AFC demand all points


The AFC Leopards Executive council has on behalf of the entire AFC Leopards family launched an official appeal to KPL demanding to be awarded maximum points from Sunday’s match against Gor Mahia.This was announced by the AFC Leopards’ chairman Alex Ole Magelo flanked by his entire executive committee.

In a press statement, Magelo said the match officials failed to take control of the match after it had been stopped for over 25 minutes as a result of crowd trouble by unruly Gor Mahia fans.

“Various other competitive matches have been called off after the proverbial 15 minutes of Stoppage time as a result of crowd trouble with safety and security risks to all cited. As a
result of the failure, we demand that AFC Leopards be awarded maximum points from the match.” Said Magelo.

The statement went ahead to say as quoted “We ground our case on the following facts:

i)-As the home team, Gor Mahia miserably failed to provide enough security for the big match despite all signs showing a possibility of crowd trouble. The few police officers
deployed were totally unable to take control of over 20,000 fans present during the  match.

ii)-That the security officers lacked strategy by tear gassing out of the stadium a section  of Gor Mahia fans while leaving others to continue causing mayhem in the pitch.

iii). That the security officers failed to follow up on the rowdy fans tear gassed out of the Stadium to clear them out of the stadium precincts. That failure enabled the unruly  Gor Mahia fans outside the stadium to regroup and start throwing stones and other foreign  objects into the stadium, thus injuries more that 10 of AFC Leopards supporters inside

iv)-That efforts by our Team Manager Bernard Onyango to prevail upon the match officials to call off the match for security reasons were thwarted by high handed GMT Otieno who intimidated the match officials into submission.

iv)-That the ugly incidences disoriented the players wearing down their concentration in the match.

v)-That the fact that the several foreign objects hurled into the playing ground by  Gor Mahia fans were to be picked by players to necessitate the resumption of the match is
a clear indication of lack of preparedness by both the home team and the stadia Management board.

vi)-That even after the controversial resumption of the match after a 25 minute stoppage,  the match officials did not consider any extra time choosing to end the match

The statement further suggested a number of recommendations that include :
•AFC Leopards being awarded maximum points,
•Gor Mahia be heavily punished for failing to provide adequate security in such a  high voltage match and for failing to reign in on its unruly supporters,
•Match officials be punished for poor judgment in the match by failing to call it off  after serious security risks occasioned by the riots,
•GMT Otieno be punished by suspension or expulsion for his high handedness and threatening to bring the game of football into disrepute,
•KPL and Sports Stadia Management Board undertake to change the approach of  securing fixtures between AFC and
•Gor to avert more chaotic scenes and lastly that All AFC fans injured by the riots be paid for medical expenses and compensated for  the same.

35 thoughts on “AFC demand all points

  1. Hii ni tamaa mingi after below par perfomance by afc,let them direct their efforts elsewhere kwani hapa hakuna points za bure.

  2. The idear of anounsing that somebody has lost his/her life is not justified,the two female fans who were from Naivasha Karuturi game was just arumour that they died in accident.

  3. I think Gor should be given the 3points
    Afc pls saidia shemeji ..give the points. They are in bad position Down the table.

  4. The AFC train whose speed had been overated is slowy coming to a halt at the nearest station. Why couldn’t they refuse to resume play and get the three points. Had they scored would they still be crying for three points? When AFC was in Nationwise league the KPL league was still running smoothly. So wakitaka wajitoe. Who cares? Being favourites before that match did not give you any more rights. Looks like if GM had won these guys would have burnt any green thing on site. Pole sana Shemeji but the days of free things are over. You have to earn your bread in order to eat it

  5. security of our fans is very important be it efusi or kogalo deploy more securities in derbies or else you will regret.

  6. Total nonesense, who will pay for the injured Gor players? Rama and Kevin sat in the pitch after hard tackle from AFC players. Asking for points is like drainning lake victoria using a tea spoon.

  7. I think A.F.C look motivated by the chaotic scene that occured,than they have ever been,could there be some politics in to this?

  8. Stop it Magello Hakuna cha BURE hapa. You were out played in all the departments. Now you want to please your fans by demanding an impossible A BIG NO……Just tell your fans the truth all along you have been assisted by REFS with GOR haiwezekani hakunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa GOR BIRO YAWNE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  9. Forget that AFC asked for the points, someone needs to get lessons on how to behave in the 21st century football matches.



  11. @13. Chichi am sorry to say you are lost in your words. Where was the defeat? You mentioned that we should accept defeat, AFC fans pre planned for this and they had thugs mugging gor fans out of the stadium. We saw a number of our people stripped off their jerseys and their wallets and phones stolen from them. Indeed we do not support stones but Ingwe fans should not think they are angels.

