26 Jun 12

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Kenyan Premier League side Gor Mahia have parted ways with Cameroonian striker Baldin Ngwa and subsequently offered him for sale. Ngwa has been released only four days to the close of the transfer window, six months after rejoining Gor Mahia from his stint in the Tunisian League. Ngwa had played for Gor for the whole of the 2010 season, where he was in red hot form alongside George Blackberry Odhaimbo playing an integral part in the team’s second place finish.

According to the team’s official website, Ngwa has agreed to leave the club through mutual consent after holding a meeting with club officials.

The Club Website says that “the club’s decision to put Ngwa on sale has been occasioned by the fact that having him would have meant Congolese Itubu Imbem was not going to be signed as per the Kenyan Premier League rules on the number of foreign players per club”.

“The coach decided that we offload Ngwa to pave way for Imbem who he prefers. We talked to Ngwa and he accepted the coach’s position,” Gor Mahia secretary George Bwana was quoted as saying on gormahiafc.co.ke

“It is sad we have to let him go. He has been a diligent servant of the club and K’Ogalo family will definitely miss him. But we have to adhere to the requests of the technical bench,” adds Bwana.

Ngwa’s exit had been long coming from afar since the coming in of Coach Zdravko Logarusic. He has seen minimal playing time and he was always under fire from the Croat as he could not fully execute his game plan when he played.

With four days left before the transfer window closes, Ngwa is faced with a huge task looking for a place to settle with most clubs almost concluding their transfer business.

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  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    Let us not sensationalize too much. This is ok there had to be some chance created for the more creative Itubu Imbem, whom I believe will partner very well with Sserunkuma.Our dearest Ngwa kindly take it with cool mind, we loved you and you have done to us as Kogalo what you have done and we know it. At your age of course that is not the last of you with playing soccer.

  • pitz says:

    How many foreign players is a team allowed to have?

  • RangersFan says:

    Ngwa, come to Rangers – we need you !!

  • Le Pastre says:

    We need to let the coach and his team do the job they were hired to do. Sometimes you have to let the players move to newer grounds.

  • vincent owino says:

    As fans we can say thank u n thank u Baldin umade us proud n there comes atime wen GM is biger than individual,coach hvn bn given sole mandate 2tranform club n give result we hve no option bt 2go by his decision we wish u all the best. N as fans we wl surport those w’r given n the field.

  • PAREYIO 09 says:



    Baldin Ngwa is gone. I am on record as one of his ardent fans. Personally, I feel part of me is gone. Elsewhere on this blog, I have explained this sensational player has won my admiration. My club jersey has 09 inscribed, the official number of the player on the field.

    The decision taken by the taken by the technical team although painful but one that must be respected to entrench the independence o and power of the technical bench. I wish him well wherever he go.

    It is upto the new squad and indeed the new signings to prove their worth by lifting the prestigious KPL trophy for the club. Once again i wish the new boys good time at K’ogalo and urge comrades to extend a warm hand of welcome.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    The independence and free hand that the technical bench is apparently enjoying is amazing and highly commendable.

    @Le Pastre kindly let me recognize your presence. Please try to stick around longer this time round. I don’t like it when you go underground.

  • Joe Riaga says:

    I hope Logarusic understands continuity. You cant keep chopping and changing the team forever. I am concerned also that he being replaced by Itubu Imbem whom I dont think has done anything noteworthy. Lets hope Logarusic knows what he is doing.

  • wuonpap says:

    which continuity bwana riaga????!!!! ngwa disappeared to tunisia and only came back to gor after failing to make it there.these are the kind of players we dont need,imbem included.we cannot have aspirations of joining the elite of african soccer when we fight for rejects from tusker,afc and local african sides.THE PATH TO PERPETUAL PROSPERITY INCLUDES:1)ORGANIZATION 2) HARD WORK 3)SOUND INVESTMENT IN OUR YOUTH 4)QUALIFIED PERSONNEL AND 5) PATIENCE

    These players we keep mentioning ,kina mieno,pascal cannot take us to the heights of 1987 as witnessed in their perfomance in the national team.WE HAVE TO MOULD OUR OWN PLAYERS THE BARCA OR SIANGA WAY.Thats the sure path to the echelons of African soccer.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    I don’t have any problem with releasing Ngwa or any other player but 3 days to closure of transfer window where will he go? And when asked whether he would pave way for Imbem did he really have any other choice. Anyway it’s part of life; let him join the rest we’ve dropped and life moves on…more goals is what we are looking for and let the technical do their best.

  • wuonpap says:

    what is so special about ngwa???!!! crowd favourites like makori and kitawi have also been shown the door and i see nothing special or wrong in ngwa following them out.those crying foul should ask themselves this simple question,IF NGWA WAS A KENYA,WOULD YOU HAVE THE PATIENCE AND LOVE YOU HAVE SHOWN HIM? This is what kenyans are known for -the cult of mediocrity.ngwa is below average and we better look for a young kenyan striker to mould-the berry way as these foreigners add no value to our club.i repeat we need GOR B,U-17 AND U-15 instead of hiring players who consider gor to be their fallback positions-ngwa and imbem.THESE ARE PLAYERS WHO COULD NOT MAKE THE GRADE IN THEIR SO CALLED GREENER PASTURES AND WE WERE AND ARE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO EMBRACE THEM ONLY TO RELEASE THEM AS WE DID TO THE LIKES OF HAJI AND SELENGA.

  • waxme says:

    You have my support 100% mr coach. i appreciate what ngwa has done for the team but one thing for sure the stakes are high and no one is indispensible at this point in time. this is what is gonna make players know its either you perform or ship out coz people have invested time, money and emotions in gor mahia to just allow mediocre standards by anyone. the sky is not the limit but the foundation for gor & i can see the team get better. for naysayers who still dont believe time will tell.

