Asprirants to pay Ksh 200,000

courtesy of the Star

Aspirants for the chairman post in the upcoming Gor Mahia election will have to part with Sh200,000 as the nominations fees before their names are included in the ballot.

This was part of the resolutions agreed upon by members after the current office holders and branch officials held a meeting at the club headquarters at Nyayo Stadium. Accordingly, the members agreed that prior to the December 15 polls, a new register of members will be established to determine which ones will be eligible to vote.

All the bonafide branches have been given the mandate to conduct registration at a fee of Sh500 per person. The branch officials will then have to submit the list of members and remit the collected cash by December 7 for registered members to get their voters cards.

The officials also agreed that unlike in he past, where Mlolongo system of voting was the order of he day, the mode of election will be through secret ballot. An independent electoral body will also be constituted to conduct the polls.

So far, incumbent and front runner Ambrose Rachier and his one time law student, lawyer Eric Adede have expressed interest in the chairman’s post. The nomination fees fro for the vice chair persons is Sh70,000 while that of the secretary general, where George Bwana is facing a stiff challenge to retain his seat from Tom Oriko and Chris Omondi, is Sh50,000.The same amount is applicable for the position of treasurer while all other post of organizing secretary will attract Sh30,000 fee.

6 thoughts on “Asprirants to pay Ksh 200,000

  1. I hope this time we will vote with our heads and not hearts. I wish before this we would also streamline our constitution to let only those registered three months before to be allowed to vote. This idea of registering (or rather being registered) as a member in the morning of the election and going there without knowing anything gor has resulted in the bloated and ineffective EC members. I hope this time we will vote in people with different skills required for various areas. Examples are CEO, Finance, PR, Marketing, TM, Security and legal. We have professionals in Gor who can ably fill in these positions but only if we have organised elections. By the way we don’t need to elect those professionals but can head-hunt (without our usual biases). For elections we only need to elect the chair, vice chair, sec gen and treasurer. Sec Gen can do the duties of org. secretary

  2. Then where will the collected cash go? Hope it will be used to the benefit of the players and the club at large.

  3. again what is the role of the many chairmen ? to pay 70000 shillings and serve the what purpose to the club really bad times ahead for kogallo

  4. To me we only need to elect a chair, vice-chair, sec gen and a treasurer. The rest as in CEO, Finance, marketing, PR and Audit holders can be head-hunted and constituted to form part of the secretariat

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