All Objectives of Nyanza tour have been met

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Gor Mahia have met all objectives they had set to, at the beginning of their seven-day Nyanza tour, which kicked-off on Monday 26 December. According to the club’s Vice Chairman, Faiz Ochieng, the team has been able to take its influence to the grassroots, ultimately winning even more fans.

No chest thumping or bragging here, with the Nyanza preseason tour advancing well, Gor Mahia Secretary General George Bwana believes all the club had targeted for in the excursion has been reached and so far the tour is a success.

Three objectives

Mr George Bwana, who was speaking to, acknowledged that the whole event was supposed to pay off in three great ways: taking the team to the fans, trying out new players and to scout for outstanding talent; which he says have been successful so far.

Aims achieved

-We went to Nyanza for three major reasons, first we wanted our fans to meet the players since we observed that they could be starved as we play most of our games in Nairobi, we also aimed at trying out our new players so that we can know how best to use them, in preparation for next season, thirdly we also wanted to see if we can find some untapped talent and help develop. So far I can say we have achieved these, he said.

6 thoughts on “All Objectives of Nyanza tour have been met

  1. well done, but kindly provide us with the latest list and if possible personal profile of our current players in our camp…. And by the way, is Rama Salim already in our camp?

  2. Secretary General, I read on standard how Masika comments which are not good for his future career. I have began to hate this boy with his unprofessional behaviour. Who is he? We have seen many players even better than him in Gor Mahia but such behaviour and comments from Masika is unacceptable and this will have negative impact in his career. I can predict that Masika’s career won’t flourish with such childish behaviour. He can not force his transfer. Let him leave his transfer to be sorted out by two clubs.

    Am just wondering whether AFC in future will phathom such behaviour and negative attitude!!!!!!!

  3. I like 2 take this opportunity to salute Mr.chairman and his team, a players 4 taking time 2 build the team during this festiva czone KONGOLE nyote.Pls give us list all all players we have and where is Rama Salim and have u sign Victor Ali Obondo?

  4. The sooner PPO is left to persue his wishes the better. The only problem is that at times one burns bridges as they leave yet they might need them on the way back. After all the grass is always greener on the other side until you land there. I don’t think we will miss him that much as we have capable replacements to fill the gap

  5. Am also very interested in the new talent identified during the tour of Nyanza. I hope and pray a right back was identified.

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