  • odhiambo p. owuor says:

    Who of the two is better and consistent-Ngwa or Imbem

  • Osaka says:

    Ngwa is a very phisycal player n as u know physycal players dnt hav tht much skill. Frm wat i saw in mumias,the coach seems to favour ball players who r intelligent,fast n r strong willed. Players who dnt get frustrated incase one way of doing things fails but will quickly think of another way. Mbuguas goal is a case in point,it missed two strikers but quick thought moved him into the box to shoot n score.
    That is wea ngwa,kipla,owitti miss out.

  • otieno kojwang says:

    we shall miss you dearly ngwa, I wish you best of luck.

  • waxme says:

    @Osaka i totally agree. Berry had tje quality that lacks in many players; ball player with brains to boot. Ngwa was more of a physical player and Imbem is far more superior any day hands down. People will be suprised at what impact he shall make. Mu only wish was for another central defender please coach.

  • Dan says:

    I believe the coach knows what his aim is. After all the buck stops with him. Let’s give the team all the support we can. What happened to the medical scheme? We need it now more than ever else we have a situation like that of Lavatsa staying away injured for far too long. All the best to the team. Let’s go for the top 8 and FKF cup and a good finish in the league

  • George Otuol says:

    [vernacular words deleted]

  • no man is allowed to question the coach simply bcoz he is what gor had been missing for a very long tym, .. … .those who were with me in mumias we were shocked at the display of football gor showed.

  • Osaka says:

    Imbem is a drogba kind of player who cn hold the ball n allow support to arrive esp during transition in a tight game.

  • Arthur okello says:

    It may appear as sacrificial lamb but i believe it can be relieve to player and technical bench.He lacked a bit of composure in most of his games especially in goal area thus lost lots of chances.He was good in keeping defence busy but seemingly coach needs more converters than offensive strikers.Good luck Ngwa just take it easy it wont take much time before you get another Club

  • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch - Kampala says:

    It was very evident that Ngwa had reached his sell by date. I am sure Chemelil Sugar would gladly have him on board if not Sony Sugar or Ranger. All the best. For God and my club Kogallo

  • KENEDY OPIYO says:

    Baba TRAVIS;
    Comrades,I want to appreciate your contributions on this site.Your comments help some of us-who are very far and cannot attend nor watch Kogalo matches-to touch base with the development of our beloved Gor.I have just read in the media that Ngwa is leaving.He has done his bit and I wish him well.I want to hope he will get a club before the transfer deadline.Many of us remember with, nostalgia, the partnership he had with Berry and Owiti.However,Ngwa was never the same when he returned to Gor this year.The vision was there but he was quite immobile.Why?My hypotheses are as follows.He came back at a time when the team was performing rather poorly in the league.His return signaled the return of a Messiah.With such high expectations on his shoulders and evidently unable to repay fans who had, strangely,been very patient and adoring,frustration set in.
    Secondly,I think Ngwa returned to Gor on the persuasion of coach Awono.When we literally chased the Mzee,his drive dipped even further.
    Thirdly,the arrival of the new coach worsened things.It is obvious to all and sundry that coach Loga has no place for slow learners.Ngwa,in my view, was a slow learner who needed a very tactful manager to help him realize his potential.He had no chance with LOGARITHM.HE will forever remain apart of the mighty Kogalo’s family.
    Finally comrades,don’t you think its time we ceased being fans and instead become supporters?I will explain the difference in my next comment.Gor forever.

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    A few of us saw no cause at all for the lad to be brought back and this release to me is the normal taste n shun the current GM way! At one point we shall need to adopt wuon pap’s idea practiced by serious clubs in the developed world, youth system and structured, professional mgt.

  • Jakababa. says:

    I think as ihad made my comment the other day that gor mahia is more important than an individual so we should let the coach his work.for baldin if this door is closed the other one will be opened.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Ngwa as a person is quite a gentleman, what worries me is that in the recent times K’galo standards and expectations are quite low. In the current squad to me only two players deserve mention. Rama and Dan. These two are true game changers/match winners. Legends in waiting.
    I repeat we need our fullbacks to learn to overlap to add attacking flavour to our game.

    Let the technical bench aim for the league title coz that guanrantees us participation in the CECAFA clubs tourney.
    The focus should country title(s), Regional Title, then the continental title.

  • moulding asuper class team requires time and extreme patience.i think the technical bench is trying 2 find a winning combination and put back the side 2 the summit.4 sure buiding a good side takes time as len julians did 4 the all conquring 1980’s side, results may not come instantly but gradually the side is showng some flashes of former gor past teams, we have now a side blend with youth and experien.

  • Dan says:

    We might after all need to retain Ngwa since KPL is insisting that we have already exceeded our allocation of signing players. Imbem also hasyet to obtain a work permit. Our EC instead of trying to get the work permit looks like they are busy in exchanges with KPL.

  • John Kawuonda says:

    @Dan, let the coach, technical team and EC do their jobs. We are just bloggers and keep your idea to yourself. We are just tired with these sideshows and keep us in peace.

    Our job is to support the team but not blame games. I think they have tried to sign some good players like Danny, Njuguna, Mubiru, Mbugua, Auma etc and deadline will be 30 June 2012.

  • duncan says:

    Wounpap,you are the only person who thinks differently in this blog and may i mention that i really enjoy your analysis of the game with referrence to GM.your comments are normally spot on and anybody who knows where modern football is headed,is supposed to think that way.How do you replace a 30yr old with a 30yr old and then say that you are building a team?