Gor Mahia pursue jersey sponsors


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Champions Gor Mahia endured their worst 10 days in football in over three years after going four matches without a win following their 2-1 loss to Bandari on Sunday. It was double tragedy for Gor as their sponsorship deal with Tuzo also came to an end yesterday.

Alloys Mangi put Bandari ahead but Danny Serenkuma leveled for Bobby Williamson’s men before Victor Majid gave Bandari their second win of this campaign.

“The state of this pitch made it difficult for my players to pass around the ball as we wanted to. Overall, however, we were unlucky to lose, but we shall bounce back,” Williamson said.

The good news for K’Ogalo and their supporters is that it can’t possibly get any worse. Reports have it that the club has agreed in principle to a sponsorship deal with cement manufacturing giants, Bamburi and should the agreement materialise, the financial woes that have started to creep in will end.

17 thoughts on “Gor Mahia pursue jersey sponsors

  1. and the wheels of rumours spin on and on….chase bank, bamburi, tuzo, keroche breweries,blablabla. meanwhile esperence-8 goals, Fry -2, bandari-2…wuolololo yaye.

  2. # 2 Collins umenichekesha…Halafu ongeza Situmbeko . This must have caused Ojwang, Othorongongo and Amkatwende to laugh in their graves as they imagine how they could have done this piece on their show.

  3. Why sack the coaches? Surely the way we played clearly showed somethinng is wrong somewhere. Is it the coaches the culprit? NO!!

  4. Gor mahia is not meant for the faint hearted , some of us have been members since 1979 and we have never complained and involved in blame games

  5. @Jokims, this is not a fools day prank. This news was out way earlier than 1st of April.

    Yesterday i suggested that BW is not able to handle politics in the playing unit. The grapevine is rife with news of camps in our playing unit. There is a plot to deny Ssere balls and he has heard of it. Expect more trouble if this is not sorted. He is the first choice marksman but some players are unhappy about his status. Please bloggers, try and watch replays of our games and u will see the same matter playing out in our games. There is a reason we are missing open chances. Watch how we celebrate our few goals of late. Watch who is happy for who. The same culprit leading the revolt had problems with Kiongera last season on the same matter.

    We have players but we don’t have a team.

  6. According to the SG gor are following not one but several sponsors of which Tuzo is one of them. Let’s hope for the best. To the fans though it’s painful but i believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Our patience will soon pay off. To the press, gor or afc losing or drawing is a big deal but sofapaka losing to CS is no big deal. More of inciting fans with only 7 games played. To gor fans there will be a lot of conspiracy theory now and it’s upto us to choose what to believe. Anybody remember when we used to pass a hat around to changa bus fare for the players in the stadium a few years ago? Yet we still made it so I wonder why we have to pull hairs because we lost a football match yet that is one of the outcome of a soccer game

  7. I remember those days when Agido the coach, by himself, with nothing, with empty stands, he could still motivate players.

    Players – not the paper tigers we have now but he likes of Wekesa, Kitawi, Macheda – Owiti, Awilo, berry.

    WE shall overcome.

    Let me here more about Bamburi Cement after mid day today. ie when we stop fooling around

  8. @ why keep on doubting the story of bamburi,it was there in daily nation yesterday so don’t doubt it, search for yesterdays paper.

  9. @Jack omollo, I also saw the story and previously that of Chase Bank, Keroche Breweries, Situmbeko and the list is endless. What has been happening is that these firms are not happy with issues leaking to the press even before their board or decision makers have perused the proposals. Our EC should learn how to keep tabs on issues. That’s how big corporates operate as all this is part of their strategy and hence their competitive edge. That just shows the type of EC members we have. Unfortunately we have to live with them.

  10. When the office keep secrets about the would be sponsor, the ever noisy JoGor of this blog cry out loud demanding for information. When they hear stories about would be sponsors, they ask them to learn to keep secrets. JoGor, you never cease to amuse me.

    The Bamburi story cannot pass for an April fool. It was in the public domain well before the time reserved for fooling others. Not unless the new constitution allows for 2 days of fooling.

    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  11. Yes i agree with Bobby the only Luo who cant utter a dholuo word,I witnessed the match…PATHETIC BUMPY PITCH….interestingly the Governor and the SENATOR of Mombasa was there but NEVER saw the pitch,they instead saw the players and frenzy Gor fans… Mr JOHO good morning and wake up from soccer slumber…ICHIENI..!

  12. If Kogalo pulls the prunk & is proven to be real, even if you love Tusker so much, we should make the biggest switch to Keroche & anything Bamburi just to pay for the goodwill. Wacha hao wengine wabambane tuster. Ng’ama okonyi nyaka ipar!!!! Lets also be selfish and sellective. Si we drink 1/2 of what the rest drink?

  13. Please, Mr Rachier and the entire office, GM fc has a fan base that is able to collect moe than 10m a month. Try and find a way through which we can contribute to the club. This poor run of performance, and financial crisis is very sickening.

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