  12. @Kosero, where are you? We need to hear from you. A good number of bloggers masquarading as GM fans have infiltrated the blog in the last few days and we can tell who they are.
    Guys, mistakes were done but to condemn the EC, players and tech staff is just going too far. We stand by them. Some of us fans who remained to the end listened to the plea of the players for the game to resume and promised to support them till the end of the game. And that’s what we did despite knowing that we were like 3 players down. What with players like Kevo limping after being continiously hacked down like a log. Hope he is OK wherever he is.
    Let’s all imagine if for some reason we won that game with our 9 men. Would the ‘angels’ have taken it in good stride? I bet there would have been very bad scenes from them but thank God that did not happen.
    By the way anytime you are playing GM and there are ugly scenes we are to blame. We were even blamed on some FM stations last year for the FKL cup chaos when our ‘always-do-nothing-wrong’ friends caused the premature end and subsequent harassing of motorists. I’m told this time both sets of fans misbehaved outside the stadium but only one colour was ‘conviniently’ seen. We need to really work hard to redeem our image as GM from that misconception.
    To placate the soccer-loving fans maybe we need to go on the media and apologise for any wrong some of the fans might have done. That’s the civilised way of doing things. Otherwise we will still be proud GM fans since the players, tech bench and EC did not do anything wrong.
    I also think we need to leave politics out of the game. It’s not helping the game at all. Even donating points for political support does not add up. It’s called blackmail.


  14. Lets ingwe know that we are not shopping basket where they can pick 3 easy points,they have realized teams are on their heels for top brace.Hakuna cha bure hata u pullout from super 8

  15. we go matching on. not afraid of being deducted the three point. i support without fear of prejudice the sntiments of governor awendo. gudday mafans

  16. Very interesting. The Magelos of this world are lamenting over lack of match abandonment and still complain about further lack of more minutes to be added after the 90th FIFA minutes.

    Initially i sat in Abaluhya FC’s midst but i sensed danger that these watchmen and cooks had other missions other that what Kogallo’s thought-Futball. No wonder they imported fans from mumias and other far flung western.

    We wont be intimidated coz this abandus are not our match in anything though they rank higher than us in eating.

  17. This talk by Ingwe officials shows that there is more than meets the eye in the Sunday chaos. Is it just football or is there something else? Just the other day they were the very noisy fellows fighting at almost every match over officials, now they have conveniently forgotten? Why whats going on?

  18. That clown magelo is just furious because he thought AFC would surely beat Gor Mahia. Where was his indignation when AFC caused abandonment at the last derby ?

  19. what did they do in the last competetive match we had worse than this they should be punished first for their unfriendly behaviour i really donot root for hooligaism but davies omweno is not fit to officiate any kogallo match if not better walk over we should use all avenues to persue this matter to the fullest this magello guy is just another busy body i know is lamenting cos the few fans who had started coming to the field to watch them on this mini winning streak it wont be long they will start pelting you with stones bwana magello efusi ina wenyewe

  20. efussi,points are earned in the field of play not in boardrooms.Even after forcing our most dangerous player of the day (rama salim) out,injuring our 2nd most dangerous player of the day (daddy),and again getting out our 3rd most dangerous player of the day (ibrah).As if that was not enough,you played againts 10men yet you couldnt’ win it.And now you are crying like babies,begging for 3points.’min nono ‘alikufa,and she was buried somewhere in yala!

  21. “Kama ni Ingoho” we can give for free! Surely iko kitu ya bure Kenya hii? Bure Kabisa! They were proclaiming 5 goals before the match now they are begging for free things? Hii ni shemeji aina gani? Sio shemeji ya maana!

  22. ali abondo, hata kama hujawahi cheza derby, ur just a nuisance,.gor should play several matches behind closed doors,mko no.14 n i pray hard mkae tu huko.uselessss

  23. arthur okelo, think b4 u write ur nonsense.which top spot is koro fighting 4? u saw wat happened.gor fans caused chaos.last year on20th oct,the game was called off n gor was awarded(i wonder how u had reached that stage of the competition anyway.mlienda conf, cup only to shame this country.gor nrrds some severe punishment.dont think hii kenya ni yenu.nktesticles

  24. Its so sad once again seasoned bloggers are diminishing themselves to insults. Am a Gor fan, Luo and proud of it but I abhor senseless language. This Jasuba @22 is the most tribalist ever. Calling people names instead of looking for solutions to this menace the way brother jb analysed the other day wont help. You cause unnecessary tension. You with your insults are all despicable and us Luo women will continue to disparage you with uncivilized behaviour. Am so sure you are among those who stone other people’s property without a thought cos you never work hard to get your own. The Luos who sit back in town and never develop their own regional areas sticking with many wives in abject poverty. You disgust. Do you have families who look at you as role models? I 101% doubt it and SHAME ON YOU!!

  25. Does magello think football is politic where thump chesting earns people points?…We all know the presure of being up there, but dont worry, soon you will be dislodged from it…Watch this space

  26. Free points cant be awarded yet the game lasted the official 90 minutes.lets forge ahead n look into ways of sorting the problems at hand

  27. I think Magelo is not fit to lead a football club and he should differentiate between football and politics.The same Magelo was the one who was encouraging the referee and his linesmen to continue with the match coz he knew they would beat Gor hands down.

    Nowhere in the whole world has a match played full time being awarded to opponent on the ground of insecurity other than inelegible player or member of technical bench who is stil under suspension sits on the bench.

    i would like to bring to Magelo’s attention that last year AFc fans caused the derby match ,FKl cup to be postponed and all the accusations he is labellings Gor mahia to have committed were not labelled gainst the ingwe.
    Kindly Magelo note that football is not what you think of,but a game of history,present and future,so be sobber in your utterances nad consult widely.

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