money to paybill … let’s be filled with Positive energy…Aduda is a scam eating even players signing fee but that’s not important now…we have to win this war then fight later…if we win this match we shall be 55million shillings Richer… let’s not be shallow thinkers..

      1. This is why you seem to be a “Johnny come lately”. In 2017 were’nt “we” kes 27m richer and another 27m richer in 2018. At that time there was sponsorship, gov’t was paying for the airtickets so where did this money go “deep thinker”. Btw I’m not against anyone contributing or not contributing that’s ones prerogative but GM needs more permanent solutions. Infact I admire those who post their contributions for the important reason that it also enhances accountability on the part of EC. It is very easiest to claim that I have contributed even I can do that.

  12. Correction:
    5,000 members paying an e-membership cum season ticket of 3,500/= per year will net our club kes.17.5m and not KES.10.5 as I stated in my earlier post. Sorry for the gross understatement.
    Note that purchasing an e-membership cum season ticket means that a fan will pay about 100bob per game if he/she attends all GM home games in a season about 25/30 games.
    On my part I am more than willing to pay a membership fee cum season ticket in exchange for e-voting rights, transperant leadership and at the very least receiving audited accounts 4 months after the year end. In a year I may physically attend all the games but I will happily pay my membership cum season ticket knowing that my money will be accounted for or at least I will get an audited report which importantly with the my teams performance will guide my vote which I can cast electronically. In my little way i will be able to put GM on a sound financial footing, collectively we may make a big impact.
    Note that with a minimum membership cum season ticket of 3,500/= per member generating fake membership for the purpose of elections will be expensive and true fans can’t complain since the ticket cost per game will come down.
    Keeping it simple each membership number must translate into cash inflows into GM’s account. Further GM can adopt the ID number as the membership number to curtail any monkey (hehe) business.
    Note that I have restricted my views to standard membership which is what I can afford. Of course VIP stands should attract a higher value membership say double the standard membership say yes.7,000 per season.
    These are not entirely new ideas just trying to refine them a bit, reminding EC of them and even though I personally we wait for their implementation before I start contributing I respect all those who opt to help the club now.

  13. Aduda is asking for support but not telling us how the monies should reach them. Some of us here can’t be easily deceived with unofficial ways of raising fund for GM. We don’t even believe the so called SIC. These are hot air, they are not official.

    If Aduda wants fans to contribute through paybill 350100, he should say so and market the same to gain awareness. I would like to see the Chairman and GM office marketing this paybill number.

    AR leadership style is wanting and i foresee his reign at GM and the club itself coming to a screeching halt.

  14. Moi Sports Centre Kasarani has a capacity of over 60000 , anybody who genuinely wish to help Gor Mahia must be part of filling that stadium , personally I will be there and am not coming alone , everybody Is aware there is a game , so lets stop this rubbish of oh the game has not been marketed , oh we wish It was at Nyayo , oh they should reduce the ticket prices to 200bob , some even on this forum have the audacity to pretend that they dont know that 350100 is an official fundraising platform .
    If fans were to fill that stadium to its capacity , the minimum the club would get is 200 times 60000 = Ksh 12M , I have not factored in the 500bob tickets in that .
    Gor Mahia fans have filled that stadium so many times before , and with the same level of marketing and the distance to the stadium has not become longer .
    Finally if one doesnt want to contribute to 350100 for whatever reason , please dont , but dont come to this wall with that crippled excuse that you dont know that 350100 is official , because you know .

    1. Very well said…in times like of trouble we have to unite .. complain less and help the team whoever has bad vibes please come back next week after the game…we don’t need your whining for now

  15. @Sofa set Entebe…….. Gor Mahia is a public club. You can not direct or gag anyone here. Lets get things done from one official office.

    1. Which public club? GMFC has stakeholders who are the real owners of the club…Currently we have Ador…SIC…Wasuna…Victor Kidiwa at Top EC decision making evel ..Patron holding fort nationally and politically, Aduda heading Secretariat and finally registered members having a stake too…We also have genuine gor followers/diehards whom we respect. Wengine wote ni Amorphous Anonymous Unpredictable Entities called funs and critics who talk and lament replete with weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth like you are doing here but cannot help Gor with anything. Actually you are the ilks I want barred from accessing Kasarani on Sunday instead of bringing E-Ticketing into disrepute hovering aimlessly around MISC outskirts. Kik item dwoka ibonindo Kamiti Mr Kenneth

  16. @Jasego i disagree with your bosses principally and not on personal terms. You don’t need to catch feelings when we expose the rots. Otherwise Kamiti is a public prison where anyone including you can locked in.


    Following deliberations with Shafik Batambuze and the prevailing economic times in GMFC we decided that he explores the paybill option of well-wishers which he had already put word out on social media platforms. As SIC I sent in something substancial and reached out to Chairman and few others to do the same. Mbish said Kefwa is fundraising for him so he awaits their communication on how much they got before I can see what to add. Club is adamant that FkF should treat him and they won’t budge…AOL jodalawa

    1. For those willing to help the defender through his surgery, they can channel their contributions to PayBill number 891300, Account number BHACHU.

  18. heheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Who is @jasego aka SIC. He has printed these text above in reference to fans

    “Wengine wote ni Amorphous Anonymous Unpredictable Entities called funs and critics who talk and lament replete with weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth like you are doing here but cannot help Gor with anything. Actually you are the ilks I want barred from accessing Kasarani on Sunday instead of bringing E-Ticketing into disrepute hovering aimlessly around MISC outskirts. Kik item dwoka ibonindo Kamiti Mr Kenneth”

    @Jasego – tenda wema nenda zako. Long live Gor.

    1. There is a mad man in Gor Mahia shouting at the roof tops and calling fans names. He has recently baptized himself and wants to take credit for anything positive in Gor Mahia. A very reckless fellow, and deserves no sympathy or respect from any self respecting person. We help Gor Mahia because we feel the pain of the Club and what it stands for. No one person should appoint himself the prefect and defacto authority on anything Gor Mahia. Our loyalty and respect is to the elected office of Gor Mahia and not to some offshoots whose only claim to relevance is personal grandstanding and grandiose and playing Johnny Bravo with issues Gor Mahia.

      1. Which Gor do you or can you help omera. Which form and manner is this you help Gor with. The club is not a Kangaroo Court that you have Christened yourself here. Help your wife at home that is the extent of your capacity leave Gor to the ones in charge. Elected EC from where, those are long banished we are in charge until we decide otherwise. You are a non-entity in Gor Matters…

  19. The best thing would have been for Gor to assist Batambuze on this paybill issue, otherwise it would look like we abondaned him. The alternative would have been to have a paybill for both( or the three) players i.e. Wekesa, Btambuze and Philemon. In this case we would have seen to be caring for the players but as it is it seems like they are on their own and when they heal they will look at the team with different lenses. This will also discourage the future players. Surely insurance against injury should be the first thing in the club’s priorities. Any responsible entity must always insure or take care of its assets and ours are the players

  20. What about the 2 westies ….are they also contemplating having paybill numbers ? Surely, no disrespecting the painful and awkward situation we are in at the moment but we are simply out of control …a club ison auto self distruct mode. next there will be paybill number to pay salaries for EC , paybill for salaries for technical bench, the coach will also demand his own paybill etc etc …SOMEBODY MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND COORDINATE THIS SITUATION !


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