Akumu : We were prepared for a tough game

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Gor Mahia midfielder Anthony Akumu went into the Ulinzi Stars encounter on Wednesday 5 September knowing his team’s job was cut out and after the 1 – 0 win, his pre match anticipation was proven right.

Man of the match

The midfielder put in a strong display and won the man of the match recognition afterwards and speaking to futaa.com after the game, he revealed that the coach had taken his time to prepare the team psychologically for a tough match.

With the win Gor Mahia recorded their 12th unbeaten game, rose to the third spot on 40 points and Akumu feels they might well be strong contenders for the league honours considering most of their remaining matches are at home where they have established an impressive streak.


-We had anticipated a hard game because this was our third meeting with Ulinzi this season and just a few days after the Top 8 win. The coach thus dedicated a lot of time to prepare us psychologically and I am happy that we came out on top.

-If we continue with this form at the moment then we are serious contenders in this campaign also considering most of our remaining games are here (City Stadium) where we have done so well in the recent past, he said.

26 thoughts on “Akumu : We were prepared for a tough game

  1. Arguably one of the most improved players under logarusic but am hardly surprised, Akumu is one of the players I admired most in 2010. I sincerely believed in this young man and with logarusic he is destined for a bright future. Keep pushing lad, the sky is the limit.

  2. Dont forget one man called Njuguna (Jersey No 20). That in my view is the unsung hero in the team. He goes on with his duties without any noice. Look at the assists. His name is usually the second in the team sheet after Jerrym Onyango!!!! Few have noticed this

  3. Mawego…how do you know that Njuguna is usually the 2nd name in Gors teamsheet?are you a member of the technical bench?please show yourself!!

  4. We have the best defensive midfielders in the league that’s why we concede the least goals. Now. We just focus on scoring, scoring, scoring and more opportunities to score and we will win the game. Win, baby win !

  5. If you analyse our matches well then you will appreciate what Pablo (Njugush) does with precision. Even Long-arus terms him like the engine of the team. He doesn’t have the pace and is not combative like Viera but they complement each other very well. Remember those days Gatusso going for the tackles but Moses Otieno/Odhiambo going for skills.


    At long last, we have managed to catch up the leading pack, only behind Tusker and blue eyed boys, AFC Leopards. As I write, Tusker and Ingwe have recorded a barren draw this evening still leaving the league wide open.

    In- form Gor Mahia are looking to register the 13th unbeated record when we meet soNy over the weekend. It is still unbelievable that K’Ogalo is now competing for the league honours consider their lackluster performance at the beginningof the 2012 KPL season. I salute the entire Gor Mahia family for making this possible.

    Finally, allow me to congratulate East Africa Breweries Limited ( EABL) for the decision they took to sponsor the Kenya Premier League which will go along way to promote football in Kenya. This is a worthwhile cause that need to be emulated by many other corporate organisation. It is now therefore incumbent upon the FKF to make use of the money appropriately for the common good of the game.

  7. For that draw,i thank God.Tusker has been a hill to us.The reason why i believe God has given us the leage,are those Tusker goals that couldnt cross the like.thank you God.

  8. THE NIGHT OF LONG KNIVES: episode 2A. …K’galo got the news about nyayo and smiled.(mr k’ogalo then goes to city and is confronted by sony. he was not even aware that they were enemies as sony suddenly jumps at him. a quick turn and snap and sony is down). it’s said that afc and tusker never settled. k’ogalo knew these guys just too well. tusker was simply a wanna be, he looked serious, dressed well, but k’ogalo knew that this guy would never claim, he was always in for the show. afc on the other hand just hated pressure. pressurize him and he buckles on the knees. k’ogalo had one advantage, none of these guys saw him coming… it had been a long wait for him…
    GOR IS TAKING THE LEAGUE . coming soon … episode 2B.

  9. @comrade Omusala if I was in your shoe I will definitely agree to your post. Cause the moment you decide to look at the rear mirror and notice who is stalking around your shadow, the KPL title will be ours to lose. I also thank god for allowing you guys to share the spoils. That way you both lost two points and as such you are not off the hook still.

    Come weekend after we beaten Sony I want you to have a bottle on my name. Because I will be 1point below you and the pressure will be unbearable. Good luck EFUSI!

  10. …watch the final (episode 3) of the 3 part series of The night of long knives on 23 sept 2012, kasarani channel ONE. the night of long knives theme is based on the happenings that took place in germany 1934. the theme being about QUICK ‘unexpected’ changes… of the league betwn game 21 to game 25. they will ask WHERE DID GOR COME FROM?

  11. That draw was the best result. Ingwe’s go to buckle under pressure, they tried to avoid it but its coming thick and fast.
    Surely the EC and potential K’galo members( whom I refer to as Fan++)for 5bob per day we can take the club to the next level. LETS DO MORE THE CLUB, the bench and players deserve it.

  12. Let us all leave for the sunday match, its very important to us. So far I salute K’Ogallo family. We are all playing our roles well. Lets keep to the good work.

  13. i predicted a barren draw yesterday and someone called me a day dreamer.My argument is come the 25th round of kpl Gor will top the table and its no sooner than the end of this month, coz I still see AFC losing to both Western stima and Gor, on the other end Tusker will share the spoil with Sofapaka and again Gor will have an obligation of beating Tusker to top.

  14. Ït is our humbe prayer that Almighty God is going to give us victory over Sony tomorrow in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. There is no impossible thing with our Almighty God.

  15. Well said brother Mwakio. As I traverse this great land famed for its gold and cocoa called Ghana, I always include a prayer for my beloved Kogalo.

    Mungu Baba tupe ushindi kesho hapo kwenye uga wa City Stadium.

  16. THE NIGHT OF LONG KNIVES 2A: could it have happened! yes it did… sony waylaid but k’ogalo downed him. but gor wanted to confirm this on wednesday. would sofapaka play ball ball?(yes they will) k’ogalo knows one thing, sofapaka will play ball on on this day. the trick is to let afc make the western trip. pls watch episode 2B on wednesday. GOR IS TAKING THE LEAGUE.

  17. @de so called Fred Odhiambo,leave Mawego alone.He z vry rite nd he has a democratic rite 2 comment anythng he wishes on thz page.U r 1 of de xo called hooligans nd vandals dat destroys thz our b’loved club.Don’t b’have lyk Miguna Miguna.Grow baby grow.Style up!…Njuguna z de engine of Kogalo’s tim nd lets shun politics away from thz nkt.

  18. @ Fred Odhiambo, or whatever you call yourself. Look at yourself and the comment. Common sense would tell you that Njuguna and Onyango are the two most consistent. They have clocked the most number of hours on the pitch since Loga arrived. Dont you have sense for statistics, ama you are a poor analyser???

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